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What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress for Wedding in 2024

shoes to wear with maxi dress

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Have you ever come across the dilemma of shoes to wear with maxi dress for wedding? The best shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding are ones that enhance the look of your dress while also looking stunning, but without being too intruding.

These are the several categories of shoes you should consider wearing with a maxi dress for a wedding:

  • Strappy sandals
  • Wedges
  • Block heels
  • Ankle boots

What makes maxi dresses great to wear at weddings is they’re not limited to a single season like some blazers, jackets, or sweaters, so they’ll back you up regardless if it’s an outdoor wedding or indoor.

And last but not least — they look stunning. When wearing a maxi dress to a wedding, all you have to do is:

  1. Pick a maxi dress
  2. Choose shoes to wear with a maxi dress to a wedding
  3. Choose the accessories to compliment your maxi dress
  4. Enjoy the wedding

Below we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for perfect wedding combinations of shoes and maxi dresses, followed by some practical tips for each of the seasons.

Wearing Maxi Dresses At Weddings

If you have been asking yourself if it is okay to wear a maxi dress to a wedding, the answer is — yes!

They are the perfect combination of classy and casual, allowing you to mix the best of both worlds and look breathtaking while also feeling comfortable dancing, laughing, and sharing stories with other people attending the ceremony.

Some maxi dresses are specifically designed for big events like weddings. They are usually long-sleeved and more simplistic in terms of color variety. However, if the invitation emphasizes formality, you can even wear a short-sleeved one followed by a matching jacket that will add a note of seriousness to your overall style.

The best thing about maxi dresses is they offer you so many options to choose from as opposed to some dress types that have specific rules for pairing up with certain accessories. Whether they’re short or long-sleeved, single-shouldered or classic, knee, medium, or full ankle-length, you will find a maxi dress that check all the marks on your wish list.

In case you dislike a particular model of the maxi dress, there’s always another one to try on, so thanks to the almost infinite possibilities that come with them, they’re guaranteed to fulfill your expectations and get you the look you’ve been aiming at.

Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses At Weddings

Choosing the right shoes that fit perfectly with your dress can sometimes be a daunting task. Maxi dresses are no exception since you have to put some effort in to make sure your footwear is appropriately complimenting all you’ve decided to wear above your ankles.

If you’re wondering of shoes to wear with maxi dress for wedding, below are a plethora of shoes options to match with a maxi dress. The main point is to match the type of shoe with the fitting type of dress so they don’t draw too much attention from each other.

As expected, you should avoid wearing white shoes to a wedding even if you are wearing a maxi dress.

Here are some of the suggestions you might consider when it comes to choosing the right shoes to combine with a maxi dress:

  • Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals are the safest options not just when it comes to choosing what shoes to wear with maxi dress in summer. They’ll provide your feet with enough room to breathe and point out that manicure you’ve done while preparing for the big day.

The best way to extract the maximum of their classy vibe is to pick the tried and proven colors like black, brown, or gold with sprinkles. That way you won’t take the focus off the dress, but at the same time, you’ll compliment your look to an utter perfection.

  • Wedges

Wedges are a synonym for comfort, and other perfect shoes to match your maxi dress. They may not bring that red-carpet look with them, but with the right combination of colors and heel support, they’ll definitely add to your overall look and point out the beauty of your dress.

In case you opt for some other type of shoes, they can also be a perfect second option for when you get tired of wearing heels with a maxi dress or you just want to loosen up your moves while dancing. The best thing about them is that they’re a perfect fit for maxi dresses regardless of the length you go for.

  • Block heels

Despite not being the most comfortable option out there, block heels are one of the biggest women’s favorites on the planet when it comes to stylish shoes. They have earned their iconic status in the fashion industry over the decades, so you can wear heels with maxi dresses without feeling guilty.

The only downside of wearing block heels with maxi dresses is that after a couple of hours, they can cause some foot pain, so having flat sandals or wedges as a quick replacement can do wonders for women at big events like weddings.

  • Ankle boots

Last but not least, ankle boots are a perfect option if you’re wondering what shoes to wear with maxi dresses in fall, and want something that mixes the elegance of heels and the comfort of wedges.

Since they cover up the feet completely, they may be more appropriate for slightly colder weather than the other shoe types, but if they’re made of lighter materials they could get a pass even on warmer days.

Shoes & Maxi Dresses For Different Seasons

Maxi dresses have hundreds of models to choose from, but not all of them are fitting for each of the seasons. The weather-related circumstances can have a great impact on which dress you should wear in spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Below are some of the modifications you might consider based on different outside temperatures and weather conditions.

What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress In Spring?

Spring is associated with positive things like Sun, flowers, warmth, and new beginnings. That is why, when choosing what shoes to wear with maxi dress in spring, you might want to consider some lighter shoes to match maxi dress that’s long and flowy with bright colors and floral patterns.

It’s worth mentioning that although it symbolizes the end of winter, spring is also known for being chilly and windy from time to time, so pairing up some closed-toe shoes to wear with a maxi dress and a nice leather jacket can be such a good combination, especially when you want to be safe about not getting cold.

What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress In Summer

For some women, the summer may be their favorite part of the year for wearing maxi dresses. Unlike spring, colder days are almost non-existent during summer, so you get to wear your favorite shoes with maxi dresses without having to worry about having any additional coverage.

The additional stuff you might want to consider in summertime is accessories like belts and jewelry. Since the temperature gets high, you get to wear all kinds of open sandals, heels, or any other shoes that you like, because all of them work wonders with maxi dresses.

Having a hat also might come in handy – on one hand, it can enhance the radiating charm of your maxi dress and on the other, it could get useful in case the sun shines very hot and the shade isn’t near.

What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress In Fall

After you’ve had your fun during the summer, the coming of fall is inevitable, and with it come the changes in your wardrobe. Choosing what shoes to wear with maxi dresses in fall gets trickier, but there’s a solution for that as well.

Following the lower temperature and the color shifts, the shoes you should wear with maxi dresses might be a little bit darker and cozier, so that you’re always feeling that comfortable vibe alongside looking beautiful.

For the same reasons mentioned above, leather jackets, scarfs, and echarpes are perfect accessories for enriching the overall effect of your shoes and maxi dress.

What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress In Winter

Now that warmer temperatures are gone cold and everyone’s trying to get inside away from the cold, the real question is what shoes to wear with maxi dresses in winter?

The answer to that is simple – choose the closed-toe shoes to wear with maxi dresses, because you want your feet to stay warm, but you need to know how to mix other things as well so that you don’t compromise your wedding look.

Wool scarfs and warm coats are the most attires to wear over a wedding dress during the coldest of the seasons. Thermal leggings are also a great tool for keeping yourself warm, because sometimes no upper-body pieces can protect us from that winter chill and freezing winds.

The Conclusion

Maxi dresses are an amazing product of the fashion industry that has helped millions of women around the world express their beauty and attend weddings with confidence.

Picking the right shoes to wear with maxi dress for wedding has never been easier since they literally enable you to get ready in a matter of seconds and go have that magnificence wedding look. Regardless if it’s sunny or breezy outside, they’ll provide you with a perfect cover-up for any type of weather.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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