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Have the Best Last Night Before Mr. Right With These Exclusive Bachelorette Party Ideas

bachelorette party ideas

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This curious and ancient tradition of saying goodbye to bachelorhood has evolved tremendously to this day — the equality of the sexes has managed to reach equality in celebrations as well, since in the past bachelor parties were celebrations exclusively reserved for men.

Today the bachelorette party is no longer seen as that last night of great partying, and the last chance to have a great time before you become officially married. The celebrations have absolutely changed the concept of wild partying thanks to emerging new, different, more creative and calm alternatives.

It is a unique and special opportunity for the bride to blow out some steam amidst the whole wedding-organizing pressure by bringing together a group of her nearest and dearest and simply having a blast. That whole event must be unforgettable since it will be her last big thing before the ring.

Here are some great and very original bachelorette party ideas which are out of the ordinary and will definitely steal the show and remain treasured. Get inspired!

Bachelorette party ideas at home

Who says that bachelorette parties must be organized in a bar or nightclub? Although pre-wedding events held at home are more suited for bridal showers, you can also turn a home bachelorette party into a real fun-loving and intimate celebration in the circle of your close friends. For this reason, here you can find some bachelorette party ideas at home, with the most current trends and alternatives available so that your celebration can have a true success.

  • Get a Photo Booth at home
  • Set up a homemade Karaoke
  • Create a homemade escape room

Get a Photo Booth at home

If you organize a bachelorette party at home, you will surely want to make beautiful memories by creating lots and lots of photographs, something that you can easily achieve using a Photo Booth.

You can leave this task in the hands of professionals who rent Photo Booths for farewell parties and offer you all the accessories and props related to the activity. This way you will be able to give a special touch to the photographs and remember the moment forever. One of the simple but fun bachelorette party ideas!

Set up a homemade Karaoke

There is a reason why karaoke is among the top bachelorette party ideas at home — a classic activity that doesn’t go out of style because it’s quite fun, even more so when it’s done with close friends.

All you will need is basic equipment such as microphones, sound amplifiers, a monitor, and downloading the tracks of your favorite songs. Or better yet, if you have a Smart TV, you can simply play the songs from YouTube, you have tons of options available. After a few drinks, your friends (even the shyest ones) will definitely want to take the stage, grab the mic, and burst into a song like no one is listening.

Here is an idea! To make karaoke part of your ’80s-themed bachelorette bash, you can include costumes and props, use the best bachelorette party decoration ideas suitable for the theme and play all-time-favorite retro songs from the 80s. This is the right way of throwing out a disco farewell fiesta — one of the best bachelorette party theme ideas.

Create a homemade escape room

Puzzle games or escape games have become one of the trendiest and most creative bachelorette party ideas, even though turning your home into an escape room requires a little work and much attention to detail. It is important to organize the place, prepare the enigmas, riddles, and puzzles that must be discovered and invent a good story that will serve as the common thread.

There are so many bachelorette party ideas and themes to choose from for this game that will ensure a completely original farewell for the future bride. Put your creativity to the test and you will have an unforgettable experience! The escape room is the best when it comes to bachelorette party game ideas.

Wild bachelorette party ideas

Go all out with one of these adrenaline-filled and wild bachelorette party ideas.

  • Paintball-game fun
  • Extreme bachelorette party
  • Sexy dance classes

Paintball-game fun

If you are searching for some action bachelorette party ideas, paintball is your goal. It’s not only wonderful to enjoy one of the best adrenaline-pumping sports out there, but you’ll also have a lot of laughs playing as a team.

Paintball game bachelorette party idea

This sport is very fashionable among the wild bachelorette party ideas and is designed for large groups. Many paintball centers are adapted to host large events, so you can surely take advantage of the facilities to organize a barbecue or a group meal after the game.

Extreme bachelorette party

The multi-adventure bachelorette party is only suitable for the riskiest and most daring brides. If she fancies some heart-racing activities, explore these wild bachelorette party ideas: rafting, zip lining, go-karting, climbing, paragliding, skydiving, etc. She will be over the moon doing her favorite sports at her bachelorette party if she is an adrenaline-junky, that’s for sure. End the day with the best dinner in the honoree’s favorite place.

Sexy dance classes

What would wild bachelorette party ideas be without something daring and fearless for the bold types of brides who aren’t afraid of trying out something new? Cheer her up with pole dance classes — it will be a prime plan just for the girls who want to give some rhythm to their bodies, help with flexibility, and serve as preparation for the bride’s wedding night.

These types of bachelorette party ideas also include Arabic dance classes so you can all learn how to move your hips with Shakira-style belly dancing. It will undoubtedly leave the groom-to-be speechless once the bride shows her new moves.

