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Who To Invite to the Bachelorette Party?

Who to invite to the bachelorette party?

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It is a known rule that the guests of the party are the ones that make it a good one. With the bachelorette party it isn’t any different. They are celebrations full of humor, good vibes, laughter, affection, and camaraderie. So, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry qualifies as an invitee to the bachelor party. So who do you invite to the bachelor party?

An authentic bachelorette party should include only a small group of friends, those with whom everything is always shared and who are part of the bride’s life in a very special way. Top of the list are the bridesmaids and closest female relatives.

Being such an important day, when the time has come to draw up the guest list, you have to think about the bride and include the people she would want to see at her bachelorette party. When in doubt, you can always consult her to be on the safe side.

But if you want to plan the whole event as a surprise, you have to decide who to invite to a bachelorette party on your own.

Priority guests

When planning the bachelorette party invitation list, the priority guests should be the closest friends and relatives. These people must be or feel like family to the bride with whom she feels comfortable with.

Don’t forget that the whole point of a bachelorette party is to have a good time, and inviting ‘strangers’ can make the ambiance slightly colder and less relaxed. So be careful when deciding who to invite to the bachelorette party.

Make it a priority to organize an intimate farewell, that is: do not invite random people just to make a longer list of guests. Sometimes it is better to include only a few people who will make the event blissful than a crowd who might end up troublesome or hard to manage.

Normally, bachelorette parties are organized by the bridesmaids and they can be the only invitees to the event. It is assumed they know the bride’s tastes and they will easily agree on the bachelorette party theme, theme, what game to include, gifts, décor, music, and all the details.

Bigger party

On the other hand, if you know that the bride would prefer a bigger bash, you should extend the list of who to invite to the bachelorette party. Consider the coworkers she is close to, distant relatives she would be pleased to see, neighbors she hangs out with, or college friends she stays in touch with.

Think about the people who she does not see on a regular basis, but when she does, she always has a good time. And if you have doubts, it’s always good to consult her. After all, she is the main star of the event and deserves to have a peek at the guest list. She must know the exact number of guests, if for no reason other than knowing how many bachelorette favors to make. Because the bride does give gifts at the bachelorette party as well, you know that, right?

Another pro of the bigger bachelorette party is that the budget will expand, leaving your hands untied when organizing and decorating the entire event. Having a disco bachelorette party in mind? No problem because now that everyone will chip in, the budget can cover the DJ, fancy buffet, disco decor, etc.

And if you are wondering whether to bring a gift at the bachelorette party as a group or if everyone should bring their own, now that you are a larger group of invitees, it is maybe better to gather all the money and buy a pricier and more meaningful gift.

Unwanted guests

Now that the list of who to invite to your bachelorette party is done, the next question is: who do you avoid? Don’t forget that this is an informal and intimate party. As such, all formal commitments and forced invitations must be put aside.

The best way to find the odd ones out is to think about who might ruin the bachelorette party. For instance, a friend who gets excessively tipsy and nuisance or who might refuse to contribute towards the bachelorette party budget. That would only be a downer for the party, so it is better to avoid her or warn her to be careful this doesn’t happen.

Keep the gossip ones away from the guest list as well! The one who does not miss anything, and who also uploads everything that happens to any of her social media profiles, of course, without the authorization of the guests or the bride. That’s the indiscreet one and you do not want her at the party, trust us!

Stay away from the boring ones too! They are the ones who never want to join the party or take part in bachelorette party games and will always make up an excuse for it. They will spend the entire event sitting in the corner and it will make the whole atmosphere uncomfortable. The bride will definitely not want to see a grumpy face at her last party as a single gal.

Don’t feel obligated to invite the future in-laws of the bride, including the groom’s friends. Unless you know the bride has a special and close relationship with them, you do not need an excuse to erase them from the guest list.


The bachelorette party is a ritual that is carried out before starting the new married stage. It is the event where the future wife will say goodbye to the single life and celebrate her last night out footloose and fancy-free. Since this event is usually very intimate, this was the selection of people to have in or out of mind when pondering who to invite to your bachelorette party of your best friend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many people to invite to a bachelorette party?

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Do the in-laws have to be invited?

No, unless you know the bride would want them there.

Should the mother of the bride be part of the guest list?

If you know the bride would love to have her there because they share a very special and close relationship, you can feel free to invite her.

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