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10 Unique Bridal Shower Themes for 2024

bridal Shower themes

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Are you planning to host a memorable bridal shower for your sister, a special lady in your life, or your best friend? Lately, bridal showers have become a whole affair, with brides or their bridal party making sure to throw a memorable party to begin the celebrations early on.

For this reason, many brides take a lot of time to plan and choose the best bridal shower themes they can think of. Choosing a theme helps shape your party, sets the tone, and gives it a personal touch.

Even though bridal shower themes aren’t mandatory, it’s a good idea to settle for a theme or, at the very least, a color scheme that will ensure the whole event is consistent in terms of entertainment, décor, and, of course, to guarantee a fabulous bridal shower.

Bridal shower just like weddings require adequate planning, and settling for bridal shower theme can be an uphill task to some of us. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work on your behalf and prepared for you a list of the best bridal shower themes for 2024. They include classic, crazy, and fun bridal shower themes ideas.

Below are our top 10 bridal shower themes ideas you can adopt.

1. “She’s Been Scooped Up” Bridal shower theme

Is the bride-to-be a big lover of ice cream? Why don’t you try the “She’s Been Scooped Up” theme? This theme is one of the best bridal shower theme ideas for summer and is perfect for blistering summer months.

You can start by sending invitations that include the time, date, and bridal shower venue, alongside an RSVP contact, date, and where the couple is registered.

For decorations, consider using pastels, preferably pink. Also, include blues, purples, yellows, and mint green as accent colors throughout the space. Use a greenery wall, perhaps behind the refreshment or food table.

Don’t forget to include welcome signs for guests, a place for bridal gifts and cards, and centerpieces for tables.

For food, light snacks should be fine. However, it also depends on when you’re hosting the bridal shower. Finger sandwiches, fruits, and a large charcuterie board are good starting places.

With this theme, you obviously must have a considerable amount of ice cream! Make sure to include hand-dipped or soft serve, milkshakes, or sundaes, all of which come with an array of different ice cream-based desserts for your invites to choose from. Remember to include waffle cones, too!

2. Travel-Themed Shower

Is the soon-to-be bride a travel lover or a digital nomad? If so, throwing a travel bridal shower theme would be an ideal option. And while you can find several unique bridal shower theme ideas, travel-themed shower is ideal for couples planning an elopement wedding or some exotic honeymoon.

If the bride has no favorite place or destination, you can get away with a general travel theme, like airplanes and a globe. Still, you can go ahead and use a travel-centric motto as the theme, and some of the best ones include:

  • Traveling From Miss to Mrs
  • Love is the Greatest Adventure
  • Adventure Awaits
  • You’re My Greatest Adventure
  • Love is a Journey

For invitations, ensure your guests know of the event 4 to 6 weeks ahead to give them enough time to prepare. To immediately capture the attention of your guests, try as much as possible to find invitation cards that will set the right tone and style for the bridal shower.

For instance, find cards with some vintage luggage, maps, or floral designs and planes to match your theme correctly. If you take your time, you can find some with a complete suite of table decorations and matching games.

For food, depending on the country you’ve chosen, ensure to base the menu on food and ingredients from that region. If you plan to serve the food buffet style, you can add signs with flags, maps, or photos of the bride-to-be. A good example is a photo of the soon-to-be bride in Paris beside the cheese tray.

Based on the time of the day and the meal you serve, think about adding foods such as Pita and humus dips, Croissants, Baguette with cheese, Taco bar, Samosa, Sushi, Sticky rice with mango, or Empanadas, among other delicious meals.

In terms of decorations, again, choose the bridal shower décor based on the size of your space. Remember that if you’re having prizes, a photo booth, or games, they’ll also count as decorations. Find a spot for gifts to add a little festive look.

The room will appear stunning once you finalize decorating the food station and setting out the favors. You may want to add a pretty banner as the final touch to make the entire décor perfect.

To keep the guests entertained include several travel-themed bridal shower games such as “Where Were They?” You can print pictures of the couple in several places they’ve traveled to and let the guests guess which country they were in. The one who gets the most correct answers wins a prize.

