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Spark Laughing Moments With These Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game Questions

Would She Rather wedding shower game

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The bridal shower is a party where everything is about the future bride. She is showered with gifts and attention by her bridesmaids and other guests ,who must ensure she enjoys this event to the fullest.

And what can bring more enjoyment than sparking laughter with our printable Would She Rather bridal shower questions? It will not only upgrade the party but also make the bride-to-be feel even more special. It will be an excellent opportunity to have a blast, share some laughs, and spark a conversation between the guests.

Needed material for the Would She Rather bridal shower game

Here is what you’ll need for the game:

  • Question cards
  • Bonus tiebreaker question cards
  • Pens
  • Know the bride like the back of your hand
  • Prizes prepared

How to play the Would She Rather bridal shower game

  • Step 1: Each guest will be handed out a question card with several questions (with two option answers) about the bride’s preferences, which they need to answer in a given time.
  • Step 2: The bride-to-be answers all questions about herself – her question card will be the key.
  • Step 3: Answers are compared against the bride’s card, and whoever has the most correct answers is the winner.
  • Step 4: Award the winner. The prize goes to the bridal shower guest who knows the bride best!

Would She Rather Bridal Shower game questions

Here are some of the Would She Rather bridal shower questions.

Most common Would She Rather questions

Would She Rather:

  • sleep in or get up early
  • stay in or go out
  • eat cake or icecream
  • drink coffee or tea
  • watch the movie or read the book
  • take beer with fries or wine with cheese
  • pick a dog or a cat
  • pick a summer and sea or winter and mountain trees
  • live in a city or a countryside
  • cook or order take-out
  • wear heels or flats
  • shop online or go to the store
  • be late or early
  • choose chocolate or strawberry
  • camp or go to a hotel

Personal Would She Rather questions

The bridal shower host may come up with her own Would She Rather bridal shower game questions to avoid the game looking generic.

When crafting the, think about the bride’s favorite movies, TV shows, singers, sports, specific food, etc. Here are some examples:

Would She Rather:

  • pick Sex and the City or Grey’s Anatomy
  • order Mexican or Italian
  • choose Titanic or Armageddon
  • listen to Adele or Beyoncé
  • watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings
  • pick Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise
  • drink Mojito or Long Island iced tea
  • go to Ibiza or Hawaii

Tiebreaking Would She Rather questions

When it comes to breaking the tie, think of more specific Would She Rather questions that will be hard to answer. To spice things up, add a 5-second time limit. The prizes must be earned, not given!

Here are some ideas:

  • Would she rather marry her true love or choose someone lousily rich?
  • Would she rather choose for her partner to forget her birthday or anniversary?
  • Would she rather wear heels to the gym or sneakers at her wedding?


    The Would She Rather bridal shower game is always a good idea to elevate the atmosphere at the party and keep those laughs coming. Remember that the fun lies in the questions, so try to come up with some catchy ones.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are Would She Rather bridal shower game instructions?

    All guests receive question cards with two possible answers and must choose which option the bride would prefer.

    What are some of the best Would She Rather Hen party questions?

    Would she rather drink beer or wine, eat Italian or Mexican food, choose summer or winter, live in the city or the countryside, arrive late or early, stay in or go out, etc?

    How do you play the He Said She Said bridal shower game?

    Guests receive question cards with two options, and they have to decide between the future bride and groom who said or did something.

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