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How Long Does It Take To Resize a Ring?

How long does it take to resize a ring?

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The biggest question everyone wants to know when it comes to ring resizing is how long it will take. Most local jewelers in your area will need 2-5 weeks. The process is not challenging and therefore, it is fast. However, to be realistic, don’t expect jewelers to make rings smaller in seconds.

In reality, resizing a band to the desired size can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 5 or 6 hours. However, most stores are typically very busy, so you’ll have to wait for days or weeks. Plan on waiting for at least a couple of weeks so you’re not surprised later.

What is the process of ring resizing?

You’ve just chosen the ideal engagement ring for your future bride-to-be, only to discover that it’s not the correct ring size. Simply resizing the ring will allow your fiancée to show off her new engagement jewelry.

The key thing you need to know is the process and how long it takes to get a ring resized. Whether you need to size the ring upward or downward, both involve cutting (usually at the base) and adding or removing the ring’s necessary metal.

How do you downsize a ring?

Resizing down (making a ring smaller) is a simple procedure compared to adjusting up. The jeweler will remove a tiny ring section and reattach the components. The circular form is recovered before being soldered back together.
Soldering is a common metalworking procedure that fuses the joints of two distinct pieces of metal in a thin coating, joining the metal.
After soldering, the ring is washed and polished to eliminate any antioxidants that may have formed due to the soldering process and flatten its surface. You may have same-day ring resizing if you have a jeweler near you.
From the time the jeweler begins working on the ring, the real resizing procedure can take as little as 10 minutes. Downsizing may take longer based on the ring shape, stone settings, and material. Again, your jeweler shouldn’t downsize the ring more than two sizes as such will interfere with the stone setting.

How do you upsize a ring?

Upsizing a ring is more difficult, and the procedure differs based on how bigger you want your ring to be. Stretching the ring is often the best choice for resizing a ring by half a size. Stretching the ring may enable the ring to be adjusted at most half a size, depending on the materials and design.
If the ring must be adjusted by more than half a size, it must be cut. To make up the difference, a jeweler will trim the band on the ring’s base and add a bridge of whatever metal the ring is made of. The jeweler will then solder or use a laser to reattach the band based on the metal and whether the jewelry contains a valuable or semi-precious stone.
The ring’s circular form is then restored, cleansed, and polished so that the user can proudly wear their ring. To ensure that you get your perfect ring, ensure your jeweler doesn’t resize your ring up more than two sizes, as the stones won’t fit well inside the ring.

Is it Possible to Resize All Rings?

A majority of rings can easily be resized, though not all of them. Some rings such as titanium and tungsten carbide cannot be resized. Tungsten tends to be much harder than platinum or gold, meaning that it’s almost impossible to resize them compared to other precious metals.

Tungsten is also nonporous, making it very challenging for the resin in the mold inside the ring to bond perfectly with it. Similarly, titanium’s hardness is a significant factor contributing to the inability to resize it. 

Titanium rings are mostly made from 4% – 5% vanadium alloy and 6% – 7% aluminum. This combination of aluminum and vanadium is strong and highly resistant to dents, scratches, bending, or corrosion. 

For the above reason, trying to resize your ring since it doesn’t fit on your finger correctly isn’t possible without damaging it. 

Main factors for resizing a ring

The ring resizing process is impacted by a variety of factors. Here is the list of the important components and how the procedure differs.

What style of ring do you need resized?

Your jeweler will need to thoroughly examine an engagement or wedding ring before resizing it. They will then decide whether the metal and design are suitable for resizing.

Certain types of bridal or engagement rings, such as eternity bands, cannot be resized by a designer (where diamonds go around the circumference of the band). This is owing to the ring’s design and the absence of bare metal accessible for ring resizing.

What is the metal of the resized ring?

The question here is, how does adjustable rings work? Well, most metals can be adjusted as long as they are flexible enough. And any reputable jeweler can adjust platinum, white gold, and yellow gold bands. To adjust a rose gold band, you must consult with an experienced jeweler.

Tungsten and titanium rings, as previously stated, cannot be resized. Furthermore, platinum, stainless steel, and rhodium-plated bands cannot be resized without causing damage to the ring.

How much does it cost to get a ring resized?

A simple resize can cost anywhere from $20 to $60, based on the metal and area of the nation. The expense of a more complicated resizing varies from $50 to $150. Upsizing a ring, regardless of style, will always cost more.

