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Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair (+Extra Styling Tips)

Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair

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There are several aspects of bridal styling in which brides have a prominent role. The most important, without a doubt, is the dress, but there are also the shoes, the bouquet, and the type of bridal hairstyle. We are going to focus on the last point and to make things easy for you we have selected the most popular wedding hairstyles for thin hair brides and some infallible beauty tricks. Ready?

Beach wedding hairstyles

Just imagine it: fresh wind, the scent of the sea, seagull songs, and the immense pleasure of sharing that special day with your loved ones, in such a special place. A beach wedding is a winner among all the wonderful options. Look perfect all day with the freshest, most practical, and most glamorous hairstyles even if you have naturally thin hair.

Seal your beach wedding look with these styles – there’s one for every personality! In addition, you will find tips to combine them with your accessories and with your makeup.

Romantic ponytail

Ponytails have never left the repertoire of classic and practical brides. They get along well with any climate, but they are the ideal beach wedding hairstyle, due to their freshness and simplicity. Plus, there are plenty of ways to put your personal stamp on a ponytail and revamp it for a unique look. The best way to add a little texture to your thin hair is to go with a low slightly curly ponytail.

This wedding hairstyle for thin hair can be worn all day, from a daytime or sunset ceremony to an evening wedding party. Here is an extra tip – wear an elegant choker or a pair of minimalist earrings. To reaffirm your glamorous appearance, You can opt for makeup with a little glitter to reaffirm your glamorous appearance. But very little! Think of the sun that will accompany you as a witness.

Classic updo

If you want to create a refined look, choose an elegant updo. What makes this the perfect wedding hairstyle for thin hair? It has the advantage of preserving freshness, so if the wedding will be long, it will be more difficult for the updo to come undone and for the hair to fall over the face, which is not the case with the all-favorite beach waves which will quickly go limp.

Classic accessories for updos are combs and hairclips, but they can also be detailed with headbands or tiaras: touches of glitter will create a refined effect. Combine this beach wedding hairstyle look with bronze makeup, metallic touches, or modern nude accents.

Half-up hairstyles

Mix up two looks to get the perfect one! Gather part of your hair in a messy bun and keep the other part loose with wavy lines like the ocean itself. This is the ideal balance of freshness and elegance, and if you want that boho vibe, the best accessories to include in this beach wedding hairstyle are natural flowers or motifs such as starfish and snails. Add a pair of large earrings to glam it up and use simple and neutral make-up with warm tones to compose the ultimate bridal look.


Braided hairstyles are comfortable and difficult to undo despite the wind, heat, and sweat. From the classic to the fishtail braid, you can give them a messy touch or keep them neat. They can also be combed to the side. This wedding hairstyle for thin hair can adapt to all kinds of styles: romantic, relaxed, classic, or elegant

A braided headband is perfect for daytime weddings because of its dose of romance. They can be combined with surprising touches of color, both in makeup and in accessories. They go well with flowers, ribbons, tiaras, or even with hair jewelry like hoops and fancy barrettes.

It is convenient to wear them with simple earrings, so as not to overshadow their details. It is also better to leave the neck bare to avoid overloading the whole image.

Vintage wedding hairstyles

The vintage style has a magical combination of old aesthetic elements that are timeless and never get out of fashion. Vintage hairstyles can be considered all the typical up-dos from the 20s to the 50s. It is true that they have evolved over the years but they have always had elegance and femininity in common. For today, we bring you vintage wedding hairstyles – the perfect choice for brides that need a little volume for their usually thin and lifeless hair.

Consider some of these never dying hairstyles if you’re having a themed bachelorette party — these styles will go a long way for a costumes bachelorette dress-up party.

Finger Waves

This is the classic retro female hairstyle. This technique was very popular in the 20s and 30s when women wore short or medium-length hair. It was typical of the Charleston dance and very popular among movie stars. Today, finger waves are still a very popular technique, especially for events such as glamorous weddings.

