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Stuck With Choosing Teardrop Ring? Let’s Help You Out.

Teardrop Ring

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Choosing the right engagement ring is no easy task because it means way more than just choosing a ring. It shows how much you know your partner, their taste and preferences, and most importantly — their personality.

However, despite being challenging, choosing the right engagement and wedding rings is much easier due to certain standards that, when followed, minimize the risk of making a mistake.

Down below are some of the most important things you should know about the latest wedding industry hit — the teardrop ring. Once you learn more about it, you will realize why it is one of the leading models and why so many brides are happy wear it.

What is a teardrop ring?

A teardrop ring symbolizes ultimate happiness — one that makes you cry tears of joy.

This model has become a trademark for sophisticated women since it radiates both elegance and simplicity.

The unique appearance of teardrop rings made them also known under the name “pear-shaped”, for more than obvious reasons. Whether you prefer big or small wedding rings, the shape is what matters, and teardrop is the one that will do you right.

So, gentlemen, if you want to showcase class when asking the big question, make sure to check out jewellery stores that offer pear-shaped engagement rings with wedding bands.

One of the most popular fancy designs among women are pear-shaped engagement rings. This way you will make your future wife proud when she’s showing her engagement ring around, while also taking care of your reputation as a man of style.

Why choose a teardrop engagement ring?

Teardrop engagement rings are ideal for people seeking a sparkly and distinct ring. You may also want to settle for a teardrop engagement ring for the following reasons:

  • Teardrop diamond rings look bigger

If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice that teardrop diamonds actually have a large surface area, with the point of the diamond helping the ring look larger, compared to other diamond shapes featuring the same carat weight.

On average, a round-cut one-carat diamond measures 6.55mm, smaller than a one-carat teardrop-cut diamond ring that measures an average of 7.7×5.7 mm, though such can vary based on the stone’s length to width ratio. 

  • Teardrop diamond rings are slightly cheaper

You may also want to choose a teardrop diamond ring, as it’s much cheaper or rather affordable compared to other diamond shapes. Round-cut diamonds tend to be one of the most expensive shapes, primarily due to their popularity. Additionally, they produce too much rough diamond waste.

  • You can easily alter or change up teardrop rings look

If there’s something ideal about teardrop rings, among other things, you can wear these rings with the point facing your fingertips or even towards your knuckle if you wish. Regardless of how you choose to wear it, both ways create a different look.  


How to properly wear a teardrop ring?

The teadrop form of a pear-cut diamond naturally lends itself to earrings and bracelets, but not to rings. The question about how to wear a teardrop ring is one frequently asked question. It is customarily worn with the point looking toward your fingers, giving the appearance of an elongated hand. But at the end, you do you.

What wedding ring is appropriate to match a teardrop diamond engagement ring?

It’s important to select bands for a teardrop engagement ring that fit perfectly with the diamond. Round, flat, curved, devotion or infinity bands are thin enough to easily match with the ring. The pointed tip of the teardrop may conflict with a thicker band, such as a Curator band, or even a medium or large Eternity band, from sitting securely together on the wrist.

How to buy the teardrop ring? – the 4Cs you need to know!

As we previously discussed, obtaining a fine teardrop diamond might be more difficult than finding “the one”. However, in both cases, the beauty of the desire outcome may makes all the searching worthwhile.

Our goal is to make sure you’ve found the best possible deal when buying the right ring for your loved one.

When purchasing teardrop engagement rings, try to keep the following in mind — there are four C’s the world of diamonds that must be understood before making any decisions:

  • Clarity,
  • Cut,
  • Carat,
  • Color;


The diamond’s clarity describes how free of imperfections it is. Our best piece of advice regarding clarity is be very thorough when observing the diamonds before the purchase.

Follow your intuition and eyes anytime they detect any irregularities, and never compromise for anything less than perfect. Take time to ensure that the stone is eye-clean.


How the diamond is cut is one of the most crucial elements regarding its quality.

The better the cut, the harder it is to find the proper teardrop ring, usually followed by the proportional price increase.

A quick and easy way of checking the cut or the symmetry of your teardrop ring is to slowly divide it down the center to determine if each section is a mirror image of the other. Make sure that your ring doesn’t have any straight edges on the sides of the cut. Also, the rounded point shouldn’t be too wide.

