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Say ‘I Do’ for Less: Cheap Wedding Venues in 2024

cheap wedding venue

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Organizing a low-cost wedding doesn’t always mean can’t be beautiful, magical, and memorable. Today, getting married anywhere is quite possible without expanding your budget. If you ask yourself why wedding venues are so expensive and the answer is ‘to be exceptional,’ you are wrong. Because sometimes the most remarkable and charming places are the most affordable ones right in front of you.

Choosing an impactful location will not only surprise the guests when they receive the wedding invitations but it can also carry meaning. Think about where you first met, shared a first kiss, or went out on a first date.

The place where you pronounce your most important “I do” has to be dreamlike and unique rather than expensive and grandiose.

So unleash your imagination and choose one of these beautiful and cheap wedding venues to organize a low-cost but highly-colored wedding celebration.

1. Backyard

This is one of the old but gold dirt cheap wedding venue ideas that people still use. The backyard of a family home has always been the perfect place for a small wedding. The coziness and intimacy yards offer are irreplaceable and incomparable to any lavish fancy venue.

With our expert tips and trick for outdoor weddings on a budget, you can easily turn a yard into a creative cheap wedding venue.

Give life to any backyard by decorating it with tiny and cute details like lanterns, small vases with gypsophila flowers, and wooden signs that go hand in hand with the romantic atmosphere that will be created. You can even replace formal catering with different food trucks for a unique open-air dining experience with your dearly beloved.

2. Libraries

For those who are into academia or research wedding in a library would be ideal. The smell, the lighting, the furniture, all the love letters written in the books, and the construction in its wholeness will inspire you to fall even more in love with your other half and say your ‘I do’ in the most romantic way.

After all, what would be more romantic than to promise to love, honor, and cherish each other in front of all the historical great loves as witnesses?

cheap library wedding venue

3. Rooftop

We are used to rooftop gatherings to celebrate a birthday or organize a romantic surprise proposal. Have you ever considered the idea of a rooftop to be your cheap intimate wedding venue? This site is ideal for urban couples who crave a sophisticated, romantic, and dazzling wedding that won’t break the bank.

A rooftop surrounded by key monuments or beautiful structures would be ideal. You will have all of that landscape as your photo backdrop. Just imagine how impressive the panoramic view will be. However, it won’t be a deal-breaker if you can’t get one.

If you choose this cheap wedding venue, you will spend little to no need money. The only requirement is consent from all the neighbors to allow you to use the space for your wedding celebration.

4. Vineyards

If you are a couple of hopeless romantics, celebrating your wedding in a vineyard as the top cheap wedding venue option will enliven your fantasy.

The fields full of vines will be part of the setting and can create a boho, country, or rustic wedding style. The cellars full of barrels can be used as wedding decor, which would create a spectacular view for your wedding photo session alongside the fields.

In addition to being a perfect location for foodie weddings, these cheap intimate wedding venues can spoil your guests with unforgettable wine tasting. Vineyards are suitable for daytime wedding ceremonies and receptions that can be relaxed and formal. They will cost you less than those pricy ballroom venues, that’s certain.

5. Museums and art galleries

There is no better and more original idea among all the unique cheap wedding venues than tying the knot in a museum or an art gallery encircled by culture, art, and history. If you are an art lover, this may be your idyllic place.

Today, many galleries and museums open doors for couples to celebrate their wedding for a fee that won’t ruin them financially.

The idea is to have an intimate ceremony followed by a cocktail-type dinner or lunch in a smaller museum/art gallery so you can feel and admire the beauty these wedding venues offer.

Both museums and art galleries are ideas for cheap wedding venues reserved for a chic, sophisticated, and modern wedding for couples who prefer urban and unconventional spaces. Dare to flood your wedding with magic, art, and culture in every corner!

6. Old factories

You can set up old factories as creative cheap wedding venues by combining industrial dyes with textiles and more elegant elements to create an anything-but-ordinary environment.

old factory cheap wedding venue

Take advantage of these affordable locations’ vibes and invest all the money saved for fancy wedding venues in breathtaking table settings and accents that give each table a unique sense and contrast. Remember to provide good lighting and music since both elements will be your best allies in creating a spectacular wedding party.

7. Parks

It is the place you walked together holding hands, made out hidden among the trees, and where you dreamed of having a family together. These cheap wedding venues may carry some special meaning rather than being extravagant.

Whether you choose city, state, or national parks, the beautiful natural scenery surrounding you will be worth more than money could ever buy.

