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This Comprehensive Wedding Decor Checklist Will Take Away the Guesswork

Wedding Decor Checklist

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Every lady who is about to make her way down the aisle wants everything to be practically perfect on her big day, and despite the fact that the atmosphere for the big day is created by the couple themselves, it is a fact that the decoration, the place, the food, and even the music play a major role.

Every detail counts, and for this reason, it is highly recommended that you do not let any detail pass you by. In order to rest assured that nothing will slip your mind, it is clever to cross off the decorative elements that are essential in this wedding decor checklist we have prepared.

For all the control-freak brides who fear that something will be left out, this list covers every single detail of decoration. It is divided into different moments of the wedding, so pay close attention. Will you?

Wedding Decor Checklist for The Ceremony

  • Signage
  • Altar
  • Confetti bags
  • Aisle decor
  • Flower basket
  • Ring pillow


There are many ways to include decorative banners or signs in your wedding. From welcome signage to decorative signs with comic or romantic phrases that complement the decorations, these decor details are a must. There are super cool outdoor wedding ideas on a budget that include wooden signs saying Mr. & Mrs., ‘Just Marred’ or simply ‘Love’ in unusual fonts.


This is maybe the most fundamental item on the wedding decor checklist. It is the place where most pictures will be taken, and depending on the decor of wedding arch, the photos can be a hit or a miss. That emotion when saying “yes, I do” while standing at the altar is a moment that you will never forget.

That’s why it is important to have the perfect setting in which you feel happy with your decoration. Depending on your selected theme, there are many styles that they can choose from: curtains, flowers, shutters, or different geometrical shapes.

Confetti bags for the guests

Place a bag of confetti on each chair for the guests so they can toss it in the air after you seal the deal with a kiss. The bag can have rose petals, rice, candy or whatever you want. Be creative!

Aisle decor

The aisle marks newlywed’s first walk as a husband and wife — their new beginning. It will be one of the most photographed places, so decor is more than necessary. It can range from flower chains at both sides, a carpet runner along the aisle or covered with petals. You can even include some lanterns or candles to raise the romantic level to the highest.

Flower Basket

It’s all in the details! Match even the flower baskets with the rest of your decoration. Cover them in satin and add tulle ribbons with pearly details or jute-wrapped them and attach wooden features for a rustic vibe.

Ring Pillow

This small but meaningful detail from the wedding decoration checklist deserves attention! Consider personalizing the pillow that will carry the wedding rings to the altar and give them a personal touch. Embroider bride and groom’s initials, the date of the wedding or include thin ribbons to tie the rings.

Wedding Decor Checklist for The Cocktail Hour

  • Bar decoration
  • Customized napkins
  • Guest book
  • Photo booth
  • Wedding favors station
  • Lounge area

Bar decoration

Don’t forget to include the bar into the whole wedding setup decoration. Use the same flowers, colored details, or add customized napkins with your initials. It will be a small touch but so meaningful.

Customized napkins

Include napkins that will have your initials in some fancy font, your new last name or some romantic quote that guests can take home as a memorabilia from the wedding. Isn’t that the nicest gesture that deserves to take place in the wedding decoration checklist?

Guest book

There are many ideas for guest books online – you can buy one, order custom-made or just do it yourself to make it unique and as special as the messages that your guests will leave you. The advantage of making it yourself is that it will contain even more emotional charge, it will be something personal, close and it will become another element to add to the theme of your event.

Your guest book will acquire even more meaning over time. Your friends and relatives will share their impressions on the most important day of your lives and will leave you their best wishes for life together.

Years after your wedding, these will be the priceless memories that will allow you to reminisce the day you said “I do”. That’s why we firmly believe that the guest book is one of the most important details of the wedding decor checklist you should think about. It’s like a long-term emotional investment diary.

Photo booth

This is the space where you and the guests will take pictures. Alone, as a couple or in groups, and with the help of ingenious costumes and props.

The photo booth is the ideal interaction game for the wedding setup during the cocktail hour when sipping drinks, mingling, and having fun are compulsory.

