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Moonstone ring – A Comprehensive Guide

Moonstone Ring

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Engagement rings are approaching a new period of time. While the diamond still sparkles the brightest, many people are opting for alternatives that reflect their personality. And, because gemstones are popular, moonstone ring is an excellent choice.

The moonstone is a bright mix of rainbow colors that resembles crystal in look, and that combination of many shades can give you a beautiful rainbow moonstone ring. The moonstone — a member of the feldspar family — has an enigmatic feminine appeal. For ages, lovers have given moonstone as a present because of its lore of good luck and passionate desire.

The Origins of Moonstone Rings

Deeply related to spirituality and wisdom, moonstone became a big thing during the Art Nouveau movement. Stunning vintage moonstone rings from the 1960s are in high demand, and there are many you can also find from the New Age period in the 1980s and 1990s. Regardless of the era, the unique moonstone ring emphasize individuality and have everlasting appeal like no other. Diamond rings may be shinier, but a moonstone ring is more unique than anything else.

Despite being a feminine choice, moonstone rings carry masculine energy too and there are a lot of beautiful men’s moonstone ring. They promote feelings of calmness and have been known to reduce anxiety and tension. They have the opposite effect in women, and have often been associated with three of the most important chakras — Third Eye, Solar Plexus, and Heart chakra.

Moonstone meaning and symbolism

In most civilizations, moonstone engagement ring meaning is frequently related to the moon and lunar gods. Moonstone was believed to be solidified moonlight and a sacred stone that could only be exhibited for sale if it was wrapped in a yellow fabric in ancient Hindu customs. (which was also considered sacred).

Moonstone helps to clear toxins from our systems, which is beneficial to our health. It cleanses your body of all toxins and regenerates it with health. It aids in food digestion and promotes regenerative development. Moonstone’s energy helps everything from your hair to your nails. Women’s moonstone ring aura supports women during pregnancy and after delivery. Moonstone is one of the few stones that has so many medicinal qualities.

A Plethora of Colors

The moonstone is a volcanic stone crystal with a captivating look. The interior reflections of this magnificent stone are similar to moonlight due to its optical effect. The radiance is usually white, so most common moonstone ring is white gold moonstone ring, but more expensive moonstone is silver moonstone ring, which is eye-clean and has a silvery blue adularescence.

The next most expensive type of moonstone has chatoyancy, also known as the cat’s eye effect. When light hits the stone perpendicularly, it creates a cat’s eye-shaped line that expands and closes as the stone travels.

The rose gold moonstone ring is a symbol of connection and love, and is said to restore love and tranquility, something every couple needs.

A green moonstone ring apparently is related to the Solar Plexus chakra and feelings of self-confidence and self-awareness.

An original white moonstone ring is related to the Moon and is a talisman of love, fertility, protection, and sleep.

In Eastern cultures, these rings were also a symbol of good luck. Regardless of their color, their adularescence is sacred and bring good fortunes, making them especially great for weddings.

What to look for in a Moonstone ring?

If you’re thinking about getting a moonstone for your engagement ring, here are a few things to consider.

Color and glow: Look for a moonstone that is as pure as possible. This is the most precious and powerful. The most valuable type is a blue schiller. Because the mines that generated it are essentially depleted, blue schiller is more likely to be found in old moonstone rings than newer ones.

Durability: Because moonstone is softer than most other stones, seek for a setting with edges that are protected. Keep your vintage moonstone engagement ring in a box or protective bag while not in use, rather than loose in a jewelry box with other jewels.

Metal and accent gemstones: Moonstone looks stunning in any gold or silver color. It also goes well with other stones, and many antique moonstone engagement rings include amethyst, rubies, garnets, sapphires, or diamonds.

Grading of Moonstone rings

AAAA – This category represents the highest grade moonstones, with just 1% belonging to this kind. Nonetheless, the exquisite colorless blue shine and zero visible inclusions are obvious, which is the only justification for its AAAA rating.

AAA – This classification applies to the top 10% of moonstones. This is due to the fact that they have blue shimmer but no imperfections.

AA – This grade contains around 33% moonstones. They contain some imperfections and seem grey to black.

A – This type has the largest percentage of moonstones, ranging from 75% to 100%. Their appearance ranges from dark to black moonstone ring, revealing inclusions on the surface.