Here are some of the things you should know when examining the cutting aspect of your preferred diamond:

Length to width ratio:

Pretty self-explanatory; the diamond should not be too wide nor too long compared to the opposite dimension, since being symmetric is what gives the teardrop ring aesthetic attractiveness.

There are some industry standards when it comes to this, but in the end, you’re the one who pays for wedding bands, so it’s all about what pleases your eye.

Bowtie effect:

One of the things you should try to dodge when you’re out looking for a teardrop ring is the bowtie effect – a phenomenon where bowtie-looking shadows are visible on a diamond’s surface.

The reason for this flaw is improper cutting, so make sure to check if your teardrop ring is sparkling as it should, without any shadows whatsoever.


The term “carat” describes the weight of your diamond.

In comparison to a round cut diamond of the same carat weight, a pear-shaped diamond will seem bigger on the first glance. The most common one are with centers weighing between 0.50 and 2 carats.


The color of a diamond depends on its purity. The setting color of the metal around your diamond should be taken into consideration before you make your final decision regarding the color grades.

White gold or platinum work best with H color range. That way the yellow sparkle will be emphasized more by the white surroundings.

Best Metals & Band Width for your Teardrop Engagement Ring

Before choosing your teardrop engagement ring, among other things, make sure that you choose the right metal for your ring that perfectly suit your tastes and preferences.

As with the entire parts of your engagement ring alongside wedding band options, your personal preferences will determine the band width and the metal choice. Fortunately, pear cuts can appear perfect with almost any color metal.

But for the perfect look, let the color of the diamond guide you. Put in other words, you may have to let the color exhibited in your ring determine the type of metal to choose. For instance, if your teardrop ring exhibits discernible tints of yellow, you may want to choose rose gold or yellow.

In line with the above, the warmth of yellow or rose gold metal tones will help to mask the yellowish hue, making the diamond to appear lighter. On the other hand, if your diamond tends to be more colorless in nature, choosing white gold or platinum will help amp up the icy white, crisp of the diamond, thereby enhancing the sparkle.

The above guidelines would also apply to wedding bands too, as they sit next to the ring, though slightly less important since, they are removed enough to create some distance. For this reason, if mixing metals seem to be your thing, you’ll notice that pear cuts will perfectly work for you.

You also need to think slimmer regarding the width. In terms of the band width, it means that the asymmetrical nature of the pear cut will result in a thinner band that will complement the shape of the stone, without overpowering it in any way.

The above applies to wedding bands, if you keep it thin and not too wide, you’ll leave plenty of space for the pear shape part of the ring to remain noticeable. If you prefer a wide band, you may want to set your diamond in an east-west orientation.

Common metals ideal for your teardrop engagement ring include Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum.

Teardrop engagement ring: Pros and cons


  • Despite having the same karat weight, it appears bigger than round diamonds
  • Cheaper per diamond
  • Unique design elements
  • Slimming effect on your finger
  • Versatile and easily suit any style or ring design


  • A well cut stone is harder to find
  • Greater risk for damage because of the sensitive tip

The Conclusion

While choosing the person who you intend to spend the rest of your life with may be a no-brainer, however, choosing the engagement ring that you and your partner/spouse will wear can turn out to be a challenging task.

If one thing is sure, teardrop rings will not let you down in case you doubt your pre-engagement purchasing options. You can get different models, rocks and designs, depending on the price, but the most important thing is — you can’t go wrong.

These marvelous teardrop-shaped pieces aren’t only eye-catching and timeless, but you can also customize them based on their many distinguishing characteristics. Considering the popularity they’ve gained since appearing, it seems safe to say that just like diamonds, teardrop rings are forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are teadrop rings supposed to be worn?

Any manner you choose is acceptable when wearing a teardrop-shaped diamond band. The curved end’s orientation up or down is entirely a matter of personal taste. However, wearing out the tip is the most common way.

Are pear shaped rings more expensive?

Round cut diamond bands cost more than pear-shaped diamond rings. The merchant can make better use of the rough cut diamond because the pear form effectively hides flaws.

What makes a pear cut diamond of high quality?

A pear-shaped diamond of good quality has a H color or higher, is symmetrical, has no noticeable inclusions and has a minimum bow-tie effect.

What metals work best for pear cut wedding rings?

A pear-shaped wedding ring should be made of 14k or 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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