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He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

He said she said bridal shower game

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Let the questions roll and make the fun never stop with one of the greatest bridal shower games He Said She Said. Even though the bridal showers are known to be the calmer pre-wedding parties, that doesn’t mean you can’t include a little fun and games. Luckily for you, we have done the hard work on your behalf and prepared for you a printable He Said She Said question card.

The game would be the perfect entertainment option for the guests and the bride and groom as well.

Material Needed

Below are the materials you’ll need:

  • Question cards
  • Tie-breaking questions prepared
  • Pens
  • Prizes

Around 5 bonus questions are a must to break the tie if you don’t want to be caught in an awkward ‘and now what?’ position.

Remember that the He Said She Said game is a competitive game so prizes are obligatory. If you decide not to use the tie-breaking questions, have in mind that the chances of getting the same number of correct answers between guests are high, so you will need more than one prize.

How to play He Said She Said game

The future bride and groom will receive a copy of the He Said She Said questions to answer before the bridal party and that copy will be the key. If some answers do not match, i.e. they have different opinions and can’t really settle on one, you can mark ‘both’ as the correct answer.

  • Step 1: Each guest will receive one copy to answer in about 3-minute time and guess who between the bride or groom did or said something.
  • Step 2: Each guest counts the number of well-answered questions.
  • Step 3: After the tally, whoever has the highest score is the winner.
  • Step 4: If it’s a tie, use the tie-breaking questions to make the guests compete who will answer them faster.

He Said She Said questions

This is not only a ‘How well do you know the bride’ game, but ‘How well do you know the couple’. So the questions must be prepared by someone who knows them both exceptionally well.

Here are some inspiration He Said She Said questions:

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who kissed first?
  3. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
  4. Who first suggested going on a vacation together?
  5. Who proposed?
  6. Who is the top dog in the relationship?
  7. Who cooks better?
  8. Who is always right?
  9. Who is more organized?
  10. Who spends more time getting ready to go out?
  11. Who has better humor?
  12. Who tends to hold a grudge longer?
  13. Who is a bigger money spender?
  14. Who is more adventurous?
  15. Who is more romantic?
  16. Who is more jealous?
  17. Who is more patient?
  18. Who has better taste in music?
  19. Who likes to own a pet more?
  20. Who likes kids more?
  21. Who snores?
  22. Who swears more?

Funny He Said She Said Questions

Bridal shower is all about humor and fun, isn’t it? How about you add glamour to the party by including these funny He Said She said Questions?

  1. Who’s more likely to get lost while driving?
  2. Who takes longer to get prepared in the morning?
  3. Who’s more likely to shed tears at a sad movie?
  4. Who eats a lot of food?
  5. Who comes second at cooking?
  6. Who scared of a doctor’s appointment?
  7. Who’s afraid of a cold shower?
  8. Who’s the messy one?
  9. Who’s the most impatient between the two of you?
  10. Who has the worst handwriting?

Different versions of the He Said She Said bridal shower game

If you want to upgrade the bridal party and extend the laughing time, include different versions of the He Said She Said game.

‘How well do you know the bride’ game for the groom to play or the other way around

The bride is given a questionnaire to answer about her personal preferences, standings, and opinions. The same questions are given to the groom to answer so that he can play the ‘How well do you know the bride’ game.

The bridal shower guests can answer what did the groom say questions and predict how many correct answers he managed to give. Just imagine the laughs about all the wrong ones! If you can make an interview asking the groom to answer the questions about the bride and put all that on video which you can all watch at the party, the game will be a total success and you will definitely laugh your head off.

Do the same for the bride to see how many bridal shower questions for the groom she will manage to answer right.

Here are some he said she said questions for the ‘how well do you know the bride’ version:

    1. What is his/her favorite movie?
    2. What is his/her celebrity crush?
    3. What is his/her favorite food?
    4. What is his/her favorite drink?
    5. What annoys him/her the most?
    6. What does he/she enjoy doing the most?
    7. What is his/her dream job?
    8. What is his/her dream city to live in?
    9. What is his/her favorite thing to do at home?

Who Said It bridal shower game

The He Said She Said game has another version where the bride and groom separately answer random personal questions. At the party, the hosts can read one question at a time and choose only one answer to give so that guests can guess who said it.

The Who Said It bridal shower game is an excellent version that will surely raise the level of amusement at the party.

Here are some he said she said questions for the ‘Who Said It bridal shower game’ version.

  1. What is the best thing about your partner?
  2. What is the favorite part of your partner’s body?
  3. What is the most annoying thing your partner does?
  4. What you first thought of your partner?
  5. If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?
  6. What is the best thing that your partner does for you?
  7. What did you want to be as a child?
  8. How many children do you want to have?
  9. What is your dream honeymoon place?


The He Said She Said bridal shower game is the power recipe for a super exciting party. Except for everybody having a good time, it’s a great way to see the core and the beauty of the soon-to-be newlywed’s relationship and how they are really meant to be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you play the He Said She Said bridal shower game?

Guests must answer questions and guess who did or said the action in question, the bride or the groom.

What are some funny questions for the He Said She Said bridal shower game?

The funny ones are always the ones the couple has a hard time agreeing on like, who is always right, who is the alpha in the relationship, and similar.

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