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Curved Wedding Bands: The Unique Twist Your Bridal Look Needs

curved wedding bands

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In this article you will read about something unique and original, that also provides a delightful change from the traditional pick of wedding bands. Curved wedding bands tend to go perfectly with all of your looks. With simplicity, you can stack them with additional rings from your wedding set.

What are curved wedding bands?

A curved wedding band, also known as a V wedding band, notched wedding band, or chevron wedding band is a ring with a curve on one side that can be worn alone or in combination with an engagement ring that features a raw diamond.

Curved wedding rings properly arouse the mix of emotions. The excitement of buying wedding jewelry is extraordinary. It’s range of feelings; from joy at the thought of getting married to a person you love, but also to the pleasant anxiety at starting this new chapter of your life.

The rise of the curved wedding bands

Wedding bands are as much a part of wedding traditions as the event itself, because they stand for devotion to your significant other. As the “new” modern wedding band design for this decade, the embracing shape of the curved wedding band style, which first emerged in Victorian times and was extremely popular throughout the Art Deco era is making a powerful reappearance.

During the Victorian period, these fashionable bands rose to popularity, especially in the Toi et Moi ring designs that circled two stones to last a lifetime. Recently, curved wedding bands have developed making them wearable alone or in association with the engagement ring. They are designed to fit perfectly on the ring finger. Modern brides are opting for the adjustable jewelry design — the curved wedding band or even more contemporary options like the tear drop ring.

Pairing a curved wedding band with an engagement ring

Pairing your wedding band with an engagement ring isn’t always an easy task. Since there are many types of wedding bands, like oval wedding band or rectangle wedding band, pairing your wedding band with an engagement ring requires preparation. Here are some tips to think about:


Do you want the width of your wedding band and engagement ring to match? How tight should a ring be? The choice is yours, but width is something you must take in consideration.


Would you prefer your wedding band to fit underneath the center stone if your wedding ring has one? Go around it? A normal wedding band might not fit under your engagement ring if there isn’t much room beneath, or if the central stone is especially large, leaving a big gap between the two rings. A curved wedding band might be a better option in this scenario for a smoother, comfy fit.

Most curved wedding rings are designed to be a compatible with just about 1-2 carat solitaire engagement rings (including round and fancy-shaped center stones).


Do you want your wedding band to be made of the same metal and carat as your wedding ring, or would you prefer something matching, rose-gold or platinum? If you’re interested in a curved wedding band, would you prefer it to be purely made from metal or something with lab grown raw diamonds?

Designs of curved wedding bands

  • Curved wedding band in yellow gold
  • Curved wedding bands in white gold
  • Curved wedding bands in rose gold

Curved wedding band in yellow gold

The shining colors of the yellow gold metal are the best highlights and duplicates the golden glow on you. Yellow gold wedding bands have an ageless charm that couples find ever-appealing while other metal wedding bands may go in and out of style. Black and gold wedding bands with sparkling diamonds seem so elegant and royal, that a bride doesn’t need to give these jewels much consideration before making her choice.

Curved wedding bands in white gold

A white gold curved wedding band should suit your sophisticated preferences if you enjoy subtle but elegant jewelry. The curved shape of the bands gives that much-desired dazzling effect because the color of the metal and the brightness of the diamonds are both color-neutral. Not to mention that the adaptable metal is constantly popular choice for engagement rings because it flawlessly matches every skin tone.

Curved wedding bands in rose gold

There’s a belief that rose gold is the ideal metal for a wedding ring because it strongly evokes feelings or equality, romanticism and elegance. All of the adverbs perfectly describe the emotions that encircle a wedding. Rose gold pear engagement ring collection is inspired by the majestic peaks and breath-taking valleys of the mountain ranges, similar to the highs and lows of a relationship. Moments that strengthen a couple’s relationship and solidify their unity as a couple.

Pros and cons of curved wedding band


Fit of curved wedding bands

Custom-fit contour wedding bands are frequently made to fit around the setting of your wedding ring. This ensures there are no gaps between the rings. The precise and well-matched fit will give your wedding set a classy look.

Styling of curved wedding bands

Your wedding ring can be wrapped similarly to ring guards by wearing a curved wedding band above and below your wedding ring. This enhances you a big bridal look and provides additional safety from bumps and bangs.

 Alignment of curved wedding bands

A curved wedding band is more likely to remain aligned with the engagement ring than to turn in an opposite direction.


You need to always wear two rings

Even though you can still wear a curved wedding band alone, it can appear rather lonely on your finger, particularly if you began wearing it together with your wedding ring. As a result, you might be forced to wear double wedding bands constantly at all time, which might be difficult to maintain over time or during particular phases of your life.

 Curved wedding bands are hard to repair

It is more difficult to fix or resize curved wedding bands. If at all possible, these rings are rather expensive to modify.


Finding a wedding band that matches your engagement ring and fits perfectly next to it is crucial if you intend to wear both rings at the same time. Naturally, a curved wedding band might be the best option.

Curved Wedding bands have a connection with joyful feelings. They offer a delightful departure from the conventional collection of wedding bands, while complimenting all of your looks.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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