Ideal Metal for Resizing Rings 

Apart from titanium and tungsten carbide, it’s easy to have almost every other metal that makes your ring resized, provided they are shapeable or malleable enough. All decent jewelers should be able to resize white platinum, gold, and yellow gold rings.

However, if you intend to have your rose gold ring resized, seek an experienced jeweler’s services.

How to Prevent the Need to Have Your Ring Resized

Nothing is more frustrating than resizing your ring, especially if it’s only a few days to your special day. If you want to avoid having your ring resized, follow the guidelines below. 

Ensure to Measure Your Ring Size Correctly 

Measuring your ring size correctly is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you don’t go through the difficulty of having your ring resized. If you want to determine the correct size of your ring, you may want to seek the services of a ring mandrel, also known as a ring sizer. 

Purchase a Simple Ring if Unsure of the Right Size

If you find it challenging to determine the correct size of your ring, go for a simple but ultra-modern ring. That way, even if you purchase the wrong size, it would be easy for your jeweler to resize it. 

In addition to the above, you won’t have to trouble yourself by damaging the diamonds or any other set of of stones that could be in your ring.  

Style of Rings that are Difficult to Resize 

As you get your wedding or engagement ring resized, first, your jeweler will have to inspect it carefully. They’ll then determine whether the ring’s metal and style are eligible for resizing. 

Take note that your jeweler may be unable to resize some styles of wedding rings, especially eternity bands with diamonds going around the ring’s circumference. This is impossible due to both the band’s style and the lack of bare metal ideal for ring resizing.

While it’s effortless to resize many rings, in the following section, we highlight a few ring styles that your local jeweler may find challenging to resize. They include:

Tension Rings

Tension set rings are engagement rings with the metal band tension holding and keeping the solitaire diamond in the right place. For that reason, the ensuing anti-gravity makes it appear as if the diamond floats in thin air. 

While tension rings are gorgeous, sadly, you cannot have them resized. And if you choose to have yours resized, high chances are that you’ll tamper with the setting, making it unable to hold the diamond in place.

Channel Set Rings 

Channel set rings consist of a series of diamonds positioned in a channel within the ring’s band, meaning it’s only possible for you to see the top side of the diamonds. The channel of diamonds can create a partial or full eternity band. 

Unfortunately, you can’t resize a channel set ring with an entire eternity band. You cannot do so since there’s no enough space for your jeweler to add to or detract from. Even worse, trying to resize your channel set ring would damage the diamonds and destroy your ring’s appearance.  

Though not noticeable as such, altered channels may make the diamonds less and less secure with every year that passes.  

Pave Rings

Like tension rings, Pave Rings feature melee diamonds that partially or fully encircle a band, resulting in the illusion of a single large diamond. And just like eternity rings, you’ll notice that pave rings are also difficult to resize. But if the diamonds don’t fully surround the band, you may easily resize the ring.  

Important Rules to Remember When Resizing a Ring

If you wish to resize your ring resizing stick to the following rules to ensure that you get everything right:

  • Don’t resize a ring up or down more than two sizes as you’ll tamper with the stone setting of your ring. 
  • Do not resize a ring with stones since you’ll tamper with the stone arrangement. 
  • Use the right tools and techniques when resizing your ring.  

The conclusion

Follow these useful tips and techniques when looking for an engagement or special occasion band. If you do, you shouldn’t need to have your band resized at all.

But don’t worry if you need to adjust your band. Just consult an experienced jeweler who is well-trained to adjust rings and can advise you on what needs to be done as well as the cost and the time it will take. You’ll have your jewelry returned in no time!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will resizing a ring damage it?

When you have a ring resized, it loses some of its longevity. It is, however, not a problem if you have it adjusted by an experienced jeweler. Inspecting the ring after treatment is one method to guarantee excellent resizing. Any surface depression is a warning sign.

Is it easier to resize a ring up or down?

If you’re in between sizes, go up rather than down because it’s simpler to adjust a ring that’s too large than one that’s too tiny.

What rings cannot be resized?

Unfortunately, not all rings can be adjusted. Thin bands, infinity bands, and bands set with fragile and inset stones, in particular, cannot be resized using either of the aforementioned methods.

How much does ring resize cost?

As explained in the text, a simple resize will cost you approximately from $20 to $60, based on the metal and area of the nation. The expense of a more complicated resizing varies from $50 to $150.

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