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Bridal Shower Decorations That Will Suit Your Theme

ladies enjoying bridal shower shower - with a backdrop of decorations including balloons and other decor

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Hosting a bridal shower for a special lady in your life, your sister, or a close female friend is a wonderful way to show her how happy you are in regards to their upcoming nuptials. Whether you plan DIY bridal shower decorations with a few friends or working with a professional planner, the décor you settle for will set the tone.

Do you prefer something simple but fun, or a more sophisticated and formal affair? Regardless, it’s up to you as the host to decide how you’re going to honor this moment. Fortunately, bridal shower decorations don’t have to break the bank.

To help you have a memorable event, we’re going to share our best ideas for bridal shower decorations. Plus, you’ll discover ideal places to buy gorgeous bridal shower decorations and other helpful ideas to create the perfect party.

What decorations do you need for a bridal shower?

For the best bridal shower decorations to make the whole adorable, you’ll require the following decorations:

  • Confetti Balloons
  • Love Balloon
  • Bride-to-be Sash
  • Décor Set
  • Paper Straws
  • Garlands
  • Burlap Bags
  • Champagne flutes
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Mimosa bar kit
  • Hair Tie Favors
  • Bride Tribe Favor Bags
  • Table Centerpieces
  • Bride-to-be Cake Topper
  • Bride-to-be Banner
  • Flowers and photo backdrops
  • Photo Clip String Lights
  • Foil Fringe Curtains
  • Miss to Mrs. Bottle Banner
  • Ring Confetti,
  • Candle holders, etc.

You need to remember that the list of items you need for bridal shower decorations can be few or many, cheap or inexpensive, mostly depending on the budget and the bridal shower theme.

As noted earlier, bridal shower decorations don’t have to be that expensive. However, if bridal shower decorations budgetary concerns are the least of your worries, you can go ahead and host a grand event, mostly characterized with expensive personalized décor.

Who pays for bridal shower decorations?

In the modern times, the maid of honor and the entire bridal party are responsible for bridal shower decoration costs. However, any willing partner can offer to chip in and contribute towards bridal shower decorations, especially if the costs are high.

You need to keep in mind that bridal shower decorations form part of the overall bridal shower costs. When looking at who pays for a bridal shower, this responsibility primarily falls into the person or the group of people hosting the shower.

Best bridal shower decorations:

Here are some the best bridal shower decorations:

1. Rose Gold Bridal Shower Decorations

Rose Gold Bridal Shower DecorationsYou can create a memorable bridal shower party for your friend with some stunning rose gold décor. With this decoration, you can add some touch of glamour and elegance to your friend’s special day, especially if you are the host. Rest assured that you’ll also go chic and stylish, not forgetting that you can pick these rose gold stunning decorations as your theme too.

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2. Sintuff Bridal Shower Décor

Sintuff Bridal Shower DécorAnother amazing bridal shower decoration that you can get is a sintuff. It is an excellent bridal shower decoration that friends put advice and well wishes for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. This décor provides you with a thoughtful and elegant way to welcome family members and friends, thereby enabling you to attract guest’s attention.

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3. Balloon Boxes Décor

Balloon Boxes DécorBalloon Box decorations are also wonderful bridal shower décor that you can think of when hosting a bridal shower. The balloon box consists of most things that you may need for the wedding announcement bliss. Like the one you can see above, in it, you’ll find 5 rustic greenery display balloon boxes, 2 “RING” characters, two sets of “BRIDE” letters, “A-Z Alphabet” letters, and 45 highly brightly colored balloons that are guaranteed to bring any bridal shower event to life.

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4. Confetti Bridal Shower Décor

Confetti Bridal Shower DécorThe above custom “Bride to Be” will be one of the best and wonderful additions your upcoming bridal shower event party decoration. You can celebrate your special event with table decorations that excellently sets the theme of your party.

The above charming name confetti is detailed in an exquisite manner combined with a few fresh flowers to make a beautiful table scatter around your table centerpieces.

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5. Bridal Shower Plates and Napkin Sets

Bridal shower plates and napkin sets is another excellent bridal shower decoration that you can use on your special day. Designed rose gold foil font with a combination of some greenery theme, you’ll find this excellent Bride to Be Party tableware Set one of the greatest decoration for a bridal shower. The color is also attractive, something that your guests will find attractive.

This tableware is made of food grade paper which is also sturdy and environmentally friendly. Additionally, you’ll find this bridal shower plate and napkin sets easy to clean.

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6. Gold Votive Candle Holders

Gold Votive Candle HoldersIf you are looking for a unique bridal shower décor that your guests will remember for long, you may want to try Gold Votive Candle Holders. These candle holders will surely add some elegance and modern touch to not only your bridal shower decoration, but also to your interior space. They are ideal for a boho chic bridal shower, adding a pop of some metallic to your room.

