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What’s Toi et Moi Ring Meaning? Everything you need to Know

Toi et Moi Ring

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Wedding rings have evolved just as much as the wedding ritual itself. Today, we can see more and more unique wedding rings that go beyond classic or curved wedding bands. Toi Et Moi rings are getting quite popular thanks to their unique shine, but if you’re truly a romantic, there’s no better choice than the Toi Et Moi ring engagement ring.

These rings are a perfect pick if you’re looking for something truly unique. They’ve been worn by celebrities such as Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski so their popularity shouldn’t be surprising. Ariana Grande has rocked this ring a few times as well.

While it is widely regarded as a newer style, toi et moi ring history go back as far as the 1700s. If you’re been thinking about such a ring for your wedding, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What’s Toi et Moi meaning?

The phrase “Toi et Moi” references to a two-stone engagement ring. The two stones are usually placed on either side of the central stone or in a split setting. Therefore, toi et moi ring meaning is a symbol of the close love of the bride and groom and illustrates two souls joining into one. The goal of this traditional design is to represent a partnership

In many ways, it’s the ultimate romantic thing and a huge trend right now. In French, toi et moi means ‘you and me’ – essentially what a wedding should always be.

Toi et Moi diamond ring set are the most common one. They can, however, also include other jewels such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. While most people identify this design with engagement bands, it can also be used for pendants and bracelets. In fact, some individuals use the design on their wedding rings as well.

Toi et Moi ring history

Fun fact about the design – it originated in the late 1700s in France when the great Napoleon Bonaparte gifted one to his darling Josephine. That ring was made of gold with a diamond and sapphire next to each other, and it’s considered as one of the most famous French engagement rings. It was meant as a symbol of two souls bound together against all the odds.

This ring is therefore popular among couples that have passed through everything to stay together, having their love forged in fire and bound eternally when they wed.

What to consider before buying a Toi et Moi engagement ring?

  • Shape – When selecting a Toi et Moi engagement ring, the form of your diamonds or gemstones is the most essential factor to consider. Begin with a shape that symbolizes something special about your companion, and then consider how your love and support can be visibly represented by a distinct gemstone cut.
  • Size – The presence and visual effect of your design are also determined by the magnitude of your diamonds and gemstones. To keep symmetry in a two stone band, both gems are typically around the same size. The majority of the Toi et Moi patterns we make include diamonds weighing between 0.50ct and 1ct.
  • Color – The colors in your Toi et Moi should have special significance for the two of you. White diamonds are timeless symbols of loyalty and immortality. Colored diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, for example, all have unique meanings.

How to decide which gemstones to pair together

The gemstone combo you select can be created for aesthetic or symbolic purposes.

Maybe you like the combination of passionate rubies and everlasting jewels. Perhaps you like the eye-catching pattern of matched sapphires.

Whatever your preference, this is probably the most essential aspect of your design, so think carefully about it.

How to choose materials, colors and designs?

1. Classic choices: ruby + diamond, sapphire + diamond, or emerald + diamond

Today, apparently limitless stone kinds are put into these remarkable rings. In history, however, bands with a ruby and a diamond were more common. The diamond, typically linked with marriage, symbolized wealth and love. The intense red color of the ruby symbolized loyalty and desire.

2. Choose different types of stone with multiple cuts and sizes

Modern patterns frequently employ two different kinds of stones with varying cuts and sizes. One stone (usually the bigger one) in an engagement ring is generally a diamond. An engagement Toi et Moi ring could also feature two birthstones encircled by a pave of tiny diamonds on the band.

3. Have some color variations

For those who do not want to go the birthstone route, some color contrast between the stones is popular. The colors green and white (emerald and diamond) are very famous. A white and black palette, such as black and white diamonds or white diamonds and obsidian, provides a lovely feeling of contrast.

What are the most famous Toi et Moi rings

Jackie Kennedy – The famous first lady wore a two-stone engagement band from John F. Kennedy, which featured a 2.88-carat Toi et Moi ring emerald-cut diamond and a 2.84-carat emerald gemstone.

Ariana Grande – Ariana Grande’s Toi et Moi engagement ring from now-husband Dalton Gomez includes a 5-carat oval cut diamond with a personal touch: a pearl from her grandfather’s tie pin. The oval diamond is angled towards the pearl, giving it a genuinely distinctive appearance.

Megan Fox – Colson Baker, also known as Machine Gun Kelly pulled a page from JFK’s script when choosing an engagement band for his fiancée, Megan Fox. Baker proposed to Fox with a ring custom-made by goldsmith Stephen Webster.

Emily Ratajkowski – Sebastian proposed Emily without a ring in 2018, so the two got to create the ring together. The pair chose a pear-cut and a princess-cut diamond with a total carat weight of approximately 7 carats. This band was the catalyst for the current two-stone ring craze.

​Tips for Choosing the Best Gemstones for Your 2-Stone Ring

Don’t let other people’s views overwhelm your and your partner’s personalities. For good reason, this is one of the most romantic band designs! Be inventive.

However, when deciding which two stones will be featured in your engagement band, it is essential to consider which shapes look best when paired together. Here are some pointers to get you begun.

  1. First consider loose, unset stones
  2. Consider creating the ring together with your other half
  3. Select well-cut stones. A lovely diamond requires excellent cut quality. Choose an Ideal cut for round diamonds and a Very Good cut for unusual forms.
  4. Birds of a feather gather together – two of the same stone forms are simplest to group, but they don’t have to be the same shape.
  5. Select diamonds with comparable (or identical) color grades.


The significance of Toi et Moi rings can carry profound meaning for anyone, from bridal to exquisite jewelry. Jewelers will be able to help their clients tell a beautiful love tale with breathtaking bands thanks to this long-loved trend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a Toi Et Moi ring?

A Toi Et Moi engagement ring is made out of two stones next to each other. It symbolizes undying love and the joining of two souls into one.

What does Moi mean on a ring?

On a ring, Moi means that it contains a moissante gemstone. This is a distinct gemstone containing natural silicon carbide that;s white in color similar to a diamond, but shines different.

Are Toi Et Moi engagement rings customizable?

Yes, and that’s a major reason why people love them so much. You can match any shape, gemstone, and color, and the rock will still look stunning.

What are some of the most famous Toi Et Moi rings?

Some of the famous Toi Et Moi rings include the designs worn by Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski,  Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

What’s Toi et Moi ring meaning?

Toi et Moi ring means ‘You and Me’ which is a symbol of the close love of the bride and groom.

How much does a Toi Et Moi ring cost?

It depends on your jeweler, but let’s be honest – these rings can get pricey. It all depends on the shape, stone, and the material, so you can ask for the price before deciding on it.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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