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Cheap Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Gladly Take Home

sweet treats wedding favor

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It is no secret that a wedding involves quite a lot of expenses. Luckily, there are always some clever and creative ways of organizing your big day without having to spend hundreds of dollars or leaving out any fundamental aspects.

Wedding favors are one of those elements that, when it comes to weddings on a budget, couples often decide to exclude. But sometimes you don’t have to spend more in order to give a simple but meaningful ‘thank-you’ gift to your guests. These nice details that your dear ones will take home as wedding memorabilia are symbols of gratitude that must not be omitted.

Thank your guests with these practical, symbolic, pretty, and cheap wedding favors that will amaze everyone.

1. Personalized wedding sweet treats

  • Chocolate bars
  • Chocolate balls
  • Soft candies
  • Candied almonds
  • DIY chocolates with a tux and wedding dress molds
  • Heart-shaped cookies
  • Cupcakes

There are tons of options for these small cheap wedding favors that are and will continue to be classic wedding souvenirs. Chocolate bars are the number one sweets that can be factory-made, packed up in personalized wrappers with the couple’s initials or a short love note. You can go with chocolate balls, soft candies, or candied almonds and stuff them in a tulle bag or colored paper cone.

You can always go with the affordable cheap wedding favors DIY by buying silicon molds with tuxedos or small wedding dresses, filling them with melted chocolate, and putting them in the freezer. Cheap and cheerful kind of ‘thank you for being here’ gift for the guests!

Heart-shaped cookies can also be used as low cost wedding favors. All you have to do is think of a cool and original packaging to gift-wrap your treats and you can show your guests how sweet your love is.

Cupcakes are one more way to go as the perfect inexpensive wedding favor option. Buy them or make them – the choice is yours. Just put a colored icing on top that will match your theme. Put them in a plastic transparent box with a sateen ribbon and you will end up with economical but elegant-looking wedding favor. Just imagine them placed on top of every plate looking like part of the wedding decor!

2. Tiny and cute jars of jam or honey

Honey is another delicacy that can be given if you are looking for original and cheap wedding favors. Not only because it is a natural wedding favor that will look adorable along a phrase like ‘Sweet beginning’, but because it is useful and practical. Your guests will be left with a sugary taste of your wedding, literally. Give them away in simple glass jars accompanied by a wooden spoon or a honey stick.

honey jar wedding favor

Another low cost wedding favor idea is a jar of artisan jam that your guests can enjoy over breakfast. These small cheap wedding favors can be found in various delicious flavors like berries, plum, or strawberry. The jars will cost you less than a dollar and you can print out and stick your wedding logo on each one by yourself. Who will resist these tiny and fruity tokens of appreciation?

3. All-natural aromatic soaps

Natural soaps made from 100% natural ingredients will make convenient, aromatic, and cheap wedding favors for guests. You can give them a personal touch in shape, smell, color, and material, making them an easy idea to accommodate your wedding style.

You can give this detail an exclusive touch by matching the color and the ingredients with your centerpieces — if your flower arrangements include lavender or rose, you could make the soaps look and smell like the same flowers. Don’t forget to include fabulous packaging with a unique quote for this scent-sational idea as the best cheap wedding favors.

4. Plant wedding favors

  • Mini plants in pots
  • Seed bags
  • Flowers

If you are a couple who is concerned with minimizing the impact that your celebration may have on the environment, and you want your guests to also join the cause, there are several options for ecological and inexpensive wedding favors. What better than giving life to celebrate love? Plant wedding favors are the ideal choice to give at outdoor weddings or in non-traditional wedding venues.

Mini plants as wedding favors are the most eco-friendly option and one of the cheapest but most meaningful gifts you can give to your guests. They come with an important message — they project the life and hope that your marriage brings so they could easily count as the most beautiful wedding guest gift that simply fascinates. These unique cheap wedding favors come in different options: succulents, cacti, or fresh herbs, all planted in tiny pots that can have your names and wedding date on.

If you are thinking of giving plants as a cheap wedding favor option, why not give away seeds that will inspire your guests to sow and reap a new life? You can pack them in paper envelope decorated with your initials and wedding date Roll them up in eco-friendly paper tied with a jute bow, or put them in a sack tied with colorful lace.

The most beautiful thing about these unique cheap wedding favors is that every time the guests see the plant blooming in their backyard or window box, they will immediately be reminded of your wedding celebration.

Some of the best seeds to give as affordable wedding favors DIY are the seeds of seasonal flowers, wildflowers, or vegetables such as basil, parsley, cherry tomato, broccoli, or radishes. Accompany these cost-effective and environmentally conscious gifts with a meaningful phrase like ‘everything grows with love’.

