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Go Wild or Go Clean With These Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

bachelorette scavenger hunt

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Even though the scavenger hunt game was originally created for children, certain parameters have now been modified to make this activity such an amusing adult game. And when played at a bachelorette party, it will be nothing but laughter, excitement, and fun! It is like the game was invented only to be part of bye-bye-single-life parties.

If you are about to organize this special event for your bestie, you can never go wrong with a bachelorette scavenger hunt party! Especially if you are the witty one who isn’t really good at setting up special decor or inventing unique party themes or outfits. Because this type of party only revolves around finding the finest ideas for the game.

How to play?

The bachelorette scavenger hunt does not concentrate on particular decorations, specific costumes, or certain types of music like the other themed bachelorette parties. When organizing a bachelorette party scavenger hunt, you have to direct all your energy toward finding the most fitting and humorous ideas for the game.

This game is perfect for the bride who doesn’t fall head over heels for giant ring balloons, bride crowns, or printed T-shirts but wants a fun and unforgettable night out with her closest girls. That means the bachelorette party expenses will be much less and the enjoyment will be much more. It doesn’t even have to be a surprise party because once you tell her the bachelorette party scavenger hunt is happening — oh, she will definitely be surprised.

Depending on the size of the party, you can either divide into groups or all play together, helping the bride-to-be in her ‘little’ quests that you will invent and write down in the bachelorette checklist. The quests can go from finding something peculiar to doing something funny. Just be thoughtful and creative and think outside the box to find exactly the right items, people, or actions to search for that you know the hunter bride will enjoy finding.

Oh, and be sure to have proof of all the successful hunts — photos, videos, whatever you like. They will remain as good ‘souvenirs’ of the fun girls’ night out.

Be careful not to go too far off! If you are organizing the bachelorette scavenger hunt, you probably know the future bride’s preferences and limits. Never cross the line! You don’t want to make the main protagonist of the event feel uncomfortable or upset, that’s for sure!

Bar scavenger hunt ideas

When the bachelorette scavenger hunt takes place at the bar or a nightclub, the hunter bride will be experiencing the more daring, risky, and crazier version of the game. Because alcohol will be involved and you all know how fun everything turns out at the end when you are just a bit tipsy.

The point is to drink bottoms-up or take a shot whenever a task is not fulfilled — something like a ‘drink or dare’ game, without the truth part. On the other hand, the bride might need a drink or two to complete a task because, to be honest, a little bit more courage will be necessary to hunt if we are talking about some bar scavenger hunt ideas. Here is some inspiration to get you going:

  • Request sexual advice from a strange man!

This bachelorette scavenger hunt is for the most daring brides! She will have to ask what his secrets are in the bedroom. You will have to provide a pencil and paper for her to write down the special tactics of the gentleman in question. And they have to be specific and graphic!

  • Find a man who will give you a condom!

This may sound tough at first, but finding a guy with a condom in his pocket in a bar or nightclub does sound pretty achievable. The ‘asking’ part will be riskier, but there is no fun without some ‘danger’ involvement, isn’t that right? Just be careful no cheating is involved and be sure that the bride doesn’t have a condom with her already.

  • Take a selfie from the men’s restroom!

The bachelorette party scavenger hunt will require the bride to sneak into the men’s room to take a picture of herself. Not so sure about the ‘sneaking’ part, but this one is totally doable.

  • Find two people with the same name as the groom!

This should be easy-peasy, except for the fact that someone has to go from one guy to the next, asking ‘What’s your name?’ A little awkward, but it is definitely not one of the hard bar scavenger hunt ideas. Just be sure to exclude the guys she already knows who has the same name as the groom.

  • Convince a guy to show you his ‘hidden’ tattoo!

The tattoo must not be visible but covered in clothing. She must also manage to convince the guy to take a picture of his private tattoo as proof.

Clean bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas

If alcohol is not the bride’s cup of tea, there are super clean but still fun bachelorette party scavenger hunt ideas that are worth considering. Who says that if there is no alcohol involved the entertainment is not guaranteed?

A clean bachelorette scavenger hunt can be held practically everywhere — a park, café, even a store! To add a little zest to the game, set up a time limit per each quest. You can always celebrate the successful hunt win with a dinner later, sharing some laughs about the great time that you all had. Here are some ideas to have in mind:

  • Find something old, new, borrowed, and blue!

It does sound easy when you read it, but try finding only ONE unknown person who will have all those things with them. And you will have to convince them to open their bag and dig in them. Not so easy now, huh?

  • Make a wedding veil with toilet paper!

If you are in a café, you should visit the ladies’ room and help the bride make a veil out of toilet paper and go out like that. Or if you are somewhere out, buy toilet paper and do the same. Make her run around with the ‘DIY’ veil for the rest of the bachelorette scavenger hunt to spice things up even more.

  • Take marriage advice from an old married couple!

How sweet will this be? The advice can even be a keeper so she might even learn something from this clean bachelorette scavenger hunt.

  • Sing in public!

This will be hilarious! Visit the karaoke bar and let the bride take the stage and sing her favorite song like nobody’s listening. If you want to avoid the bar whatsoever, make her sing in public wherever you are. Have her hold an imaginary microphone and do a little dance performance while singing.


The bachelorette party will be the last chance for the bride to go wild, and perhaps nothing helps move her in that hunting direction better than a bachelorette scavenger hunt. And who else to help her in her quests than her best girlfriends? That is, if they dare…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to do a bachelorette party scavenger hunt?

Think of some fun but challenging quests that the bride must find or do at her party.

Is there a safe way to do a bachelorette scavenger hunt?

Yes, there are clean and safe ideas that do not include alcohol, bars, or men.

Can a bachelorette scavenger hunt be held at home?

It will be more of a treasure hunt, but it will still be super fun.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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