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Say ‘I Do’ in One of the Most Googled Wedding Venues

most googled wedding venues

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You finally said the most important ‘Yes’ in your life. Congratulations, you’re now officially engaged! Once that ring finds its place on your finger, it is normal for you to feel a little anxiety and get attacked by thousands of questions. What is the best wedding dress, what should be the theme, what band to pick, who should do your hair and make-up… The list is endless!

The question we hope to help you with is what venue you should pick for your reception or ceremony. We’ll give you a list of the most googled wedding venues where the real magic happens.

Greece wedding venues

With such natural beauty, luxurious hotels, delicious cuisine, and positive vibrations, Greece has one of the most unique wedding venues in Europe. There are so many impressive cities, fascinating islands, and fabulous places, and choosing one is far from easy.

Before starting to plan your special celebration in Greece, you must think about when you want to get married. If you want to be on the safe side regarding the weather and enjoy a little sun, plan your wedding between March and November. When choosing between Greece wedding venues, keep in mind, however, that the summer months will probably be very hot, and nobody wants to deal with the sweat while wearing a fancy dress and full makeup. Therefore, if high temperatures are not your cup of tea, consider planning your wedding at some point during spring or autumn. In addition, avoiding traveling to Greece during the hot and crowded summer will help reduce the costs.

Take into account the weather, costs, and, of course, your availability when choosing the best time for your wedding. Once the date is set, you can start thinking about the best location for you and your soulmate to say ‘I do’. To help you, we have developed a list of incredible places that could make your dream wedding come true. Therefore, continue reading and discover everything about the most googled wedding venues in Greece.


When thinking about Greece wedding venues, no wonder Santorini always comes first in mind as it is the newlyweds’ favorite place. Despite having very good infrastructure for weddings, it is probably the magical white houses, the blue sea, the relaxed and chic atmosphere that just truly amazes and mesmerizes. This place just takes your breath away! And not to mention that getting married there is already halfway from a sensational honeymoon. This absolute heaven-on-Earth also has many wedding venues with lodging allowing your guests to spend a night or two.


All of Crete’s beaches are spectacular and they may be the perfect spot for your wedding vows – to feel the sand under your bare feet and hear the sound of crashing waves. Check out Balos Lagoon, with white sands and crystalline waters with endless shades of blue. And if you want to add a little magic to this Greece wedding venue, consider Elafonisi Beach with its pink sands, thanks to the shells that are deposited on the shore. It is a natural space protected by its special beauty, also known as the Greek Caribbean.

Costa Rica wedding venues

Escape to a tropical paradise and discover the magic of a wedding in the wilderness! If you are looking for exotic and unique wedding venues in Costa Rica that combine beautiful landscapes with a quiet environment, then this is the perfect place! From its white sand beaches to its exuberant green forests, Costa Rica offers a variety of unique environments for your wedding to have the perfect touch. Let’s explore the charms of a tropical paradise wedding.

Costa Rica wedding venues at the beach

Both in the central pacific and in the North Pacific, it is possible to find unique destinations for these types of events. The northern Pacific is a land full of beautiful landscapes adorned by bays, gulfs, hills, volcanoes, rivers, and beaches of white, gold, and dark sand, bathed by crystal blue waters. It’s no mistake Costa Rica found its place in the list of the most googled wedding venues.

Costa Rica wedding venues in gardens

The tropical paradise is full of heavenly gardens and outdoor spaces to celebrate weddings. These places usually offer a scenario full of nature in which the ceremony can be held, and also another separate roofing space for reception, always maintaining contact with the wonderful biodiversity of Costa Rica. Some of these gardens also offer the possibility of lodging, so Costa Rica wedding venues are really worth considering as options and choosing one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Costa Rica wedding venues at the waterfall

These natural splendors will mesmerize you if you are searching for the best tropical wedding destination. As one of the most googled wedding venues, La Fortuna or the Catarata Llanos de Corte will be the perfect place for your intimate ceremony with a waterfall backdrop. It cannot really get any more romantic than this. There are many villas that can accommodate your guests which makes this magical place one of the best wedding venues with lodging.

Mexico City wedding venues

It is no secret Mexico is one of the most googled wedding venues – it’s because of its colors, its traditions, its architecture, and its nature. This place has everything to make your wedding better than you always imagined and dreamed. When thinking about having a wedding in Mexico, we are used to thinking about all the beautiful beaches, forests, and magical destinations, and we forget to think about how wonderful Mexico City is and the countless options you have to celebrate your wedding. Although it has no spectacular landscapes surrounded by nature, it is the winner of modern places full of style, with incredible views and a very chic vibes that only this great city has. If you are the ultimate city girl and you are searching for that unique wedding venue in Mexico City, I promise that you will find it here.

The city has so many chic and sophisticated restaurants with terraces with views of the most iconic monuments of the city. Perfect choice for the super modern couple! Or if you are in love with Mexico City’s history, imagine spending the best day of your life in a beautiful historical space that makes you feel that you are in another era. The city is full of hidden gems with designs of the early twentieth century that we are sure will make you feel like you are dreaming and they will be the perfect Mexico City intimate wedding venue.

And the exquisite cuisine you will enjoy in this colorful city is going to be out of this world!

If what you want is to surprise your guests, bet on one of these places to celebrate your wedding and enjoy each moment thanks to their spaces conditioned perfectly for a wedding and their unbeatable location, surrounded by history and nature. Have you picked up a favorite yet of all the most googled wedding venues?

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the best wedding destination in the USA?

It’s Hawaii, the tropical paradise that has all the wedding venues you can dream about, from amazing beaches to top luxury hotels.

What are the most popular types of wedding venues?

Hotel wedding venues are definitely leading, and more and more couples are deciding to get married in the countryside in a barn or an estate.

What is the most luxurious wedding venue?

It’s the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina, offering lavish ceremony and reception services.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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