Last minute bachelorette party ideas

In case you have been caught off guard and you urgently need some last minute bachelorette party ideas that won’t fail, here are some that guarantee success.

  • A spa day
  • Slumber party
  • Go wine tasting

A spa day

Perfect for brides on the verge of a nervous breakdown! This low key bachelorette party idea is the ultimate plan to relax before the big event because we all know how difficult the wedding-planning process can get. Everyone closely involved in the wedding deserves a wellness session, not only the bride-to-be.

spa bachelorette party idea

Therefore, set a day in which you can all meet and let the masks and relaxing music do their job. For this bachelorette party idea, you will have to put your mobile phones away and immerse yourselves in some anti-stress massages or chocolate-based therapies. Share your last secrets about single life during a heat session in the sauna and give your body the nurture it needs before the grand event.

Slumber party

Turn the bachelorette party into a last single-ladies sleepover, just like in the old days. For this one, you will not need special bachelorette party outfit ideas, just your favorite cozy pajamas. As traditional pajama parties require, you can:

  • watch movies — there is no better time for a chick flick than a bachelorette pajama party
  • organize board games — many bachelorette party game ideas will make you fall about laughing
  • have pillow fights — no pajama party without this one, don’t you think?
  • cook something together for a late-night snack — bake cupcakes, make some pizza or tortilla chips and dips are only some of the slumber bachelorette party food ideas
  • share your bedtime routines — put your hair up and some relaxing face masks on while you gossip like there is no tomorrow.

The best part of this ‘girls’ night in’ is that it can be considered a cheap bachelorette party idea where only your energy will matter.

Go wine tasting

Take the chill bachelorette party idea of visiting the closest winery field and go wine tasting! There is no chance this last minute bachelorette party idea will fall flat if the bride-to-be is a real wine lover. In addition to being a two-in-one experience, it is an original, different, and tasteful activity for your celebration.

Look for a rural house that has good vineyards or a good winery that organizes wine tastings for groups. You can celebrate a girls’ weekend in the country, enjoying good wine and gourmet food, while you catch up and toast your friendship.

Educational and useful bachelorette party ideas

Be prepared to learn something new with these workshop ideas. The good thing all of these have in common is that they are all held inside so they are the optimal choice if you are searching for some winter bachelorette party ideas.

  • Cocktail workshop
  • Makeup workshop
  • Cooking workshop
  • Dance workshop
  • Artistic workshop

Cocktail workshop

Excellent for an event with a lot of class and creativity, the cocktail workshop can be the enlightening bachelorette party idea in the purest cosmopolitan style. Everyone can take advantage of the bachelorette party to learn how to mix and shake their favorite cocktails, with and without alcohol, plus learn some new and improved combinations. A simple bachelorette party idea that includes a fun and interactive teamwork experience where you will surely all have a blast.

Makeup workshop

Does the bride love beauty products and take maximum care of herself? An awesome bachelorette party idea is to organize a make-up workshop where a professional will teach you all the tricks to make the most of your natural beauty.

The professional makeup artist will be in charge of revealing all of their secrets, teaching you some tips on makeup and skincare so you can learn how to properly put on makeup depending on your facial features. Imagine all of these while having a glass of wine and enjoying some appetizers. One of the more simple bachelorette party ideas but very informational.

Cooking workshop

Only for brides seduced by good restaurants and exquisite bites! If the bride is a foodie, there is nothing that can make her more excited than a gastronomic party. Depending on her tastes, you can look for a cooking workshop for pastry, sushi, pasta, or desserts — there are many!

She will be able to learn new recipes, have a great time with her gals, and delight in the delicious food they will prepare. This bachelorette party idea will be a good opportunity to hire a chef who will teach the bride to prepare her future husband’s favorite dish. It wouldn’t be bad at all to learn how to make the best steak, risotto, or whatever he likes to eat the most and surprise him when he least expects it.

Dance workshop

Does the bride love to dance? If the answer is yes, she will be more than thankful if you decide on taking her to a dance workshop where she can enjoy herself and dance all of the wedding stress out. All you have to do is choose her favorite dance: flamenco, Bollywood-style, hip-hop, salsa… These fun bachelorette party ideas will help her improve her dancing skills as well as her confidence, posture, and body language, and celebrate her bachelorette party with a lot of rhythm.

Artistic workshop

If you are trying to come up with DIY bachelorette party ideas for a very handy bride, here is a plan for you. You can organize a private craft workshop for your group and dedicate the event to having fun while making ceramics, learning calligraphy, or arranging flower bouquets.

You won’t need bachelorette party favor ideas, the guests can keep the final products of the workshop as memorabilia.

