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Do You Give Gifts at a Bachelorette Party?

Do you give gifts at bachelorette party?

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Like every other party, bachelorette parties also have certain unwritten yet familiar etiquette. The specifics may vary depending on the bride and the person responsible for planning the occasion, but as with most social gatherings, there are particular guidelines that we should consider when attending these events. But there is one thing that always leaves you in doubt: Do you bring a gift to a bachelorette party?

The answer is YES! It is almost a must to give the bride something on the day of her bachelorette party. And it is totally understandable because – don’t you want to give your close friend a nice detail that reflects your appreciation and good wishes for her in her new married life? It can be funny, classy, personalized, or sentimental, but bringing a gift to a bachelorette party is something you cannot forget about, whether you are the one who is organizing the event or have just been invited.

Good to know

Choosing a bachelorette party gift applies the same principle as choosing the bachelorette party theme: you have to know the tastes and preferences of the bride. If you are one of the invitees, it is likely that you are close with the bride-to-be, so you know what she would enjoy and what would she find tacky.

Another thing that is good to know before choosing gifts for the bachelorette party is the theme. Try to find out the unifying idea behind the whole get-together, because sometimes the gift should follow it.

Contact some of the guests or the event planner to see if you can all do it together to buy something more expensive which would make the bride especially excited, like a piece of jewelry or fantastic bridal shoes that she has liked.

Choosing the perfect bachelorette party gift for the bride

There are several types of gifts for bachelorette parties with different intentions, gifts to strike a chord and excite the bride, gifts to enjoy before or after the wedding, gifts closely associated with friends so that they have a nice memory… The main goal is always to make the bride happy.

Whether she is the sassy one and will enjoy some sexy gifts like lingerie and accessories for her to try later, or she would prefer something more sentimental like a friendship bracelet or memory photo album of your time together, this article explores the best options. Stop asking yourself what to get for a bachelorette party because in the section below you’ll find some of the most unique and memorable bachelorette party gifts you may want to consider.

Funny bachelorette gifts

  • Fluffy pink handcuffs
  • First-wedding-night gadgets
  • Bachelorette party kit

What is the ultimate purpose of the bachelorette party if not fun? The most important thing is for all of you girls to have an event full of laughs, so making the bachelorette gift fit into this pattern is essential. Think about some inside jokes you share with the bride that would put a smile on her face, or include both sexy and funny bachelorette gifts like a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs.

Help your friend to unleash her inhibition with her partner and give her something to spice up things on her first wedding night! This is a gift that only the closest friends can give the bride during the farewell night, and she will surely give you some good moments of laughter. Just be sure to know the rest of the audience and feel the environment because you would definitely not want to make the bride feel uncomfortable with those kinds of gifts.

Do you think anyone can survive the bachelorette party? Several days of parties, alcohol, and, above all, lots of laughter for which the bride will need some essentials to stay fresh. Give a bachelorette party kit as a gift that can include everything you can think of that the bride will need during the celebration: plasters, hangover pills, handkerchiefs, deodorant, makeup fixer, and even sunscreen if you go to the beach. Both funny and functional!

Personalized bachelorette gifts

  • Bachelorette guest book
  • Memory video

You don’t have to buy a gift, but do it on your own! This will give it a much more significant value because it will be made with all the love in the world. If you are creative and have a personalized bachelorette gift in mind that won’t cost you much but will carry great value, make a book that all party guests can sign, write their wishes, share memories, or inside jokes.

During its preparation, keep in mind the bride’s favorite colors or the wedding decor so it can match, look for photographs of all her friends when they were young and had thousands of dreams to fulfill. Use lace, bows, and cutouts and decorate it. On the day of the party, have all your friends sign the book and put all their wishes in — it will be a great detail for the bride to remember her final toast to a single life.

Another good personalized bachelorette gift idea is a memory video. What better occasion to bring together all the friends of the bride so that each one can surprise her with the best memories, funny anecdotes from school days, how they met, her first drunkenness, etc? A thousand memories that will make her excited and emotional while reminiscing all those experiences. This is also perfect for those who cannot attend the farewell party but have been able to send their memories to the bride.

Classy bachelorette gifts

  • Mr.&Mrs robes
  • Husband & Wife coffee cups
  • Key chains
  • Cushions
  • Engraved cutting boards
  • Sexy lingerie
  • Spa getaway

You can never go wrong with these types of bachelorette party gifts. From ‘Mr.&Mrs’ robes to coffee cups just for the two of them, there is the type of classy bachelorette gifts that every bride will find useful and be thankful for. Think about gifts that include the husband-to-be as well like key chains, cushions, engraved cutting boards, and other items that will be a sort of your blessing to this union in an elegant and personal way that the bride will appreciate with great affection.

Sexy lingerie is a classic when it comes to bachelorette party gifts. The idea when buying lingerie is to choose something that highlights the bride’s attributes and that goes according to her tastes since not all of us feel comfortable wearing the same. Remember that your goal with this type of classy bachelorette gift is to make her feel beautiful, empowered, and comfortable in her own skin, and that is why it is very important to choose well when you want to give this type of gift.