This hairstyle can do wonders for your thin hair! It can be made in several different styles: classic – great for long hair if you want to build up extra volume, sleek – the ‘Great Gatsby’ way, gathered in a low curly side bun with the top of the hair lifted upwards for a voluminous twist, or side finger waves where all of the hair will go on one side on your chest – a look perfect for one-shoulder wedding dresses.

Elegant and sophisticated, accompanied a furious red makeup on the lips, it will be a very successful option for a totally vintage wedding hairstyle look. You can complete it with a white mesh hat to fully achieve that Old-Hollywood vibe.

Victory Roll

A very popular hairstyle from the 40s and 50s as they were considered very glamorous and feminine. These are loops made on the sides of the head, or on the bangs and/or neckline, which vary in number and size. The rest of the hair is collected in a bun or wavy loose. A red lip goes hand in hand with this wedding hairstyle for thin hair!


Classy, neat, and super elegant. This updo includes a straight sleek front part of the hair let loose and the rest of your hair gathered in a big bun. You can style it with pearls, bows, or flower bands. Think about the glamorous beehive of the famous Brigitte Bardot as an inspiration for this vintage wedding hairstyle look.

Loc wedding hairstyles

The real remedy for your lifeless hair is locs. Loc wedding hairstyles will save your thin hair look and will give you the much-needed texture and volume. Just remember to use lots of hair mousse on wet hair and proper hair spray for curls to avoid letting them get loose. Because for your big day, your hair is as important as the dress you have chosen to wear. That is why we present some options that will give you ideas to look incredible on the most beautiful day of your life. Loose, side-part, half-up, bob-length, or low bun – with loc wedding hairstyles everything is possible.

Loose locs

Loose hair is something that never goes out of style, and wearing it like this for your wedding day is the perfect way to complete it with a beautiful headpiece like a hair clip or comb, a tiara, or a bridal veil, among other accessories. You can play with the texture of this wedding hairstyle for thin hair to shape your face and accentuate the features you love most to look perfect.

Half-up loc hairstyle

A half-up hairstyle with locs is a very popular option for brides, as this style offers a certain advantage where you can show off some curls but still have your hair gathered so you don’t feel hot, sweaty, or bothered by it. You can also experiment with different ways to pick it up to create relaxed looks with braids or more sophisticated ones with loose low buns.

Short hairstyles with locs

If you have short hair that lacks texture, locs will surely give you a spectacular idea for the most gorgeous wedding hairstyle for thin hair! You can look for inspiration from the golden era when the trendy look was short waves with a shiny headpiece, and yet it is still a classic hairstyle with which any bride can feel beautiful and glamorous like a Hollywood star on her big day even with naturally thin hair.

Extra tips for styling fine hair

  • Avoid using water that is too hot. With warm or cold water you will achieve a shinier finish and your hair will stay clean for longer.
  • Always dry your hair with your head down. Do it with hot air and, when it is 100% dry, finish with cold air for a couple of minutes. This simple gesture will fix the shape and volume, enhance shine and reduce oil at the roots.
  • A trick before bed? On dry hair, make a pair of root braids (one on each side) starting as high as possible. You can also collect the hair in two or three high buns. In the morning, it will have shape and volume. On the other side, if you are one of those girls who wash your hair at night, never leave it wet: in addition to being harmful to the roots, it will ruin the volume.
  • A little light backcombing at the roots of the upper area, with a touch of light hairspray, will also help to gain volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best wedding hairstyle for thin hair with veil?

The best option would be a textured hair, gathered in a low bun on top of which a veil is secured with an embellished comb.

How to style a thin short hair for a wedding?

Curled messy bobs will give you volume and braided or flower headbands will provide the bridal uniqueness.

What the best formal hairstyle look for thin hair?

One can never go wrong with the classic updo when looking for a more formal hairstyle look.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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