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These Stunning Wedding Colors for August Will Exceed Expectations

wedding colors for August

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There is nothing better than an August wedding. The rain chances are very slim, the wedding attire can be light, and the variety of colors to combine in the décor is limitless. The right color scheme will set the scene and the tone of the grand event and will fill every detail with life, giving a unique touch to every single feature of your wedding, from your invitation to your decoration.

Going from the earth and nude tones to bold and bright hues, these are the best wedding colors for August that will suit everyone’s taste.


Shades of gold can be tastefully used for a late summer wedding. Starting from the bridal dress in Grecian style that can be made out of beaded lace with golden details, up to the golden jewelry accessories and hairclips for the most elegant bridal look, gold can easily be part of the top wedding colors for August, especially when combining with neutrals like beige, cream or pale yellow.

If you want to bet on being a different kind of bride and your thing is a dress in a neutral or beige tone instead of classic off-white, do not hesitate to accompany it with metallic gold objects. It is a groundbreaking option for your bridesmaids to be able to shine with their dresses in gold tones.

The color of gold can be a winner for an August wedding when used in small details like candle holders, cutlery, wedding signage, or tiny touches of gold on the wedding cake. Be careful not to go overboard and keep it graceful, always combining it with pale, neutral, and earthy shades.


If you are planning to celebrate your wedding outdoors in the countryside, at the beach, or in the backyard, there is no better August wedding color than green as the base of the chromatic range that you choose. It will harmonize with nature and respect its essence to the fullest. Combine it with beige and pink tones and it will be a splendid success.

If your wedding is held on the beach and has a more tropical air, do not hesitate and bet on mint green, which will give it that wild and fresh touch. To make the smoothest August wedding color schemes for a beach ceremony, white and gold will be the best choice.

The bridesmaids could wear pastel shades of green flowy gowns or silky dark vine green dresses, while the bridal bouquet can be made of small white flowers lying on a bed of green leaves. Imagine baskets of green apples accompanied by green vines used as decoration for the tables.

Green is definitely one of the go-to rustic August wedding colors, combined with wood elements and clean white details.


It is impossible for this color to fail at a wedding, whatever time of year it is. And when it comes to the best wedding colors for August, pink shines in all its splendor. Both the muted pink hues and the loudest and fiercest ones are ideal for implementing in every August wedding theme. The infallible option to combine it is grey, but if you opt for light pink, you can expand the color range to shades such as lilac.

The color pink will be easy to include in the wedding. Decorate the tables with pale pink tablecloths and place candles in lilac shades on them. Both modern and sophisticated! Another option is the hot and daring pink. All flowers including bouquets, wedding arch decorations, wedding photo backdrop, and even wedding stationery can be with hot pink flowers and tropical leaves.


Blue is perfect for two reasons: first, it is a cold color that makes an ideal contrast with the high summer temperatures for an August wedding, second, it is as linked to weddings just as pink. Let’s not forget the tradition of the bride wearing something blue on the big day.

In addition, it is an elegant color like a few others, which works very well in any environment, including the most rural ones. It is one of the top choices among all rustic August wedding colors. Combine it with beige, grey, green, or pink, and you will see how well it works.

Use it in the table décor by placing several navy blue vases with different sizes if you are striving towards a marine look for your August wedding. Or go soft with ash blue as one of the options for August bridesmaid colors for the dresses. And if you want some pop of color, use bright aquamarine napkins or add this fresh hue to your two-tier cake.


Sweet, romantic, and optimistic, coral is a color that has managed to position itself as one of the infallible classic wedding colors for August. Create unique corners in the wedding venue in which coral predominates and they will become irresistible spaces. You can also use it on table linen or flowers. It combines very well with green and white, and the material that makes it stand out is, without a doubt, wood.

Summer weddings should be bright and colorful. If you are hunting for some cheery August wedding color schemes, putting bright pink, coral and orange together will create a warm and pleasant event! Bridesmaids in shades of pastel coral dresses will be most fascinating. All flowers in bouquets, wedding cake toppers, centerpieces, and wedding invitations can be a mix of coral — from the softest pale to the firing bright.

The finest color combinations for a sensational August wedding

Finding the right range of colors by combining them the way they should is the perfect way to achieve harmony at your wedding. August wedding themes should suggest freshness and joy, and to achieve this, decoration is essential. The colors you choose will be deciding whether you are going for a bold and cheerful look or aspired to achieve that soft and romantic atmosphere.

Here are the infallible combinations of wedding colors for August that will work perfectly.

  • Blue, green, and orange
  • Pink, coral, orange, and white
  • Dusty pink and emerald green
  • Green and purple
  • Apricot, white and green
  • Light aquamarine, white, and gold
  • Different shades of lilac, pink and white
  • Yellow, orange, and purple
  • Earth tones with champagne and gold
  • Navy blue, ice blue, and white


Late summer is one of the seasons preferred by couples to celebrate their big event. The good weather and the desire to spend time outdoors suggest romantic decorations, full of freshness, with the aroma of flowers and nature. And finding the most fitting wedding colors for August that make a perfect and balanced match has never been easier with these summery shades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top rustic August wedding colors?

Go with muted earth tones, olive green shades, and neutrals.

What are the best August wedding colors for 2023?

The emerald and mint green is leading in 2023. Others in line are dusty rose, yellow, orange, and navy blue.

What are the most unique August wedding ideas?

Pieces of fruit mixed with flowers for the table centerpieces, especially if are in bright colors are the ultimate ideas for an August wedding.

What are the most vibrant August wedding flowers?

Think about dahlias, all-time favorite lilies, sunflowers, and alstroemeria.

What are the best August wedding guest colors for attire?

Find a dress in pale pink, baby blue, or soft green color. Consider warm colors like coral, yellow, or purple.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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