The days leading up to the wedding can be very stressful for the bride, so what better gift to give the bride than a relaxing spa getaway to forget about everything for a moment, get surrounded by the people she loves the most? Just some quiet place, where she can disconnect and be able to enjoy a good massage or a beauty session together with her besties. This plan can be enjoyed as a full weekend or an afternoon with friends where you can share the last details of the upcoming wedding day.

Bachelorette party gift basket 

  • A bottle of champagne or wine
  • Chocolate box or gourmet cookies
  • Party props
  • Bachelorette party games
  • Bath bombs
  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Jewelry box
  • Parfume

Looking for a box that will contain all your mini ideas for bachelorette party gag gifts and make one rich package out of them? Look no further because we have the best suggestions on what to include in your bachelorette party gift basket. First, you will need some bubbles to get things rolling — toss in a bottle of champagne or the bride’s favorite bottle of wine. If she has a sweet tooth, a box of the finest chocolates or gourmet cookies will put a big smile on her face on those late-night cravings.

A real bachelorette party is no bachelorette party at all if there are no party props involved! Add in some fun and fancy accessories like sparkling tiaras, sassy sashes, feathery beads, diamond-ring-shaped shot glasses, funny sunglasses and everything else you can think of that will add a dose of humor to the party and will keep the celebration going.  To make sure the amusement never stops, put some dirty bachelorette party game in too!

Don’t forget to pamper the bride — the bachelorette party gift basket must contain a present just for her. From luxury bath bombs and aroma-therapy candles for relaxing moments before the big event to a chic jewelry box or a bottle of her all-time favorite perfume she always goes back to — the choice for the perfect bachelorette party gift for the bride is wide!

Choosing the perfect bachelorette party gift for guests

It is pretty clear that the bachelorette party is all about the bride, but this is also the perfect time for the bride to honor her gal pals and show them gratitude for being part of her life, supporting her through thick and thin. This is an excellent opportunity to surprise them with some bachelorette party favors.

  • Makeup bag
  • Personalized jewelry
  • Caricature drawing
  • A gift box containing a pink flask and shot glasses
  • Custom-made tumblers
  • Matching woven sun hats and tote bags

A customized makeup bag with their names embroidered or printed out is something everyone will like. Cherry-pick some makeup items you know each one of them will be mad about like lipstick, mono eye shadow, or highlighter, include a mini face roller, and write a card with a heartfelt message as a keepsake.

Giving personalized jewelry as bachelorette party gifts for guests will fill your besties’ hearts! You can engrave their initials, names, zodiac sign, the date of the bachelorette party, or some personal quote that only you two share. Choose between bracelets, necklaces, or rings, so they can treasure this lovely memento long after the celebration is over. This is also an excellent idea for bachelorette party gifts for bridesmaids.

If you want to add a greater personal touch, find an artist who will draw a caricature of you and each one of your guests. Write your initials and the bachelorette party date and frame the sketch. Be ready for some oohs and aahs because this thoughtful and genuine bachelorette party gift for guests will come as a surprise and be kept forever.

If you know your girl squad is made out of drinkers, the ultimate bachelorette party favor is a box containing a girly pink flask and a matching set of shot glasses. Print out the names of your bridesmaids on each glass and turn it into one of the coolest bachelorette party gifts for bridesmaids. The flask can have an imprint saying ‘Bachelorette party of (your name and party date)’ or some funny bachelorette party quote that involves drinking shots like ‘Hit me baby, one more shot’ or ‘Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot’. This fantastic bachelorette party gift may even come in handy during the wedding celebration, where all of you ladies can have a short and sweet bathroom meeting for some light gossip session accompanied by shots.

Another convenient bachelorette party gift for bridesmaids is a custom-made tumbler. Use different prints and patterns to make each one unique showing their personalities.

You are hitting the beach for your bachelorette party? There are two things you will all be needing: a woven sun hat with a wide brim and a matching tote beach bag. This can be an awesome bachelorette party gift for bridesmaids that you can give at the beginning of your beach bash so you don’t get a face sunburn before the grand event. Just don’t forget to include the names of each one of your bridesmaids so they will know which one is for who.


All answers regarding ‘do you bring a gift to a bachelorette party’ were given! If it is your turn to organize your best friend’s farewell, in addition to preparing a weekend full of activities, have some original bachelorette party gift ideas, one of those that will make the bride always remember that great event. This was a list of the best options for that great friend who is going to take such an important step in her life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best idea for a last-minute bachelorette party gift?

One can never go wrong with lingerie when it comes to bachelorette gifts.

Is it mandatory to bring a gift to a bachelorette party?

It is traditional, everyone will expect it and it is a great gesture, so you better not show up empty-handed.

Can the bride give bachelorette party gifts?

The bride can give her besties some party favors as a small token of appreciation for attending the party in her honor.

What is the most classy bachelorette party gift for the bride?

‘Mr.&Mrs.’ gifts for the home are always a good idea.

What is the most unforgettable bachelorette party gift idea a maid of honor can give?

Go with something sentimental and personalized, something the bride can hold forever as a memory of your friendship.

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