Wedding favor station

One of the aspects that you must take into account during the wedding organization is the choice of wedding details with which you will thank family and friends for their presence on your big day. Think about wedding favors that will make a difference, be useful and become a nice memory for your loved ones.

Lounge area

Provide sitting area during the cocktail hour where guests can relax and mingle over drinks. You can rent high-top chairs and tables in your preferred style; include floral decors and proper lighting for the whole area.

Wedding Decor Checklist for The Reception

  • Lighting
  • Dessert table
  • Car decoration
  • Guest tables decor
    • Linens
    • Napkins
    • Chair decoration
    • Dishware
    • Drinkware
    • Flatware
    • Centerpieces
    • Candles
    • Table numbers
    • Place cards
    • Dinner menu
  • Guest tables decor
    • Flowers
    • Lighting
    • Backdrop decor
    • Signage

Guest tables

Since your wedding guests will spend most of their time sitting at the table, then the reception decoration is one of the most important preparations in the entire wedding setup. Since they are the decorative focus, they must follow the chosen theme and color scheme in order to achieve that “wow” effect.

First and foremost, think about the table linens and napkins – classic white, pastels, dark “drama” shades or patterns? Make sure the flower centerpieces are made of the same flowers as the rest of the floral decors.

Next, carefully choose dishware, drinkware, and flatware. They should fit in the same decoration picture. Pay attention to the stationary — the place cards, the table numbers, and the dinner menus must match the wedding invitation and all other stationery items.

Bride And Groom Table Decorations

The head table is occupied by the main protagonists of the wedding— the newlyweds. Since they will be the undisputed focus of attention, this table has to concentrate prominent elements of decoration, appropriate to the style of the entire wedding.

Look for creative and authentic details for the bride and groom table decorations. DIY wedding decor items such as flowers combined with candlelight, wooden signage, crystal or mirror vases, and picture frames would be ideal.

Don’t forget about the backdrop! Flower or grass walls, hanging lights, balloons – the ideas list is endless.

The possibilities to give life to the spaces of your wedding party are endless. From incorporation of the napkins for the guest tables that play a big role in the centerpieces to the combination of colors that allow you to achieve a different style.

The chandeliers and candles are also part of the wedding setup to give warmth to the environment. Metallic and gold tones decoration is still on trend to dress up your wedding with elegance.

Keep this wedding decor checklist at hand and tick of the boxes one by one as you prepare your dream-come-true event.


Remember: lighting is everything in your chosen wedding reception venue. It is one of the make or break decisions for your wedding decor effort.

While attending to this detail, have in mind the season of the year in which the wedding takes place, the atmosphere, whether it is indoors or outdoors, the type of ceremony and of course, your own imaginary as a couple. Using lamps, light bulbs, candles, torches, or chandeliers to enliven the decoration of the wedding reception venue, will give the whole atmosphere a warm and romantic touch.

Dessert Table

The dessert table is the place where guests will find all kinds of irresistible sweets – a delicious temptation made of cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, or chocolates. The more the merrier, just make sure that there are products to the taste of everyone present. Bear in mind that this will not be the main dessert, but rather a good energy refuel between dances. A real wedding cake is yet to come.

Car Decoration

The newlywed’s car can’t go unnoticed. If you want to avoid the already-seen sign ‘just married’, you can include some funny stickers, ribbons, balloons, and flower garlands. If you want to do the old tin can decoration, personalize them with fabric, lace or paint them yourself in colors or patterns that would match the rest of the decor.

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Can I do my wedding decor alone?

If creativity is your bright side, and if you have a couple more set of hands to help you on your big day, sure you can! Plus, you will save a ton of money, because decorators are super expensive.

Who is in charge for covering wedding decoration costs?

Usually, the bride’s side of the family gets to cover that part.

What are the most common things brides forget to include in their wedding decor?

They are usually small details but meaningful: pen for the guest book, cake topper, table numbers and similar minor things.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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