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Everything You Need To Know About the Stock the Bar Party

Stock The Bar Party

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Whether you are hosting or going on a bridal shower, it is good to know that there is a new and improved form called stock the bar party and it is the best thing to organize or attend, especially if you a fan of good liquor.

A housewarming party, an engagement celebration, a bridal shower, or a simple pre-wedding get-together — a stock the bar party is always a good idea! The purpose of the whole event is to shower the couple with some cool bar gadgets, barware, or some fine bottles of booze that you know the bride-to-be will enjoy. Who wouldn’t like to replace the boring old bridal shower with this super fun version of it?

What is a stock the bar party?

Once you know the idea behind this awesome party, it will become one of your favorite kinds both to host and attend. A stock-the-bar event is a kind of wedding shower where the couple receives gifts that revolve around the bar — from glasses and shakers to whiskeys and spirits. It’s about building up their home bar with cool tools and their favorite liquor. It is like stocking a bar for a party that the newlyweds will hold in the future.

Who throws the stock the bar party and where?

There are no strict rules when it comes to the host of these kinds of celebrations. It can be practically everyone from close friends or family members to the soon-to-be-married couple. When couples decide to throw a stock the bar party, it usually takes place at their home to spare themselves dragging all those bottles and gadgets after the party.

Whoever organizes the event is obliged to make the guest list, think about the décor, send out the stock the bar invitations, and make a registry for gifts. It must be someone very close to the couple so they can know what people they would want to see there and what are their drinking tastes in order to choose the right items for the registry.

Who gets to be invited to the stock the bar party?

As this is a wedding shower, the invitees must be the same as the wedding guest lists. Everyone who is the couple nearest and dearest should get stock the bar party invitation and be part of this special event that celebrates their love and the new life ahead of them.

There are pretty chic and urban invitations for this type of booze bash to choose from that include comic or classy quotes. The invitation must say that the theme is a stock the bar party so that guests would know what gift to bring and what to expect.

Stock-the-bar party decorations

The good thing about these parties is that they don’t require too much decoration. This is not the case like the themed bachelorette parties where the décor is almost everything. These types of fiestas are for the not-so-crafty ones.

If the couple hosts their own stock the bar party shower, they should not go further than some cool signage, a banner, unique menu cards offering their home signature drinks and snacks, and of course, one stylish bar cart holding the liquor and the needed barware.

If it’s a surprise celebration, the stock the bar party decorations should be more focused on personalized bar items that should be left for the couple to keep. Think about one-of-a-kind coasters or napkins or creative tumblers or glassware made just for the two of them.

Do you need a registry for a stock the bar party?

Oh, yes you do! You surely don’t want to end up with several bottles of the same spirit, even if it’s your favorite one. That is why you need to make a registry that contains all needed and wanted barware, glassware, and beverages.

This will make things easier both for you and your guests. Just don’t forget to include items with all price ranges so there is something for everyone’s budget.

What are the best stock the bar gift ideas?

If the host decides to ditch the idea of a gift registry and let the guests’ imagination and creativity unleash, don’t worry because the choice is limitless. These are some of the stock the bar gift ideas that you simply can’t go wrong with.

  • Wine or whiskey decanter
  • Cocktail-making toolset
  • Personalized pints or beer mugs
  • Unique glassware for different types of cocktails
  • Gift baskets
  • Cocktail recipe book

Depending on what kind of spirit the soon-to-be-newlyweds fancy, a couple of personalized, stylish, and uniquely shaped glasses are always a good idea — bourbon, beer, martinis, or different types of cocktails. Are they wine or whiskey lovers? There are so many decanters for both of these beverages that are a real piece of art and are the ideal stock the bar gift idea that every couple would like.

If you know they want to experiment with different types of cocktails, encourage them to learn how to do them on their own with a cocktail-making tool set and a recipe book as a perfect stock the bar gift idea.

Or go for a gift basket and fill it out with a little bit of everything. For the whisky kind, stack it with small bottles of different types of this hard liquor so the couple can find just the right one for them, and include some cigars that go hand in hand. Throw in a cool lighter and a personalized flask too and you’ve just had a winning stock the bar gift idea!

The beer gift basket can be stuffed with beer bottles from different breweries, a pair of tall pint glasses, bags of nuts, and a unique bottle opener. This stock the bar gift idea is a full package! The beer-loving couple won’t need anything else except be left alone to enjoy this home-beer-tasting gift set.

For wine lovers, you can get a bottle of the finest wine they drink for their special occasions packed in an exclusive wooden box that also contains useful wine accessories like a corkscrew, bottle stopper, pouring spout, and drip ring.

With these stock the bar gift ideas, you would not throw any type of party except this one.

What kind of food is served at a stock the bar party?

Serve everything that is a quick bite and do it buffet-style. Take all kinds of finger foods into consideration for stock the bar party ideas for food as well as colorful and original charcuterie boards that have everything everyone wants.

In case the party is hosted at home, you can have chips and dips, canapés, and nuts and crackers available for guests at several places around the room, so that guests can mingle and drink but never on an empty stomach.

Don’t let the sweet treats slip your mind! Put bite-sized cookies like macaroons, chocolate balls, shortcake skewers, cheesecake, or brownie bites on the dessert menu for the sweet-toothed.

Every appetizer should be small but delicious, so be creative!

Extra tips

Keep in mind these tips when organizing a stock the bar party:

  • Don’t forget the virgin cocktails for the drivers and no-alcohol drinkers. Get several kinds of juices and different-flavored syrups to let the guests who are passing on the alcohol enjoy some yummy mocktails.
  • Never use the beverages that you got as a gift to serve your guests. Stocking a bar for a party that you are going to host is your job so you must provide your own booze for the guests and leave the gift bottles for the next party.
  • If you are one of the guests of stock the bar party, watch out for the number of drinks you’ve had. These parties are all about alcohol so it will be easy to go from tipsy to drunk. Lesson for the event: watch your manners and know your limits! You surely don’t want to wake up the next morning with embarrassment and mortification of your behavior last night on top of the headache you will get 100%.
  • Stock up with water and have it on hand! When consuming alcoholic beverages, it is good to drink water to avoid the booze knock you down. As hosts, it is best to serve it with every drink as a reminder for your guests to enjoy responsibility.


Now when the mystery’s solved around the question ‘what is a stock the bar party’, you just have to find a reason and throw one yourself. Or if you have a wedding coming up soon and you have been searching for some new and hip shower ideas, stock the bar party will definitely exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to wear at a stock the bar party?

Choose casual cocktail attire. No ripped jeans nor shiny long mermaid dresses.

Does stock the bar party require a registry?

The safest choice is to make a registry, it will make guests easily choose the gift you want without getting twice the same gift.

When should you have a stock the bar party for wedding?

If you’re hosting a stock the bar wedding shower, plan it around 2 months before the big day, before the bachelorette party.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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