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Gift for Wedding Officiant: Best Officiant Gifts of 2024

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A wedding officiant or marriage celebrant is the person who ensures that a couple gets legally married while creating a lovely memory for them and their guests. They are significant to your big day. But should there be a gift for the wedding officiant?

A handwritten note is sufficient to express gratitude if you’re already paying them for their services related to your celebration. However, a wedding officiant gift can be more fitting if you’ve asked a close friend or relative to assist you in tying the knot.

We welcome you to walk with us on a fascinating trip to discover the most elegant ways to thank the people who officiate our wonderful wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Officiant Gifts: What should you give?

In most places across the globe, wedding officiants must be ordained or licensed (in the case of a Registrar of marriages) to celebrate the marriage. Otherwise, the marriage or union between two people falls under the consideration of being invalid.

In line with the above, it’s considered unethical, inappropriate, or even corrupt to offer wedding officiant gifts (especially in cash) to the above persons. But again, gifts come from the heart, and you can do as you please unless your wedding officiant specifies that gifts aren’t necessary.

If you are still determining what officiant gift to offer, consider his interests, activities, likes, and dislikes. Get him something he wouldn’t buy for himself. It’s the ideal present. One brilliant idea is a lovely frame with the three of you in the wedding photo taken during the ceremony.

In the following sections, we look at some unique, funny, and best wedding officiant gifts you can offer your marriage celebrant.

Unique Officiant Gifts

If you wish to thank your wedding officiant with unique and personalized gifts, you may want to consider the following top choices:

  • Personalized Officiant Necklace
  • Wedding Officiant Socks
  • Engraved Fountain Pen
  • Customized Mug
  • Wooden Bible Box

1. Personalized Officiant Necklace

necklace – wedding officiant gift

A personalized officiant necklace is sure to be unique and meaningful. Upon opening the packaging, you will discover a stunning necklace composed of two finely crafted rings that ensconce one another. These intertwined rings make a thoughtful present for your wedding officiant and symbolize the rapport and love the officiant fosters between the couple.

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2. Wedding Officiant Socks

socks – wedding officiant gift

Unique in its way, wedding officiant socks are among the unique gift ideas you can think of when looking for your wedding celebrant gift. We love the phrase “World’s Best Wedding Officiant.”

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3. Engraved Fountain Pen

engraved fountain pen – wedding officiant gift

Since these pens are refillable, your officiant can use this present long after the initial ink runs out! You can engrave your officiant’s name or a brief yet cherished scripture on the personalized portion. They will surely remember you and your thoughtfulness as they compose their sermons and perform their other religious duties.

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4. Customized Mug

customized mug – wedding officiant gift

You’ve probably seen the mugs that read “The World’s Best Dad” and “World’s Greatest Mom,” which are available on many websites and are usually available for Mother’s and Father’s Day. You can also give your officiant a unique mug that says something like “Best Officiant Ever” as a surprise.

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5. Wooden Bible Box

wooden bible box – wedding officiant gift

This exquisite wooden Bible box has a lovely cross design inlaid on mango wood and is crafted from carved wood. They are strong, with a rich wood grain and honey-stained finish, hand-carved by talented artisans, and are big enough to store even enormous large-print bibles inside securely.

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Funny Officiant Gifts

You don’t need to be overly serious all the time, especially while looking for the best gift wedding for your officiant. You can find several funny officiant gifts, such as the following:

  • Female Travel Makeup Bag (for Female Officiant)
  • Coffee Mug
  • Custom Cufflinks
  • Keychain
  • Gift Bottle Opener

6. Female Travel Makeup Bag

female travel makeup bag – wedding officiant gift

For your female officiant, you may want to consider this funny travel makeup bag with the words “By the Power Vested in me by the Internet” written on it. It’s a fun gift to cheer up your female wedding officiant.

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7. Coffee Mug

coffe mug – wedding officiant gift

To lighten up your wedding officiant’s dull moments, give them a ceramic coffee mug with fun inscriptions, like the one on the table above.

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8. Custom Cufflinks

custom cufflinks – wedding officiant gift

Funny cufflinks are a terrific option if you’re looking for a gift that will show your appreciation, and rest assured your officiant will appreciate this hilarious gift. You can ensure they have something to wear on your wedding day by giving them these during the rehearsal dinner.

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9. Keychain

keychain – wedding officiant gift

You can find several wedding officiant gift items that can tickle your celebrant once they receive them. For example, you can find a keychain with funny words written and present it to your officiant as a gift.

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10. Gift Bottle Opener


bottle opener – wedding officiant gift

A funny gift bottle opener is a beautiful gift to cheer up your wedding officiant. Fortunately, you can find lots of them available online.

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Best Officiant Gifts

Count yourself lucky if you’ve been painstakingly looking for some of the best officiant gifts out there. While the choices are many, here, we list the top 5 best wedding officiant gifts you can give your wedding celebrant. Top choices include:

  • Leather Notebook
  • Personalized Wooden Pen
  • Custom Golf Balls
  • Cross Tie Clips
  • Jewelry Organizer

11. Leather Notebook for Male Officiant

notebook – wedding officiant gift

You’ll find the leather notepad the best option if you want to give something that will show how much you appreciate it. Giving a heartfelt gift to a family member of the wedding officiant is always a good idea. You can give them a beautiful leather notebook as a thank you for their assistance in creating a ceremony that you’ll remember for ages.

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12. Personalized Wooden Pen

personalized wooden pen – wedding officiant gift

A custom wooden pen is one of the best wedding officiant gifts you can offer to the person who joined you in marriage. You can have the pen inscribed with the officiant’s name, and rest assured that it will be received quite well.

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13. Custom Golf Balls

golf balls – wedding officiant gift

Personalized golf balls, preferably with the officiant’s name, are other ideal gifts for your officiant. You can also engrave your name and wedding dates on the balls, something your officiant will appreciate and help remember you.

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14. Cross Tie Clips

cross-tie clips – wedding officiant gift

For your male wedding officiant, we find cross-tie clips the best option. Cross Tie Clips are ideal if your wedding officiant is ordained and may help them express their faith in God.

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15. Jewelry Organizer

jewelry organizer – wedding officiant gift

Is your wedding officiant female? If so, you should get her a cute jewelry organizer. A jewelry organizer is one of the best gifts, which will help your wedding female officiant keep all her jewelry orderly.

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Wrapping Up

A gift for the wedding officiant is a small token of appreciation to your officiant for gracing your wedding and joining you and your spouse together. Even though some people believe that a gift for a wedding officiant is unnecessary, there’s no harm in appreciating your wedding officiant with a gift for officiating your marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good gift for a wedding officiant ?
A good gift for a wedding officiant is anything decent that fits within the interests and likes of the officiant.
Does the wedding officiant give a gift ?
Wedding officiants aren’t required to give a gift, though it’s a beautiful gesture should they do so.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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