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7. Glitter Metallic Gold Table Runner

glitter metallic gold table runnerGold glitter table runner is another amazing and undoubtedly unique bridal shower décor that you can think of using on your special day. With exquisite edges that are smooth, this wonderful table decoration cannot lose its thread easily. Even better, you can cut this wedding table runner to any length that you wish and even shape it according to your needs. Its modern chic look appearance will surely catch the attention of your guests too.

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8. Sage-Green Mint Beige-Gold Love-Heart Garland

Sage-Green Mint Beige-Gold Love-Heart GarlandEasy to hang, the sage-green mint beige-gold love-heart garland is another wonderful bridal shower décor that you can think of using. The material is eco-friendly also its double side glitter gold doesn’t drop any glitter.

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9. Sage Green Cheesecloth Table Runner

Sage Green Cheesecloth Table RunnerConsisting of 10 pieces of cute sage green gauze table runners, this is another good decoration for your bridal shower. With good looking and elegant design, you’ll find this sage green cheesecloth table runner exquisite in craftsmanship and good for bridal party table decorations.

This high-quality table runner can guarantee to make your bridal shower event both attractive and impressive.

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What are some affordable bridal shower decorations ideas?

Some of the most inexpensive bridal shower decorations include:

  • Balloon arch
  • Candy table
  • Mismatched china and tea sets
  • Streamers
  • Candles
  • String balloon letters

Apart from the above inexpensive bridal shower decorations, there are a plethora of decorations ideas you can come up as DIY and they are covered in the section below.

DIY decoration ideas for bridal showers

If you have creative and DIY skills, you might help your sister or that special lady in your life take some pressure off their hands by creating something small for her.

When it comes to bridal shower decorations, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for fabulous DIY bridal shower decorations. Apt examples of excellent DIY bridal shower decorations include the following:

  • Glitter Ice Cubes – Sparkling ice cubes infused with some glitter makes them aesthetically pleasing to the eye and pretty for photos, not forgetting that they’ll appear magical. Fortunately, making glitter ice cubes is something you can do it on your own.
  • Grandiose for-the-bride to be Chair – Another excellent DIY bridal shower decoration idea you can think of is a grandiose chair for the soon-to-be missus. You can dress up the chair in a grander way than the standard for the bride-to-be to sit and open her gifts.
  • Balloon Garland – Instead of hiring a party planner, you can go ahead and dress the tables, banisters, mantles, gift areas, and more on your own. You can make a balloon garland that can serve as a stylish décor for a bridal shower.
  • Paper Plate Flowers – You can turn regular old paper plates into something beautiful, such as decorating the bride’s sweet table or chair using them.
  • Lucky Charms Popcorn – You can also make this on your own and serve it either in a bag as a favor or as a snack. You can get creative and add a few Lucky Charms marshmallows on top of the buttery goodness to achieve that sweet and savory bite.
  • DIY Paper Lanterns – DIY Paper lanterns for evening wedding showers offer another lovely touch and without having to break the bank as you can make them on your own.
  • Flower crowns for the soon-to-be bride – Instead of purchasing a bridal flower crown that may turn out to be expensive, you can go ahead and make a cute one on your own.
  • Bride-to-be Sash – You can also make a bride-to-be Sash from scratch, especially if you’re a little bit crafty. This will save you some extra cash that you can channel to other areas.

What goes in a bridal shower décor kit?

A bridal shower decoration kit must have several important essentials such as candles, backdrops, scene setters, balloons, arches, columns, aisle runners, pew bows, and banners. Others include ceiling decorations, cardboard cutouts, fresh and artificial flowers, and bridal shower table centerpieces, to mention a few.

What determines the type of bridal shower decorations?

With the budget aside, the theme of the bridal shower is arguably the biggest determinant of bridal shower decorations to use. Are you thinking of hosting a rustic bridal shower theme? If so, you may want to incorporate rustic bridal shower decoration ideas to the party.

For a rustic bridal shower theme, for instance, you can include several décor such as wildflowers, mason jars, burlap, wooden signs, or a barn door where your guests can take pictures to remember this big day.

On the other hand, if you choose to host a black and white bridal shower theme, again, you must incorporate black and white bridal shower decorations to the party to ensure that they match with the theme for a gorgeous occasion.

If you opt for a tea party bridal shower, your decorations might turn out to be few since tea party wedding showers are known to be minimalist.

The Bottom Line

Without bridal shower decorations, no shower would be complete! There are many options for bridal shower decorations, depending on whether your bride wants a lavish celebration or a simple gathering.

It will take weeks or months to prepare a celebration like this, and depending on your connection with the bride, you might want to get her input on the themes and decorations. Have fun choosing the decorations for your bridal shower!

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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