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What To Wear to a Wedding as a Guest Male

Wedding attire for men

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Although it may not be as exciting as it is for the female population, men also feel the need to dress to impress when attending a wedding. When that long-awaited invitation comes along, prepare yourself to do a little mingling, bust a move on the dance floor, and show off your greatest possible style regardless of the wedding theme or dress code. When deciding what to wear to a wedding as a guest male, the timeless black-suit-white-shirt combo is always a winning option. And if you want to achieve the turn-heads effect, here you will find all the tips needed.

Trying to make a lasting impression at the upcoming wedding celebration has never been easy, thanks to this guide; you will now get options for any style and etiquette. From casual wedding attire for men to relaxed beach-inspired outfit options, keep reading to discover the varied wedding dressing options for men.

Informal but stylish: casual wedding attire for male guests

Starting with the always-ambiguous casual dress code where the most important thing is to stay chic while maintaining the proper level of formality. Here are the tips and tricks to strike the perfect balance between looking casually stylish and respectful:

Dress Shirt and Chinos:

Pair a sleek dress shirt with tailored chinos or khakis for a fine and fancy impression yet still going for that relaxed look. Choose lighter and pastel shades for daytime weddings, and leave the darker hues for evening affairs. You can fancy it up a bit by rolling up the sleeves and adding a stylish belt for a touch of sophisticated charm.

Blazer and Smart Trousers:

When a slightly dressier casual wedding attire for men is required, combine a blazer with smart trousers. Consider more lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton — they will be more appropriate for hot-summer weddings. Complete the whole appearance with a dress shirt or a well-fitted polo shirt, and add a pair of loafers or leather dress shoes to make the ensemble say elegant but not overdressed.

Dressy Button-Down Shirt and Slacks:

If you want to fit into the laid-back atmosphere of the wedding, picture yourself in a dressy button-down shirt and untucked slacks. You can put an end to the whole ‘what to wear to a casual wedding as a male guest’ dilemma by finishing off the look with a chic belt and a pair of stylish loafers to make a whole package of the chill and chic appearance.

Formal wedding outfit options for male guests

When the wedding calls for a more formal and polished look, unleash your utmost elegance by wearing the timeless classics. Here are some key elements to show you the way of dressing for a formal affair:

Classic Suit:

The essence of sophistication lies within a perfectly tailored suit that makes you look like you were born in it. Opt for shades of charcoal gray, navy, or black, and pair it with a matching tie or bow tie, and leather dress shoes.

As far as the shirt goes, go for a classic white which is always a winning match. If you want to stand out from the crowd, embrace the elegance in shades of blue — a dark navy suit and a light blue dress shirt styled with brown leathered belt and shoes. Don’t forget to add the cherry on top with a pocket square.


You are heading for a black tie event? Get ready to charm your way through the wedding with the good old tuxedo. Wrap yourself in a sleek black tux, a spotless white dress shirt, and black and shiny patent leather shoes. Don’t forget the black bow tie — it is mandatory to make this wedding attire for men a synonym for pure and impeccable elegance.

Choose between a cummerbund or a waistcoat and add a neatly folded pocket square — you will undoubtedly be the epitome of refined sophistication.

Hot-summer looks: what to wear to a summer wedding as a guest male

Summer weddings call for more breathable fabrics and lighter hues that will not provoke the sweat. Have in mind these key points if you are looking for summer wedding outfits for men that are cool and classy:

Lightweight Fabrics:

Fabrics like linen, cotton, or seersucker will save the hot summer day. Opt for breathable materials for your suit, blazer, or dress shirt that will allow airflow, keep you cool, and provide maximum comfort when the sun shines a little brighter.

Lighter Colors:

Summer weddings are all about pastels! Go for light blues, greens, greys, or even pale pinks for the most daring gentlemen who want to obtain their best summer wedding look. These shades will not only reflect sunlight but will also create a refreshing and vibrant aesthetic that aligns perfectly with the season. Experiment with softer hues and embrace the cool and breezy atmosphere of summer celebrations.

Loafers or Suede Shoes:

Are you troubled over what shoes you should wear to a summer wedding as a male guest? Swap the formal leather shoes for hip loafers or suede shoes to exude a refreshing and energetic vibe. These alternatives offer a more relaxed yet refined option, ensuring your comfort throughout the event. This is the right summer footwear that will not limit your time spent on the dancefloor all the while making you look breathtakingly handsome.

Looks to avoid: What not to wear to a wedding as a male guest

Be aware of all the fashion faux pas that should be avoided by all means so you don’t get any bad looks and unwanted attention as you enter the wedding:

  • Denim: From cool and causal, to modern and semi-formal, jeans can be very versatile. But don’t be fooled by their adaptability — there is no place for denim in a wedding setting. Go for dressier choices like chinos instead.
  • T-shirts: Save the casual tees for other more relaxed occasions — they are a big ‘no-no’ even when combined with a blazer. Dress shirts or polo shirts are more appropriate choices when it comes to wedding attire for men.
  • Athletic wear: Gym clothes and sports shoes don’t go with wedding celebrations, so it will be better to leave them at home and find more formal clothes that say more sassy than sporty.
  • Overly flashy or too casual accessories: Keep your accessories tasteful rather than tacky. They should be in line with the overall look. That means that the list of what not to wear to a wedding as a male guest includes excessive jewelry or overly casual hats.

Can men wear white to a wedding?

Wearing white to a wedding has always been frowned upon including wearing white shoes to a wedding. However, can men wear white to a wedding? No! The color white is always reserved for the bridal look. Wearing an all-white ensemble as a male guest may draw unwanted attention and steal the couple’s spotlight on their special day.

However, there are circumstances where wearing white could be acceptable. Bear these tips in mind if you are a man and intends to wear white to a wedding:

  • Pair an off-white or cream-colored blazer with dark trousers rather than opting for a pure all-white ensemble. These outfit choices will give you that subtle and refined alternative without overshadowing the bride’s attire.
  • Instead of using white as the main color of your wedding attire for men, include white accents that complement and brighten your total look by providing that much-needed touch of contrast and elegance.

For casual weddings where patterned or colored suits can be considered appropriate, a white dress shirt can do wonders to complete the entire suit look. What about black tie events? White pocket squares and ties should be your go-to option if you want to add a dash of white to your ensemble.

  • A head-to-toe white look will not be seen as overstepping traditional boundaries only if the wedding theme is explicitly stated as a white party. Make sure your outfit always follows the overall wedding ambiance and that you look like you are in harmony with the couple’s preferences.

Remember that the focus of the day should be on celebrating the couple’s love, and your choice of what to wear to a wedding should complement, not overshadow their special day.


Having a thorough style manual for wedding attire for men at your disposal, you may confidently and easily RSVP to any wedding invitation. Every occasion calls for the ideal outfit, no matter the season, style, or formality.

 Keep in mind that wearing the right outfit not only shows respect for the couple but also enables you to leave a favorable first impression as a well-dressed (and possibly a best-dressed) guest. So suit up, own your sense of fashion, and get the most out of celebrating love in style.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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