3. Lemon-themed (She Found Her Main Squeeze) Shower

These types of bridal showers are lately gaining popularity in many parts of the globe. Something ideal about this theme type is the ease of matching almost any style you desire for this shower. For instance, you can choose sage green with shades of pale yellow for an elegant vibe.

You can kick off this bridal shower with some gorgeous lemon-printed shower invitations. Make sure to send the invitations 4 to 6 weeks before the shower to give your guests time to clear their busy schedules.

In terms of food, ensure to serve lemon-flavored dishes for your guests to go with the theme. If planning food for lunch, you’ll find classic pasta the perfect dish. But if you desire a more filling meal, chicken with lemon, garnished salmon, capers, or herbs won’t disappoint. You can top it off with some sweet, lemon-flavored dessert.

Just like other showers, this one isn’t complete without some decor. Choose your decor based on the size of space you need to fill. If space isn’t a problem, consider a large, bright balloon arch. Make sure your theme goes with lemon cupcake toppers, cake toppers, napkins, and paper plates.

Don’t forget to keep your guests entertained with some bridal shower games. You may want to choose games that match the theme, such as the following:

  • Lemon Bubble Gum Bridal Shower Game
  • Lemon-Themed Who Am I Bridal Shower Game
  • Word Scramble Lemon Theme Bridal Shower Game
  • Lemon-Themed Candy Match Game

Though unnecessary, it’s good to thank your invites for showing up with a small gift or sweet treat. Should you wish to DIY, you can bake them lemon sugar cookies. If you aren’t good at baking, you can purchase several lemon sweets and package them with some gorgeous thank-you tag.

Should you wish to purchase favors, rest assured that your guests will appreciate lemon-scented mini soaps or lip balms.

4. Brunch Bridal Theme

If you’re considering hosting a modern-day bridal shower for your friend, you cannot go wrong with a classic brunch theme. If you want to be the GMOHOAT (greatest maid of honor of all time), this is the theme to go for.

The first step to nailing this theme is sending out invites, letting guests know what to expect. You must ensure you mail or send invitations a month before the brunch bridal shower to give your guests time to prepare and find ideal gifts fitting the theme.

Like almost all bridal showers, you must factor in decorations precisely to match your theme. Fortunately, you’ll be pleased to find no shortage of brunch-related decorations for this theme. You can emphasize the bridal brunch theme with a sparkly banner, a welcome sign, or jumbo balloons.

When hosting this shower, ensure that your guests stay entertained by incorporating a few games to match the theme. Try to skip generic games and opt for games that pack more punch.

If your guests are the drinking type, Prosecco Pong is the best bridal shower game to fit the theme. The basic rules for this game are simple: the team that gets a ping ball into a cup compels the opposing team to drink its contents, and the first team to clear the first 6 cups wins.

For food, have some bangin’ food; fortunately, there are plenty of options! You can include baked French toast sticks as an easy finger-food choice. You may also have waffle sliders or mini chicken for a southern-style selection.

While food is essential, the drinks are where all the fun begins. You can have your invites buzzing with energy by setting up a gorgeous DIY coffee bar. You’ll find a DIY mimosa bar or a Bloody Mary station, as excellent additions, too.

No excellent brunch shower is complete without a few festive favors. You can keep it yummy with edible options like honey jars or personalized champagne gummy bears.

Finally, get a gift that matches the theme. For instance, if the bride-to-be and her future husband prefer spending their weekends out, keep things simple and grab a few gift cards to local brunch spots they frequent regularly.

5. Hawaiian Bridal shower theme

Regardless of the time of year, you’ll find a tropical-themed shower a light-hearted and fun way to celebrate the occasion.

To nail this bridal shower, you must be mindful of the prerequisites of this occasion. First, you must send invitation cards to your guests. Additionally, keep the party size small or manageable. After all, it’s a shower, not a wedding.

To ensure that you keep up with the theme of this shower, you can have the theme at the front and center of your invitations. Some popular tropical motifs include a sandy beach, palm trees, umbrellas, seashells, and surfboards.

You may want to pick several bright and cheerful hues for your party decorations that will bring about a vibrant color palette. You can be slightly creative and find cute Hawaiian print tablecloths or use flower arrangements with hibiscus or orchids as a centerpiece. You can also have bamboo placemats and striped beach balls to help you complete the look.