Your guests will be delighted by miniature dry flower posies — a synonym for tranquility and beauty! Due to their versatility, these small cheap wedding favors will be a hit in decoration as well. Deliver them as petite rustic bouquets wrapped up in paper funnels or mini pots with a label that says ‘this love does not stop blooming’. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, natural flowers will be spot on.

5. Decorative candles to light up your big day

Candles are always a good idea! They have the quality of creating a pleasant atmosphere, not only because of the warmth they generate, but also because of their aromas, colors, and packaging.

candle wedding favor

There is a wide variety of designs and sizes so you can choose tones according to the wedding color palette to end up with perfect and cheap wedding favors. Depending on their shape, you won’t even have to worry much about wrapping. Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

6. Wedding favor fans

If you celebrate your wedding in summer, bet on including personalized fans in your details as fun cheap wedding favors. They can be made out of wood or paper, in their most classic versions. However, you can also give this simple idea a small but impactful change for the better and turn them into affordable wedding favors DIY: get a large cardboard card with a marriage message or love note printed on it and attach it to a wooden stick. Talking about a useful and economical wedding detail essential on hot summer days!

7. Wedding party (and after party) kit

Show your care for your dear guests and do not hesitate to prepare small cheap wedding favor packages with what your loved ones may need throughout the wedding event. The new pandemic-inspired ones are made of:

  • Small bottles of sanitizer gel with a label that says ‘share love, not germs’
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Disinfectant wet tissues
wet wipes wedding favor

But you should not overlook the ultimate wedding party kit for different cases of emergency containing:

  • Quick stain remover
  • Safety pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Mini hair spray
  • Blister sticks
  • Bandages
  • Mini sewing kit

In case you prefer innovative, fun cheap wedding favors that will also help your guests after the party, the anti-hangover kit is the winning idea which will be both practical and economical. They can include all those basics to survive a good night out:

  • Headache pills
  • Antacids
  • Hydration electrolytes
  • Makeup removal wipes
  • Mints with a cool label saying ‘mint to be’
  • Coffee gift cards
  • Granola bars

More easy and refreshing ideas for low cost wedding favors

When choosing cheap wedding favors that you are going to give to those who will accompany you on your special day, look for something that identifies you, tells your story as a couple, and will evoke beautiful memories of your celebration. Adding some love quotes is essential to personalize this detail even more.

Here are more simple and creative ideas to have in mind:

  • Aromatic olive oil bottles — use pyramidal glass bottles and put different herbs in them like rosemary, oregano, and thyme, or use lemon, garlic, or chili to give this unique cheap wedding favor quite a zest.
  • Key chains — they can be wooden with a beautiful ‘thank you’ message carved on each heart-shaped piece of wood along with your names and wedding date, or opt for metal ones with a charm saying ‘love’ or ‘blessed’. Other ideas are crochet for a boho-style wedding or classic leather.
  • Small ceramic piggy bank — just imagine how cute this little saver will be! Just put it in a transparent box tied with a sateen band and you will have a special and savvy keepsake idea. Your guests will be wowed by these original souvenirs, while you too will be able to save by including these inexpensive wedding favors in your celebration.
  • Flip flops — taking into account the location, the season, or the style of the celebration, they can offer your guests quite the footwear relief for the occasion. These low cost wedding favors will be especially beneficial for the lady guests in high heels because, when it’s time to dance, they can change their stilettoes for more comfortable shoes.
  • Pashminas — an excellent idea for inexpensive wedding favors since they are accessories that complement any outfit and keep guests warm when the hours rise and the temperature drops. Opt for different shades of color that can be combined with the evening dresses.
  • Thermoses — useful and cheap wedding favors for guests. They will surely be more than grateful and whenever they are pouring tea, coffee, water, or their favorite drink, they will always remember to toast to you once more. Your guest will not be able to resist opening these fun cheap wedding favors to toast on the dance floor, especially if they contain delicious cocktails.
  • Personalized mugs — include special design, comic marriage quote, or draw a caricature of you two to rise the degree of customization as much as possible. These cheap wedding favors are available wholesale at unbeatable prices and you only need to define what to be printed on. Complement them with a sack containing gourmet coffee beans or some exceptional tea mixture.
  • Customized shot glasses — if you want to express your most fun, jovial, and festive side in the gifts, shot glasses are an excellent alternative. These can be the perfect small cheap wedding favors personalized to go according to the style of the event. Ideal for toast with tequila at the wedding!


Many times more is done with less because that is when creativity is truly put to the test. Do not lose sight of the fact that originality does not lie in the unit itself, but in making magic with the simplest ideas. So when choosing proper cheap wedding favors for your dearly beloved guests, these ideas will help get inspired.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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