Other unique bachelorette party ideas

Think outside the box and surprise the star of the event with some of these unique and cute bachelorette party ideas.

  • Boat party
  • A weekend getaway
  • A garden party

Boat party

Looking for some classy bachelorette party ideas? Do it on the beach, on a yacht, with good music, drinks, and snacks in the company of the sun and sea. An unbeatable experience! If your budget allows you, this will be, without a doubt, something that the bride will never forget.

boat party bachelorette party idea

Sunbathing, swimming, sharing some laughs, and enjoying yourselves to the fullest. Not one of the winter bachelorette party ideas but certainly worth experiencing it.

A weekend getaway

If you are hunting for some big bachelorette party ideas, a weekend farewell is more than perfect. Be creative and think what the bride would prefer — a poolside hotel where she can unwind and chill out, or a country house where she can take advantage of nature and relaxing landscapes.

Get high on the sun with some of the bachelorette pool party ideas and throw a tropical-themed farewell! Another option is to explore the rustic bachelorette party ideas, surrounded by mountains and entertained by horseback rides. You can fill your evenings with fun-loving bachelorette party games to make a night to remember.

A garden party

Sometimes you don’t need a getaway or a crazy party to have a good time. The expenses of a bachelorette party with trips involved can be extremely high, so this low key bachelorette party idea is for all budgets.

How about a garden party? If one of the organizers has a house with a spacious yard or one with a swimming pool, this could be one of the best bachelorette parties. Just a couple of bachelorette party pool ideas: include some cool pool floats and hire a photographer to eternalize your event by letting the camera capture magical moments of the day getting some precious, natural, and spontaneous shots.

Organize a good lunch or a delicious barbecue dinner and share stories, experiences, and laughs with your dearest to end the event with a smile.

Organization details not to miss

It is crucial to have a prior planning of what this activity will be. If you don’t know how to organize a bachelorette party, you must have a starting point. Start by making a list of who to invite to the bachelorette party to define the total number, so you can contact them. This will help in organizing the farewell in terms of defining the date, budget, itinerary and all other details.

In order not to miss a detail of the organization along the way, you can leave everything in the hands of professional organizers or event agencies, which will guarantee sure success. They can help you with the bachelorette venue, décor, activities, and any additional service necessary to have the best final girls’ night out.

Have in mind these important points when organizing a bachelorette party:

  • Budget – Setting the budget is one of the primary things you have to do if you are the one organizing the event. Start by finding the exact number of guests who will participate in sharing the bachelorette party expenses.
  • Type of party – The important thing is to choose the party that best suits the character and personality of the future bride since the party is dedicated to her, and she is the one who should enjoy her farewell the most. For this reason, it is essential to take into account her personal tastes when choosing the bachelorette party theme.
  • Party date – It is recommended to be done at least one weekend before the wedding date as it is the best time for the bride to relax before the big step she will take. The time needed for organizing the event is around four weeks.
  • Party games – In a bachelorette party, games should not be missing. Think about dynamic games like Scavenger Hunt so that all the guests can participate and have fun. Save the first ones for breaking the ice and integrating the group into the great celebration — choose question games, Never have I ever, or Bachelorette Bingo.
  • Party gifts – no bachelorette party, no matter how big or small it is, should go without a bachelorette gift for the bride-to-be. Choose something related to the theme, something personalized, funny, or classy. You can find many unique and special bachelorette party gift ideas online to find the right one.


If you are looking for some original bachelorette party ideas to leave your single life behind with much more style, here you will undeniably find something for every taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some ideas for a bachelorette party?

You can choose to attend some workshops, participate in extreme-sport activities or simply have a slumber party.

Who usually pays for the bachelorette party?

The one who organizes the bachelorette party covers the expenses. Most often that is the maid of honor and the rest of the bridal party, but anyone can chip in, except the bride.

What do most girls do at a bachelorette party?

Have fun by playing games, dancing, learning to do something new the funny way, or taking the time off for a weekend getaway to celebrate the bride’s last night out as a single gal.

What not to forget when planning a bachelorette party?

Organize the budget, create a guest list, set a date, provide gifts and prepare some bachelorette party games.

What are the bachelorette party ideas for small groups?

Boat parties, farewells that include travel, and sexy dance classes are maybe best when a small group of closest friends participates.

What is the best last minute bachelorette party idea?

Organizing a spa day for your girl squad will be a piece of cake even if you forgot all about it.

What are some of the cheap bachelorette party ideas?

A slumber party is always the number one cheap bachelorette party idea because it doesn’t involve too much organization or money.

What is the best bachelorette party idea at home?

Get a karaoke machine, organize a concert with the bride’s favorite songs, and sing like no one is listening.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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