How to determine the originality of Moonstone ring?

  • Layers – The layers in the moonstone aid in determining genuineness, especially when illuminated. You just cannot see the same or distinct layers in imitations.
  • Luster – The natural variation of this invention will have a blue shine, mostly due to a bright irrigation. In reality, the light angles affect the quality of your moonstone. Moonstone’s light refraction cannot surpass 15 degrees. And if you look at the shinning from other angles, it may be artificial.
  • Water – The water remedy with moon magic jewelry is quite effective. Simply immerse the stone in water for around one hour. If you notice any color changes, such as a shift from lighter to brighter. Then it’s most likely real; otherwise, the high brilliance is caused by counterfeit variants.
  • Warmth and coldness – The coolness and warmth of your stone convey genuineness. However, natural diamonds take longer to heat and remain cold when held in the hand. On the contrary, imitation glass moonstones respond rapidly and get heated.
  • Structure – The structure of the stone denotes authenticity. In reality, natural ones have cracks and bubbles, but fake ones do not.

How to care for a Moonstone ring?

Because of the stone’s sensitivity and how delicate the gemstone is, here are a few tips to take care of it.

  • Remove it when cleaning, carrying heavy things, or working out. Put it in a felt bag or its original container, and your moonstone ring will remain protected.
  • If a scratch appears on your moonstone, a jeweler can generally restore the smoothness with polishing.
  • You may clean your ring at home by immersing it in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Rinse, pat dry, and reapply.
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners or steam for cleaning.

A Perfect Fit for Any Budget

Another thing why you should consider getting a silver moonstone ring is the price. Unlike diamond rings which can be expensive, moonstones are cheaper. For instance, a black moonstone ring has a starting price of USD 500 among many jewelry shops. It’s a fantastic fit for any budget and offers much deeper symbolism than a diamond ring.

It may not be as shiny as a diamond or a sapphire ring, but it comes with a unique glow and meaning that no other wedding ring matches. That’s why you should think about getting a unique moonstone ring that promises everlasting love and undying desire for your partner.

What is the hardness of the Moonstone rings?

Moonstones have a Mohs hardness of 6.0 to 6.5, whereas diamonds have a Mohs hardness of 10. A smoother stone poses its own set of difficulties— its delicacy makes it not an everyday wear type of ring. However, it’s a nice ring to make a statement with because of its glow. It’s an excellent choice for a pair seeking a more unconventional design or a unique twist over the traditional diamond.

Moonstone rings: Pros and cons


  • Moonstone has the ability to appear both classy and elegant while staying distinctive
  • It has a heavenly, dreamy, mellow appearance contrasted to gleaming of a diamond
  • The cost of a moonstone is less expensive.
  • Its more eco-friendly unlike diamonds


  • When not in use, moonstone rings must be carefully stored. The original packaging is the best place to keep them.
  • The user must be more careful not to damage the moonstone

The Conclusion

Even without the stories, origins, hues, and mystical backdrop, you can’t help but think these gems are enchanting. An exquisite moonstone gem will envelop you in a celestial radiance, with an aura that appears to linger just above the pearly surface. Moonstone jewelry has a strong metaphysical meaning because it encourages the expression of visions and femininity. It is an excellent choice for a pair seeking a more unconventional design or a unique twist over the traditional diamond.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What’s a moonstone ring?

Moonstone is a unique gemstone with a combination of rainbow hues that looks similar to an opal. It’s part of the feldspar family and has a mysterious feminine allure.

What’s the meaning of a moonstone ring?

The moonstone ring has been associated with feelings of love, fertility, and good vibes in general. It’s the perfect choice for a wedding ring as it promotes good luck and feelings of tranquility.

Are moonstone rings expensive?

It all depends on the clarity of the ring. Some can be as inexpensive as $10, although a clear moonstone ring costs anywhere between $500 and over $3,000.

Which finger do you wear a unique moonstone ring on?

Women’s moonstone rings are worn on the left hand ring finger. That ensures it’s directly related to the heart, representing love, fertility, and optimism.

Do moonstone rings glow in the dark?

Moonstones are not phosphorescent material, so contrary to popular belief, they do not glow in the dark. If yours does, it may be fake.

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