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These Bachelorette Party Themes Will Guarantee You Fun at Your Party

bachelorette party themes

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First comes the bachelorette party, and then comes the wedding! If you are a soon-to-be bride, I’m sure you have the chills every time you think about what your friends are up to for your bachelorette party celebration.

You are terrified by the mere thought of tipsy women occasioning your event, cake in the shape of male genitalia, and other cheesy ideas that make you sick. What happened to saying goodbye to single life with more class and style, like going to the typical dinner + disco/stripper combo?

On the other hand, if you are in charge of organizing this special event because your soulmate is getting married, be a friend and dismiss all ideas in which the bride is ridiculed. After all, you know her better than anyone and you know she has some minimum demands regarding her farewell. But how can you surprise her and be sure that she will feel at ease? How about making a night to remember with fun bachelorette dress-up themes?

We have compiled some of the most original plans for themed bachelorette parties based on the style and personality of the main protagonist because every bride has a taste of her own. If you are the bride, you can start throwing little clues or send this post to your friends to give your partners in crime an idea of what you want your final thrill to be. And in case it is your turn to organize the event, your friends will surely need many good farewell ideas.

Here are the best ones on how to arrange the best last-fling before-the-ring wild bachelorette party.

Bachelorette beach theme

How many times have you dreamed of the possibility of having a beach themed bachelorette party, enjoying the sea breeze, having moments of great fun and unforgettable experiences among you besties?

On the beach, you have the opportunity to organize a farewell party using the sea as a background, so everything in your party can adapt to the new environment.

The decoration of the bachelorette beach theme party must be cozy and adapted to the marine environment. Candles, bright colored outfits and beach details, along with flowers and palm trees, should not be missing from the celebration. Seafood or fish appetizers are the most appropriate for this occasion, as well as fruits, which can be included when making delicious tropical cocktails.

Gastronomic-themed bachelorette party

Brides who are cooks will surely be surprised with a sushi workshop, cupcakes, and confectionery, an aphrodisiac cooking course, or a cocktail workshop. Maybe you can even find a naked teacher who can spice the course a bit so everyone can enjoy the event to the fullest. And don’t worry, you are safe — it’s an unwritten rule that what happens at bachelorette parties, stays at bachelorette parties.

Gastronomy can be a good starting point for a quiet farewell, it can be organized anywhere and the options are very varied. This mean it’s a nice inclusion to your wedding on a budget ideas. This bachelorette party theme can include anything from a wine or beer tasting to a cooking workshop or course, including dinner at a renowned restaurant. In addition, it can be combined with practically any activity that takes place within this area and extended until the wee hours of the morning if necessary. Besides having a good time all together, you will learn the recipes, techniques, and secret ingredients to later put into practice at home and surprise your guests (and your partner).

Relaxing SPA bachelorette theme idea

Finally, there are also those who take advantage of their farewell to relax with their friends and take a beauty and SPA treatment.

This themed bachelorette idea involves activities like massages, sauna time, face treatments, or a Jacuzzi with cocktails, which will allow you to relax and, incidentally, take care of your physique to look your best before the bride walks down the aisle.

There are many spas and beauty centers that offer these services, although if your purchasing power allows it, the best option is to book a luxury hotel that includes all services.

Sporty bachelorette theme

If the bride is an athlete and finds fun with the adrenaline thrush, why not fill her last 24 hours as a single lady with a tiny bit of adrenaline?

There is an endless list of bachelorette party theme ideas and they all have to be a little dangerous. Karting, paintball, rafting, canyoneering, diving, paragliding — let the sky be the limit.

Adventure is the best way to release adrenaline before the big day, especially if the bride loves to practice these types of sports.

There are also multi-adventure packs that combine several of these activities on the same day or weekend for a fuller experience.

Disco bachelorette outfit-themed party

Let the one last party before the groom steals her away be a disco night! Do it the ‘80s style—setting up the space like a typical old-school disco, complete with a mirror ball.

You’re going to need to invest in some props for this bachelorette theme idea, maybe some black cardstock for the walls and strategically placed lights to give the impression that your party has indeed traveled through time. You can buy disco balls online and even rent them, and you can also call a DJ who specializes in theme parties of this type so that you can listen to the best repertoire from the eighties all night long.

Platform shoes, flared pants, and phosphorescent jackets are mandatory for the last disco bachelorette outfit party. All ladies to the dancefloor.

Costumes bachelorette dress-up theme

Dressing up is one of the musts of a bachelorette party, as well as living the experience within a setting devised by the group. So regardless of the theme you choose, yours is to decorate it with some costumes and accessories to put everyone in a funny context. Cabaret style, Gatsby style, flower power, flamenco, or anything you can think of.

Flamenco-themed bachelorette party

As the name indicates, it is a farewell where the flamenco bachelorette party clothes and the Spanish dance flamenco are the central themes.

On the one hand, you can choose the traditional Flamenco Farewell which is celebrated with a live flamenco show. It usually consists of a traditional Spanish dinner accompanied by a live performance and a disco with some Spanish music for those who want to continue the party.

You can opt for the typical Latino-themed bachelorette party idea — a more complete plan with flamenco music, some sangria, and joking around for a full day or even a weekend. You can even include Spanish flamenco costumes and make it the best bachelorette outfit theme option for Latino lovers!

Princess-themed bachelorette party

The princess bachelorette theme obviously implies that the whole group should be dressed as princesses. After kissing so many frogs and finding the real prince, this is the most appropriate bachelorette theme party that won’t end at midnight. Just imagine all of you girls dressed as Disney princesses in bachelorette party outfits. Don’t forget about the hair, make-up, and accessories to get the full look. Plus, you can find so many décor elements inspired by Disney which would be the perfect way to wave your single life goodbye.

Luxury bachelorette party theme

Of course, if you bet on celebrating your farewell in style, do it aboard a luxurious boat, be it a yacht or a catamaran, with good music, delicious catering, and galore cocktails, while you have the sea and waves in the background. A supreme experience for a wild bachelorette party! Although this will depend on your budget, it is true that renting a boat for a few hours among several can be more affordable than it seems and you will feel like celebrities for a few hours. But have in mind that this is not one of the cheap bachelorette party ideas.


Themed bachelorette parties are original plans in which everything revolves around a specific theme, including decorations, costumes, putting up bachelorette party balloons, garlands, flowers, a photo booth for making memories, and sometimes even food.

Although it is not always easy to find that perfect plan that surprises the bride and the number of alternatives available can be overwhelming, all bachelorette parties have something special — you just have to think about the tastes and personality of the bride and choose one that suits her. Cheers to a sweet ending to a new beginning!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most classy bachelorette party theme?

Little-black-dress party or Great Gatsby are the best option if you want to show some class.

What to do for a funny bachelorette party theme?

Throw a karaoke bachelorette party and share some laughs with your gal pals.

What is the best bachelorette outfit theme?

Have a ‘last disco’ night and dress up in ’80s style.

What is the best bachelorette theme for a beach party?

Boho-style is always a winner when it comes to bachelorette beach parties.


I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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