8. Forests

Forests as outdoor small inexpensive wedding venues are exotic and exciting. Here you can have a simple and quiet wedding ceremony experience dedicated to the environment or a party full of DIY amenities and activities.

More and more couples strongly desire to keep in touch with nature in one of these cheap DIY wedding venues while designing a celebration with careful details and ornaments that transform the traditional and formal image of a classic wedding into something pure and spiritual.

Forget about spending thousands of dollars on décor and advance for booking the venue — the forest will lend itself to providing an organic and wild decoration that symbolizes purity, balance, and unity. Choose summer to escape the city heat and take advantage of the wedding colors for August.

9. Beach

There is a reason why beach locations are one of the most googled wedding venues. They are the ideal and most romantic spots for exchanging vows at the golden hour, especially if you two enjoy the ocean view.

beach cheap wedding venue

Most beaches will demand a small fee for a wedding permit on public beaches, and you will have your wedding venue booked. They are ideal for chill-out weddings and other minimalist, simple, modern styles.

You can find many cheap beach wedding venues that offer both ceremony and reception services. They can make the most of the romantic atmosphere of the docks to create stunning photos for your wedding album.

When it comes to decoration, these cute cheap wedding venues require natural materials like wood, striking floral arrangements, and glass bowls filled with sand, shells, and stars. Decorate the wedding arch with fabrics and elements full of movement that will sway on the ocean breeze.

10. Barn

Yes, a barn; you read that right! It is one of the leading cheap DIY wedding venues if you want new original ideas to make your wedding unique and low-cost.
If you are hunting for some rural spots, the barn has a rustic vibe, ideal for summer and spring. It is a very open and versatile space you can personalize in a thousand ways.

These agricultural buildings serving as cheap wedding venue ideas offer much more than a roof to shelter your wedding party. The surrounding environment is idyllic and very romantic. The shadows of the trees, the vintage touch of the wooden beams, the simple wedding centerpieces made out of field flowers — barns don’t usually require much decoration because the atmosphere is authentic.

In addition to saving money on decoration, renting a barn will be cheaper than booking a restaurant or a rural house. Choosing this cheap DIY wedding venue will be the best option if you want to cut your wedding costs.

11. Natural environment

You may associate this point with the beach, gardens, or vineyards, but that’s not the idea here. Open your horizons even wider and think about hosting a wedding in the middle of a desert, in a secret cave, or in front of a waterfall. They are not only cheap wedding venues but gorgeous natural landscapes that will be the perfect setting for a picturesque wedding ceremony.

The attractiveness of choosing one of these cheap intimate wedding venues lies in the peace, privacy, and rawness of the entire atmosphere. They are most suitable for elopements where nothing else matters except the love shared between two people who are about to be joined in holy and spiritual matrimony.

Here you will find the freshness, the light, and the natural environment that not even the greatest decorator can do. Just keep in mind the environmental conditions such as humidity or heat so that these charismatic venues do not become a nightmare for the bridal hairstyles.

12. Bar

Why not get hitched in the bar where you two met and instantly fell madly in love? If it’s a local bar and you hang out frequently and know the owners, you might not even pay a fee to book the place.
You can ask one of your friends to get a marriage officiant license and turn the event into a simple and informal party with close family and friends.

Forget the elegant buffet with artistic canapés and stick to mini burgers, pizza, and other affordable wedding food ideas. Let the wedding DJ play your favorite tunes and dance the whole night through. It will certainly be a night out to remember for everyone.


By now, you know you don’t need over-the-top space to have the wedding of your dreams. Reflect upon these questions when trying to find cheap wedding venues:

  • Closed or open places?
  • Large or intimate wedding?
  • Easily accessible or shrouded in mystery?
  • Ceremony, reception, or both?

Value all these questions when choosing the best scenario for the “Yes, I do.”

Remember that with a little organization and originality, you will not need to give up any idea you set your heart on, but rather adapt each concept to your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the cheapest to get married?

One of the options is in your backyard, especially if you’re planning a small event.

What are some of the cheap outdoor wedding venues?

Consider parks, forests, beaches, and other natural environment spots.

What are some of the cheap indoor wedding venues?

Think about libraries, museums, or galleries if you want to be surrounded by fine art, or go low-key by choosing your favorite bar as a cheap wedding venue option.

What are some of the free wedding venues?

You can decide on hosting your wedding in your backyard or rooftop or have a small, intimate ceremony in the middle of a natural environment for free.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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