Fruity and sweet flavors must be a staple on the party menu. Go ahead and set out several platters of fresh fruit and berries as the finger foods. If you’d like to serve a light lunch to your guests, include curry chicken salad sandwiches and pineapple.

For this particular theme, you can include several recipes for several cocktails. However, the best alternative for non-alcoholic drinks is coconut water. For the perfect dessert, you may have to cover the cupcakes in some brightly colored frosting while topping up with paper umbrella toothpicks.

While there are several party activities to enjoy, “Pin the Coconut on the Tree” is undoubtedly the best game to play here. In this one, you blindfold your guests, spin them around a few times, and then ask them to place cut-out coconuts on tree branches on the wall.

If you’d like to offer favors for your guests, you may purchase colored jewels or a pair of rubber flip-flops from a nearby craft store.

6. Boho-Themed Shower

If the soon-to-be bride is easy-going, high chances are that she’ll appreciate a bohemian-themed bridal shower. Whether her style is hippie, romantic, or neutral, you can easily plan an unforgettable shower with several beautiful boho touches.

After settling for a perfect venue to host this bridal shower, you can now think of the perfect color theme. Some ideal bohemian themes you can use include the following:

  • Soft Neutrals – This beautiful theme features a loose and casual style. You can decorate it with champagne, cream, and cocoa. Ensure to use plenty of pampas grass, feathers, or soft flowers.
  • Romantic and feminine – This theme has a pretty, soft style. You can decorate it with sage, ivory, and dusty pink. You can use lace, pale and soft greenery roses too.
  • Vintage Hippie – This theme has a fun and festival style. Decorate with golden yellow, brown, and rust. You can also include dreamcatchers, macrame, and wildflowers.

Consider how you’ll serve the food when planning your bohemian-themed bridal shower menu. If you plan an at-home shower where your guests will probably be sitting on easy chairs or sofas, consider finger foods that are easy and neat to eat. Such could include cheese, crackers, or sandwiches.

To ensure your guests stay entertained, squeeze in a few fun and entertaining bridal shower games that can last more than an hour. Ideal games include Mad Libs, The Ring Game, or He Said She Said bridal shower game.

Our recommendations for bridal shower gifts will be the hallmark for ‘showering’ the soon-to-be bride on her special day.

7. Fall-Themed

A fall-themed shower is an excellent chance to show the future bride how much you love her. Something ideal about this one is that you can plan a memorable party with decorations and invitations in fall colors.

You can go for gourds and classic pumpkin for this bridal shower décor. If you feel that an orange pumpkin shower looks and feels too rustic, try decorating with gold, silver, or some white pumpkins, which will make the shower feel more elegant.

You can incorporate leaves in pleasing fall colors, such as orange, burgundy, and rust. You can play with words and include fun themes like “She’s Fallen in Love” or “Fall in Love.”

For invitations, send or mail them 4 to 6 weeks before the shower so that your guests can find time from their busy schedules. Also, add a phone number to your invitation cards so the guests can RSVP.

For food, include roast beef sandwiches, mixed green salad, and butternut squash on the menu. Turkey sandwiches, cinnamon donuts, spice cookies, apple tarts, coffee, and tea would also make up an excellent addition to the menu.

As noted earlier, you’ll be spoilt for choice based on fall bridal shower theme décor. Popular colors for this bridal shower include burgundy, apricot, rust, and beige. If you’re hosting an at-home party, decorate the tables by hanging fall garlands or a beautiful wall banner.

For games, you may want to include the “Pass the Poem” game, a unique and fun bridal shower game where the guests read a poem, line by line, and then pass it to the person in the rhyme and whoever holds it last wins!

8. Beach Theme Bridal Shower

As the host, find invitation cards showing a beach with sand and a summer sky. Also, consider several other beach-specific examples, such as starfish designs and seashells for bridal shower invitations.

In terms of decorations, no beach bridal shower is complete without décor. However, decorations depend on where you’re hosting this shower. For example, if the event takes place outdoors, you can have an elegant setup of candles, flowers, and a stunning backdrop with sand on the beach.

