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What Color Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?

What color should the mother of the bride wear

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After the bride and groom, the mother of the bride is one of the most central figures on the wedding day. The outfit that she will wear must be very carefully chosen as it should show nothing but class, elegance, and good taste.

But what color should the mother of the bride wear for her daughter’s wedding? The ideal colors range from the most vivid; such as cobalt blue or fuchsia, to pastel ones, like dusty pink or pale yellow.

So, attention to all future mothers-in-bride: these are the most exquisite and timeless colors for your sheath dresses or edgy two-piece suits. Read on to find the best advice to get to the grand event with a look that radiates poise, grace, and confidence.

How to choose a mother of the bride dress color that best suits you

First, let’s begin with the most crucial advice on how to pick a mother of the bride dress. There are three key points that you should know before choosing the best attire color.

1. Body shape: Knowing your true body shape will help you tremendously in choosing the right model and color of the garment. If you are looking for mother of the bride dresses that make you look thinner, it is best to pick out darker tones like dark emerald or teal, gloomy silver grey, or rich burgundy. Here’s a bonus tip, if you choose to go with patterns, avoid horizontal and bold prints as they will not help you look thinner.

    On the other hand, mothers of the bride should wear bright and vibrant colors if they want to give the illusion of a larger figure. The bottom line at this point is to understand and accept your body and be familiar with what truly looks good on you regardless of the body shape.

    Choose the right color that accentuates your fortes and brings out the parts of your body that you really like about yourself, while simultaneously concealing the parts that make you feel insecure and apprehensive.

    2. Skin tone: Another major factor in choosing the most convenient color the mother of the bride should wear is her skin tone. What color does the mother of the bride wear if she has a cooler complexion? Shades like lavender, baby blue, or rich jewel tones are your go-to option! The contrast you will make by picking darker and cooler tones will enhance your fair skin tone and natural features. When choosing accessories for such a skin tone, always go for silver rather than gold tones.

    On the flip side, mothers of the bride with a warm skin undertone should opt for deep earth hues — brown, mustard yellow, coral, olive green, or violet-red that go hand in hand with gold jewelry. Neutrals also go well with warm skin tones but those are better to be avoided because you surely don’t want to steal your daughter’s thunder on her big day, right?

    3. Style: The rule here is to stay true to your style at any time! Whether you are the mother of the bride who prefers grace and simplicity, or you enjoy showing off your edgy style with a sexy mother of the bride dress. Either way, let your personality shine!

    Choose the color and outfit that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and upbeat, and embrace your style holding your head up high.

    What color should the mother of the bride wear according to season?

    The season of the wedding carries great importance in the choice of color for the mother of the bride’s look.

    Outfit color choices of the mother of the bride for a summer or spring wedding

    Spring and summer weddings call for brighter and bolder hues. Rich coral, burnt orange, and radiant shades of lilac and fuchsia will be the perfect summer wedding colors for the mother of the bride’s outfit.

    Spring weddings are all about the fresh and blooming shades of green and pink that reveal the true vigor and flavor of the season.

    Outfit color choices of the mother of the bride for a fall or winter wedding

    Make the most of the cold winter’s charm by opting for warm and rich nuances that will give the mother of the bride’s look the right dose of sophistication. Give deep jewel hues a chance like royal blue, emerald green, or deep plum to add a touch of luxury in your style.

    What color should the mother of the bride wear for a fall wedding? Earthy shades like sage green, bronze, and coffee brown are for the mothers of the bride who fancy darker and deeper nuances, while gold, rust, terracotta, and muted peach are most desired for those who want to add some glow in their overall ensemble.

    What color should the mother of the bride wear according to the wedding theme and venue?

    The mother of the bride’s dress should be coordinated with the wedding’s overall theme to create a unified and aesthetically pleasing appearance. By going for the proper shade, she can flawlessly complement the wedding theme, enhancing the overall beauty and celebration of the special day. Dig into the color choices for different wedding themes and venues.

