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Star Wars Wedding Rings – The Intergalactic Romance Idea

Star Wars wedding ring

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Given that the Star Wars series has been going strong for decades and has accumulated an army of devoted followers all over the world, it should come as no surprise that it is a popular wedding theme.

If you and your future partner can name every planet in the Star Wars universe, or you’re the nerdiest couple in your group of friends, you might just need these Star Wars wedding ideas.

May the ring be with you

There are many different ways to integrate the Star Wars theme into a wedding, but if you’re thinking about a slightly more long-term way to demonstrate your devotion to your spouse and the Star Wars universe, then an inspired Star Wars wedding ring may be the perfect choice.

In light of this, we’ll be looking at few various designs for engagement rings with Star Wars themes! Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Resistance wedding ring

This ring is the ideal option for something discreet that still successfully expresses your interest in Star Wars. This simple, small wedding ring has engraved finely detailed stamp of the rebel alliance Resistance logo. A blue diamond is used as the ring’s final embellishment to add some color.

Since it is still a stylish wedding ring and can easily express the wearer’s love of the Star Wars series to those who recognize the sign, the ring’s simplicity does not detract from its stylish nature.

2. Empire wedding ring

Do you prefer the Dark Side more? You might find exactly what you’re searching for in this ring!

It has the exact same design as the aforementioned wedding band with a Resistance motif, but instead of the rebel emblem, it has the name of the Empire, the main antagonist in the Star Wars saga.

The pink wedding ring has a red gemstone rather than a blue one in addition to a distinct logo. The ring’s band, which features the same delicate silver pattern, doesn’t change.

3. Jedi order and Resistance couples wedding rings

This combination is ideal for a pair of double wedding bands that are another underrated option when it comes to Star Wars-inspired-rings.

However, since one ring holds the sign of the Empire while the other bears the symbol of the Jedi Order, you will need to determine between you two, who is the Sith and who is the Jedi in your relationship.

4. Stormtrooper ring

Presenting you the “Stormtrooper” in light of the expected release of Star Wars Series VII: The Force Awakens.

A stunning Stormtrooper-inspired black and gold wedding ring made of a 1.95ct elongated cushion cut onyx set in platinum. Designers developed a genuinely “Obi-Wan-of-a-kind” band with a total of 38 diamonds to symbolize the 38 years since the first movie was published.

With characters, famous events, and even weapons from the series all being incorporated in ring form, even more casual fans are certain to think about obtaining a Star Wars wedding ring for their big day.

Everyone has an opinion about a Star Wars-inspired wedding ring, regardless of whether they are the greatest Star Wars fan this side of the galaxy, a novice to the series, or simply a fan that slips in and out.

Star Wars Wedding Theme ideas: Outfits and Accessories

1. Star Wars wedding invitations

Establish the tone for your wedding’s theme right away. Include the movie in your stationery, whether your first contact is a save-the-date or wedding card. Use words like “Invited, You Are” and “We Are Joining Forces” in your bridal cards and website copy. There are “Star Wars” fonts accessible to further suggest that your gathering is a themed one.

2. Lightsaber bouquet

If you are wondering what could be better than a standard bouquet, the answer is simple. A lightsabers bouquet. And Ahsoka taught us that two lightsabers are better than one. So, while singing “Here Comes the Bride,” take a collection of lightsaber bouquets down the aisle while attempting to keep your mouth shut. Better yet, use the Star Wars theme music instead of “Here Comes the Bride” completely.

3. Padme’s wedding veil

Padme’s wedding dress? Stunning. But that veil? Iconic. Is dressing like Padme for a wedding unlucky? Not if the groom doesn’t see you first, right before you enter the aisle. Just to be safe, you should always keep a lightsaber in your belt.

4. Star Wars cakes

Why not have a two tier cake in honor of the greatest pair in the Star Wars world, instead of a single layer cake? Even though fans love them, but it is not C-3PO and R2-D2. Consider getting wedding desserts with a Han and Leia motif. It’s almost okay to smash these in guests’ faces.


Whether you are a huge fan or not, Star Wars movies and books are a fantastic place to find wedding ideas. Given the size of the Star Wars world, beside Star Wars wedding rings, there is a way for every fan to combine elements of their favorite franchise into their wedding.

No matter if they are a fan of Han Solo and Leia or just want to include cute Baby Yoda details. For the most devoted Star Wars fans, you might even think about exchanging vows at Villa Balbianello, in Lake Como, which served as the filming location for the wedding scenes between Anakin and Padme.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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