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Choosing Perfect Mother of the Bride Dresses: 6 Tips to Consider

Mother of the Bride Dress

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Undoubtedly, weddings are one of the most wonderful occasions in our lives. In fact, the feeling is stronger especially if the bride is your daughter. As the mother of the bride, you must be highly excited about your daughter’s upcoming wedding. But on the other hand, it can be nervous, especially when choosing a dress for the occasion.

After all, you’re looking for a gorgeous dress to celebrate your daughter’s marriage in, and wish to find a gown that makes you glow without stealing the attention from your daughter – seriously, it’s a tough line to walk!

Are you looking for tips on choosing the perfect mother of the bride dresses? If you are here, count yourself lucky, as out experts share the ideas on this topic below.

Tips on how to choose an ideal mother of the bride dress

Below are what you should consider when choosing an outfit for the mother of the bride.

1. Formality of the event

Is your daughter’s wedding going to be a huge, formal occasion with the reception at an exquisite hall or hotel? Or, is it an elopement or perhaps a small invites-only affair with close family and friends enjoying dinner after the ceremony at your favorite restaurant?

The more formal and larger your daughter’s wedding will be, the more upscale your dress, as the mother of the bride needs to be. For example, a long-beaded dress is ideal for a formal and elegant wedding, though it might look out of place at a casual, intimate wedding.

Knowing the size of the wedding and the formality will be important when shopping for the perfect mother of the bride dress.

2. Stay within the color palette of bridal color

Is there any specific dress color for the mother of the bride to put on? First, color is key. As the mother of the bride, while you should aim to stand out, on the other hand, too, you don’t want to fade into the background.

There will be plenty of photos taken, and you should ensure the color of your dress co-ordinates with the entire wedding party. A good example is wearing a shade darker or lighter than what the bridal maids are wearing or wear a dress color that differs with the bridesmaids.

Your daughter must have put a lot of thought into her wedding palette, and it would be helpful to consult her first regarding the dress color she envisions you wearing.

3. Comfort counts

As the mother of the bride, your daughter’s wedding might go on for many hours and most of the time, you’ll be on your feet acknowledging greetings and welcoming guests. For this reason, ensure your dress doesn’t pinch, rub, and has some stretch to enable you breathe!

Steer away from a tight fitting dress that could either make you uncomfortable or draw all the attention from the bride. On this special day, confidence is crucial. If you feel uncomfortable in your dress, rest assured that it will show on your face. Make sure that you find a comfortable dress early enough before your daughter’s wedding.

4. Find a figure-flattering dress

A few years back, there was a very limited range of mother of the bride dresses, and most were somewhat frumpy and out of fashion. Fortunately, times have changed, and now, there’s so much choice around, making it easy to even find sexy mother of the bride dresses to flatter your figure, thereby making you look modern.

Ruching is a good way to hide a tummy. On the other hand, sheer sleeves will ensure your arms are covered, especially when you feel self-conscious. With an embellished neckline, for instance, you’ll be able to shift emphasis from a heavy bottom half up to that pretty face of yours.

5. Stay true and original to your style

As far as you can, be true to your personal style and demeanor. Avoid going crazy with something flowing, colorful, and dazzling if you generally prefer traditional, simple dresses. Your ideal option might be a straightforward lace sheath dress.

If you feel more comfortable in trousers, combine some great separates to make a stunning Mother of the Bride dress. Keep in mind that when your Mother of the Bride attire portrays the true you, you will appear your most attractive and fashionable.

6. Let the wedding details be your guiding light

Traditionally, the mother of the bride dresses were characterized with some kind of uniform-a cocktail atop, worn with an understated sheath. Today, though, anything can do, provided it is event appropriate. Details such as the wedding theme or venue — for example an outdoor wedding — can be a wonderful to draw your outfit ideas.

If your daughter’s wedding is going to take place on the beach or countryside, you may want to try some relaxed outfit such as a linen frock, or a boho maxi dress. On the other hand, if the occasion will take place at some upscale venue, you may want to opt for a fancier and chic cocktail gown.

While at it, remember to take into account the weather conditions, or cultural and religious custom when trying to find the perfect outfit.

The Bottom Line

Deciding what dress to wear to your daughter’s wedding can both be a happy or frustrating experience as the mother of the bride. However, this isn’t something that should trouble you. With our tips, we hope you can go ahead and find the perfect MOB dress that will make you glow on your daughter’s big day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do mother-of-the-bride dresses have to be long?

No, modern mother-of-the-bride dresses come in various lengths to choose from based on personal preference, formality, and season.

What length should a mother-of-the-bride dress be?

The dress’s length should depend on the wedding’s formality and venue. A full-length gown is suitable for a formal wedding, while a knee-length or tea-length dress may be more appropriate for a semi-formal or outdoor wedding.

What color should the mother of the bride not wear?

The mother of the bride should avoid white or ivory and colors that clash with the wedding colors or theme. It’s always best to consult with the bride and other members of the wedding party to ensure that your outfit complements the overall look and feel of the wedding.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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