You obviously must serve food to all the guests in the shower, and to comply with the theme, it’s a good idea to serve seafood or picnic food. For seafood, be sure to have some shrimp, fish, or zesty summery food. To nail the theme even better, have some cupcakes decorated in the shape of seashells and a cake topped with graham crackers to resemble sand.

Don’t forget to include summery drinks too! You can get a little creative and have boozy snow cones spiked with Two Chicks cocktails to match the vibe of the venue/location.

As a norm and proper bridal shower etiquette, always bring a gift to a bridal shower. To match the theme, you can find the bride-to-be a personalized towel with her groom-to-be’s face spread.

In line with the above, don’t forget gifts for the bridesmaids too! Coconut sugar scrubs and personalized candles are adorable gifts that match the beach theme.

9. Italian Bridal shower theme

Is the soon-to-be missus planning a destination wedding in Italy or has a penchant for the Mediterranean? If that’s the case, you may want to set the tone of her upcoming wedding right by hosting an Italian-themed bridal shower party.

Make sure your guests know about the event 4 weeks ahead to give them a good time to prepare themselves. For your invite cards, you can use antique invitation cards that resemble a postcard from a bygone era.

To ensure you respect the theme, you can have the postcards with a background that mimics aged postcards with cursive handwriting and subtle engraving. Landmarks such as the Arch of Constantine and the Leaning Tower of Pisa will help emphasize the theme.

For decorations, consider Sicilian artifacts, Amalfi lemons, shades of blue, or some Tuscany winery vibes to fit the theme. You can also combine several crystal glasses and decorate the tablescape using all-natural greenery like Italian eucalyptus or ruscus.

For food, you can add delicious foods such as cannoli, mocha cupcakes, desserts, chicken piccata, and meatballs. You can also include Caesar salad studded with some grape tomatoes, white, red, and green caprese skewers, and mixed olives on the menu.

If you intend to add more fun to the party, include several games and activities matching the theme. Ideal games to play here include:

  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Who Am I
  • He Said, She Said

For gifts to the bride-to-be, think of bouquets and corsages, hair accessories, neckties, veils, cummerbunds, scarves, or specialty foods.

10. Disney Theme

While you may be tying the knot soon, it’s not too old to embrace the joys of Disney. And what a perfect way to show your Disney love than with a Disney-themed bridal shower? With a few touches and decorations, your guests would think they’ve stepped into a Beauty and the Beast buffer or an Alice in Wonderland tea party.

You must inform your guests about the event (preferably one month before the shower) to give them enough time to prepare. There are plenty of ideas on how you can design your invite cards. For example, you can send a picture of the couple in front of a Disney castle.

You may also need to purchase a Disney-themed sign for some fun touch outside your bridal shower venue. As a bonus, your guests won’t have any questions about which house is yours if you’re hosting the shower at your home.

For decorations, you’ll find a simple Chalkboard sign an easy welcome that you can easily outfit with some little Disney-style doodles. To add some Disneyfied spin, you may want to add a tiara or Mickey ears on top of the letters.

Make sure to have a Disney-themed centerpiece to make the theme special. For instance, you can pick something from the soon-to-be missus’ favorite Disney movie and make that theme for the table. For example, if the focus is on Cinderella, consider having a jewel blue banner written, “So This is Love” and Cinderella carriage centerpieces.

For the best foods that fit the theme, ensure that there are cinnamon rolls, chicken salad sandwiches, baby carrots, forest fresh berries, and cashew chicken salad. You can also include croissants and bite-size Alfajores.

To keep your guests entertained, you may have to squeeze in several games that match the theme, such as:

  • Name That Disney Princess
  • The Great Big Disney Quiz
  • He Said, She Said bridal shower game
  • Match the Disney Love Songs

For the bridal shower favors, you can give out gifts such as customized coasters, wine charms, notebooks, makeup bags, key chains, shot glasses, and journals, to mention a few.

Wrap Up

So there you have it: the 10 best bridal shower themes for 2024 that you might want to try. While the themes ideas are quite many and may overwhelm you, the ones mentioned above are some of the best ones to try.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to organize the best and most memorable party for the soon-to-be missus. Give any of the themes a try and let us know how it went. Have a blast, won’t you?

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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