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Hello and Welcome to Awesome Bridal!

Hello! My name is Megan Nova, and I’m a licensed wedding planner based in New York, USA. Since I was a little girl, I have been interested in wedding dresses and ceremonies, themed parties, and anything that could add magic to an event.

This passion translated onto my professional life as a wedding planner and an author for this blog.


I have a decade-long experience within the event-planning industry. I’ve organized formal and non-formal events for clients and friends alike; from bridal shower parties and weddings to pre-wedding parties, anniversaries, and much more.


I graduated from Chicago University with an events management degree.

Despite completing my formal education a long time ago, I’ve never stopped learning and improving my knowledge and understanding of the industry since I consider every wedding, party, or event to be a unique story.


About Awesome Bridal

Your big day is getting close and you’re tired of reading the same ol’ blogs time and time again? If you’re looking for awesome wedding tips, ideas, decorations, and what not else, is the place to be.

We have awesome bridal ideas on everything from the color and shape of your cake to select robes you should or shouldn’t wear.

We speak from personal experiences with a simple goal in mind — to make your wedding day less of a burden and more of a party. That’s not a simple task, but our team works hard to deliver awesome results in just a short time. Our creative lead, Megan, has been through it all from organizing awesome bridal parties to the big thing herself. She knows everything about the stress and anxiety the big day can bring, and wants no one else to chew their fingernails off.

This is where comes in. From personal experiences and ideas to tried and tested wedding concepts, we cover everything you need to know about the party of your life. With expertise as well, of course, while speaking from the heart.

We cover the following things:

  • Fashion and beauty: sure, the wedding dress is important, but you also need expertise on ideas as a guest. It’s never easy to find the right fit, but thanks to Megan and our team, you’ll never wear things that’ll make you look like Elton John on a bad day.
  • Planning and theme ideas: organizing weddings can be scary, especially if you don’t have the right idea of concept. In our guides you can expect expert ideas on everything aspect of themes and planning along with organizer tools that’ll make the whole thing easier to chew.
  • Wedding party and reception: anniversary and wedding gifts can be very trick to get right. No need to worry – just enjoy the party and leave everything to us as our weddings dig through thousands of ideas to deliver the best ones to your device.

Why Trust Us?


Our team always speaks from personal experience. We feel it’s very important for our readers to connect to it, and with dozens of wedding parties and bridal showers organized, we know the job pretty well. Speaking for the heart is always important, especially when sharing concepts and ideas that will essentially point you in the right direction and help you organize the wedding of your dreams.


When you organize a wedding, you’re spending money out of your pockets. You deserve the best for each price point, and our team has the experience you need in this kind of situations. With dozens of bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and full weddings organized so far, you can put your trust in us.

We always try to share our experiences directly with our readers so you can get your money’s worth. We’ve slowly grown to one of the best (or most awesome) bridal wedding ideas website, and all of our experts-especially Megan-have the credentials to assure you you’re not just throwing money in the wind.

Transparency is a wedding ideas and concepts site that covers a lot of topics that may or may not promote affiliate links and products. We are transparent about it so you can rest assured you won’t be scammed. If we earn a small affiliate fee when we share a link or review a special product, you can read our affiliate page to learn more on how we get commissions.

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