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Is Sapphire a Good Alternative to Diamonds?

men’s sapphire wedding band

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Are you thinking about proposing with a sapphire wedding ring? Although most couples decide for diamonds, sapphire makes a wonderful alternative instead for engagement rings. Many famous people, like actress Penelope Cruz and model Heidi Klum received sapphire wedding ring.

And as long as you adore diamonds wedding rings, here are few reasons why it is OK to select a sapphire wedding band.

Three reasons why you should opt for a men’s sapphire wedding band

Sapphire wedding bands are more unique

The fact is that the most popular wedding ring choice is raw diamond. So you instantly stood out from the crowd by opting for a sapphire wedding band. The distinction of your sapphire wedding band, however, goes beyond the absence of them from your Instagram search. Each sapphire has a unique personality and comes in a broad variety of colors. Unlike raw diamonds, which range from colorless to slightly yellow, sapphire can be light blue to dark blue, purplish or turquoise, warm or chilly. (And all of that is blue sapphire. Also available in; pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, colorless, and every shade in between, this jewel is incredibly adaptable.)

Sapphires are a royal tradition

The 18-carat sapphire engagement band that Prince Charles presented to Princess Diana is the most well-known engagement ring in history. And that Catherine Middleton received from Prince William. Napoleon gave Empress Josephine a sapphire engagement band, continuing a regal custom. And Duchess Eugenie has a pink-orange padparadscha diamond, not just blue sapphires. Selecting a blue diamond is not only uncommon but also noble.

Sapphires are deeply meaningful

Because sapphires have stood for loyalty, trust, and honesty for so long, sapphire engagement rings have a lengthier history than diamond engagement rings. Men’s sapphire wedding band makes a guarantee that it will keep; this is where the term “pure blue” first appeared. Bishops wore sapphire bands in the Middle Ages to represent their marriage to the church. The ideal gemstone for your soulmate is sapphire because it is the jewel of the spirit. Actually, sapphire is the ideal gemstone to express the depth of your love for one another.

Men wear sapphire more than you think

Since ancient times, men have worn gemstones to symbolize their strength, loyalty, or allegiance to a particular faith. Men didn’t resolve to give up valuable stones and jewelry in general until the late 20th century. But there’s no reason why men can’t wear gemstones.

Particularly men’s sapphire wedding bands are the ideal illustration of a jewel that represents the strength and knowledge of men. Blue sapphires have long been prized among valuable stones due to their enigmatic colors. Here are some tips that explain why a man can wear sapphire ring.

  1. Sapphires come in blue; a masculine color

Sadly, not everyone agrees that men should be permitted to wear diamond jewelry. Even with seemingly neutral ideas like colors, interests, and occupations, men frequently avoid activities that are perceived as typically “feminine” due to the expectation to be masculine.

Men may feel more secure wearing small wedding rings or adding sapphires to their jewelry collection because blue is viewed as a masculine color. Dark sapphires, which are nearly black in low light and won’t draw much notice, are a good choice if you really want to wear jewels but want to start with something understated.

  1. Sapphires represent power and wisdom

Sapphire jewelry has long been worn as a representation of strength and knowledge. To ward off danger, kings used to wear diamonds around their necks. In the hopes that they would offer truth, perception, and good health, the common people held sapphires near to their souls.

These days, sapphires are associated with the manly qualities of power, fortitude, kindness, and sound discernment. On the plus side, sapphire jewelry can also promote feelings of optimism, pleasure, and everlasting happiness. Blue wedding rings can also boost self-confidence. It can also increase one’s trust in God and draw romantic love.

  1. Sapphires are varied and go with everything

Despite being frequently linked with the color blue; sapphires actually appear in a variety of colors. Ruby wedding bands come in green, white, pink, black, yellow, and purple. Since rubies and sapphire both share the same stone type, a corundum, rubies are actually red sapphires!

Men can decorate almost any item with sapphires. Men frequently wear sapphire bands, cufflinks, and wristwatches, but more are also sporting gemstone chains, bracelets, and tie clips. Sapphires look great with both a tuxedo and a t-shirt. There are countless possibilities.

A modification of the traditional

In the past, men have worn simple, minimalist wedding rings made of gold or platinum to symbolize their commitment to their wife. But many men want a way to modify the custom of wearing minimalist wedding rings. Because of this, males are increasingly wearing sapphire rings that are unique takes on conventional engagement bands.

Sapphires are used in these bands to add a splash of color and give the jewelry more individuality. The band is still modest and elegant despite the attention-grabbing brightly colored gemstones. For males who want to show their individual style without completely defying convention, this trend is ideal.

Most iconic male sapphire wedding bands over the years

Solitaire sapphire wedding band

A solitaire sapphire engagement band that is set in white gold or platinum screams understated beauty and a quiet power of character. Ideal for a man who believes that actions speak louder than words.

Triple sapphire wedding ring

For a guy who appreciates better things in life, a thick ring in white, yellow, or pink set with three round sapphires is ideal.

Inset sapphire wedding band

This ring has yet another understated yet incredibly eye-catching design, with a single round cut diamond set into a gold band. To make your band completely distinctive, choose a width that flatters you and your favorite gold color.


Forget about the stereotypes, it is completely normal and it looks beautiful to wear men’s sapphire wedding band. And as you can see, there are countless choices available for men’s sapphire engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds may be a women’s best friend, but sapphires might be a man’s closest buddy.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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