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Two Tier Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Leave Everybody in Awe

Two tier Wedding Cake

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You booked the dream venue, found the perfect band, made the wedding list, and chose the wedding theme, so now it’s time to decide on the cake. There are a plethora of wedding cake ideas and choosing the right can be an uphill take to many. How about our wedding experts do the hard work for you and give you the ins and out of the two tier wedding cake? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

When choosing the two tier wedding cake, you should look at your tastes and personalities, your budget, and the style and theme of the big day. The same applies for the appearance and the filling of the cake.

Once you’ve figure out those details, finding the most fitting look for the sweet treat at your grand event should be an easy task.

Try out these two tier wedding cake ideas

Below are some of couple’s favorite 2 tier wedding cake designs.

1. Experiment with Chocolate

two tier chocolate cake

Don’t be scared to venture out of the vanilla buttercream box, as the flavors out there will likely surprise you. Chocolate lovers will adore this two-tiered cake’s Bailey’s buttercream and salted caramel. When it comes to flavors this two tier wedding cake offers a nostalgic and sentimental touch. Your guests will surely appreciate a well-thought dessert that does not play it safe.

2. Opt For Some Modern Approach

two tier cake with a subtle ruffled texture finish

If you are thinking of a more modern look, you may want to consider some watercolor wash to come up with some marbled effect in a color that you prefer, like mauve or pink on your two-tiered cake. Finish with subtle ruffled texture or details.

3. Garden Party

two tier wedding cake with assuming garden look

Try balancing the florals on your two tier wedding cake by including fresh fruit and staggering the wedding flowers into place. Finish the décor with a tickle round cake stand to create an eye-catching crisp look.

4. Simple, Yet Elegant – a simple two tier wedding cake

a simple two tier wedding cake

This simple two tier wedding cake is a cool pick for your upcoming wedding, and especially fun for your invites. Simple, yet elegant, this 2 tier wedding cake is very delicious, with a plain white design.

5. Customize Your Sweets to Reflect Your Own Style

two tier wedding cake with a pink rose garden look

Intriguing and distinctive delicate layers of colorful fondant make up a unique and interesting base of this elegant two tier wedding cake. A lovely pink garden rose on the side and a straightforward white layer on top bring the fluttery pink and white design together.

6. Trust Your Gut

two tier wedding cake with pastel colors

At the end of the dinner, if your visitors aren’t adventurous, consider taking a small risk and give them a taste you know they’ll adore. When it comes to selecting the flavor and style of the wedding cake, go with your gut.

With this brown 2 tier wedding cake idea, you’ll not only make your guests feel welcome, but also create an experience they’ll never forget.

7. The Exterior and Inside Should Blend Together

two tier wedding cake with cherries and berries

For an unforgettable taste, you may want to find a fruit flavor for the interior and outside, just like you would for any flavor that may serve or double up as décor. This two tier wedding cake comes with a selection of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries, with different shapes and colors to make the cake appear particularly appealing.

8. Think Ivory

two tier wedding cake with ivory look

Beauty, elegance, luxury, and opulence are the characteristics of wedding cakes. Ivory is also a delicate color that is connected to sophistication, style, and elegance, and that’s what this 2 tier wedding cake design brings out. Top it up with blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, for a fabulous look.

9. Go Pink

For a summer wedding, a blush wedding cake with strawberries, grass, and a white blossom on top would be lovely. This 2 tier wedding cake has cute decorations on each tier, setting it apart from other choices. Layered with ruffled soft petals all round, the changing colors gives it a wonderful texture.

10. Sugar Flowers Need To Look Fresh

Sugar flowers are an absolute favorite, despite the fact that one sugar rose may take several hours to create. Treat your guests with this two tier wedding cake that is almost too pretty to eat. Both layers consist of ruffled petals from top to bottom, with the petals looking delicate, and changing colors helping to give it texture.

11. Gooey and Tasty

two tier wedding cake with creamy drips down on the sides of both layers

Delight your guests with this chic 2 tier wedding cake. With the creamy drips down the sides of both layers, this 2 tier wedding cake designs looks as good as it tastes. It gives the entire item a delicious, oozy appearance.

12. Sleek and Chic

Think like a gallery or modernist girl; find sleek finishes, minimal tiers, and flower petals for decorations like this two tier wedding cake. As for the wedding cake itself, the lower tier uses white with shades of green, while the top tier it uses a plain white. It complements the leaves and petals perfectly, drawing the attention more towards them.

13. All Cream Is Alright

simple two tier wedding cake with all cream exterior

Go entirely cream for a minimalistic overall appearance; add some texture to the tiers to provide visual interest to the cake without taking away from its classic appearance. For example, this two-tier monochrome cake is very straightforward but stylish.

14. Something Blue

two tier wedding cake all blue with chocolate drippings

This two-tier wedding cake has a calming, peaceful design that makes it look like watercolor. At the very top, we adore the soft tons of white and blue. Thanks to the chocolate frosting that cascades over the sides of both tiers, this two tier wedding cake looks incredibly delectable.

15. A Mix Of White & Blue

two tier wedding cake all blue with chocolate drippings

Using such a striking color as sky blue and including it in some solid bulk actually stand out, especially when contrasted with a solid white top tier. This makes the cake “pop”, as does the selection of berries attached to the cake. With chocolate drips, this two-tiered wedding cake looks truly delicious.

16. Go Naked

two tier wedding cake with fresh flowers and berries alongside chocolate frosting that drips down both tiers.

A naked wedding cake is a fantastic dessert that goes well with every theme wedding, with the possible exception of the black-tie weddings and other formal ones. It looks great, tastes well, and is stylish. Use fresh flowers and berries to accentuate this naked wedding cake, alongside chocolate frosting that drips down both tiers

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many guests can a 2 tier wedding cake serve?

It depends on the diameter of the tiers but it can serve up to 20-50 guests.

How much time is needed to make a wedding cake?

Depending on the size and decorations, it can take 2-4 days.

Can I have two different flavors for a two-tier cake?

Of course, every tier is made separately.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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