    Beach Wedding

    Picking the right color for the mother of the bride’s dress has never been easier when the wedding venue is a beach. The fresh ocean shades that capture the energy of the location are a perfect inspiration for the most beaming outfit color option.

    For beach weddings explore aquamarine, turquoise, teal, and sea green to synchronize with the surroundings. Adopt soft and pastel colors like mint, salmon pink, or sunny yellow to complement the breezy vibe of the wedding.

    Outdoor Backyard Wedding

    What color should the mother of the bride wear to an outdoor wedding? Find fabrics in soft and feminine hues that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding scenery of the beautiful garden wedding. Choose delicate shades of powder blue, lavender, or blush pink. These are some of the best colors for the mother of the bride to wear at her daughter’s wedding as they perfectly complement the outdoor ambiance while also bringing out tenderness and elegance.

    To give the romantic atmosphere of the garden location a true meaning, think about wearing dresses with delicate lace embellishments or cheerful flower motifs.

    Rustic Barn Wedding

    Warm and earthy colors are frequently used in rustic barn weddings. This wedding venue calls for hues like dusty pink, taupe, and sage green. The soft earthy tones evoke a sense of coziness and warmth, complementing the venue’s charmingly rustic aesthetic. To support the overall motif, think about picking mother of the bride dress with textured fabrics or designs with a vintage feel.

    Classic Ballroom Wedding

    Traditional and elegant colors are required for a classic and formal wedding. Explore the metallics by choosing hues like dark champagne, charcoal gray, rose gold, or emerald metallic. These will convey sophistication, poise, and lavishness and give the mother of the bride a polished, classic appearance. Select attire with simple lines and opulent materials like silk or satin to accentuate the formal look.

    In the case of black tie dress code, accessorize the dress with timeless pieces like pearl jewelry or a structured clutch.

    Can the mother of the bride wear black?

    When dressed properly, the mother of the bride can wear a black ensemble while bursting with elegance, giving off a sleek and timeless appearance. Although wearing black has always been associated with funerals, luckily, wedding attire etiquettes have changed, and wearing black at a wedding is no longer seen as inappropriate. It is quite the opposite actually — this color has not only gained in popularity but is also considered to be a true classic.

    However, depending on the couple’s preferences, cultural customs, and traditions, the mother of the bride needs to take into account the following elements, before choosing black wedding attire.

    • Couple’s Approval: It is important to speak with the bride and groom to learn about their style preferences. Some couples may follow certain rules or adhere to local customs, or simply don’t like the color black being present at their wedding, especially not worn by the mother of the bride.
    • Wedding Theme: Be guided by the wedding’s general theme and style. Although black can be adaptable and appropriate for many themes, it might not be compatible with some pastel color schemes or outdoor daytime weddings. There is nothing wrong with wearing a black cocktail dress, but it is better to select an outfit that complements the wedding’s overall aesthetic. After all, you are the mother of the bride, and the color of your dress should represent the style of the wedding.
    • Personal Preference and Comfort: Regardless of the occasion or location, the mother of the bride can make a subtle and elegant decision of wearing black at her daughter’s wedding if the soon-to-be-married couple values individuality and freedom of choice of wedding attire.

    The bride’s mom should be at ease and confident in the clothes and colors she chooses so if she feels her best in a black outfit and if it matches her own style, she should definitely go with it. To avoid appearing gloomy, she can always take it up a notch by adding statement items, metallic embellishments, or vibrant accessories to highlight the happy event.


    The color of the mother of the bride’s outfit is an important decision that must be made carefully. It should be a look different from the bride’s, appropriate to the theme and season of the wedding, and reflect the personality and style of the mother of the bride.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What color is the mother of the bride supposed to wear?

    She can go from bright pastels and jewel tones to deep and rich darker shades.

    What is etiquette for mother of the bride to wear?

    Although there is no strict etiquette on what the mother of the bride should wear, the general rule is to complement the wedding style and avoid white all of its nuances.

    Can mother of the bride and mother of the groom wear the same color?

    They can agree to match outfit colors but not necessarily. The important thing is for both of them to create looks that are in harmony with the wedding aesthetics.

    I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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