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What To Wear to a Bridal Shower?

What to wear to a bridal shower

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Bridal showers — the calmer version of the pre-wedding celebrations that are quiet but elegant, feminine, and fun. Brides, especially the ones who are not so fond of bachelorette parties and would rather avoid all the craziness behind them, opt for these types of events where a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere is created. And as with every other event, bridal shower etiquette has to be observed even when it comes to attire.

So the big question here is what to wear to a bridal shower if you are attending as a guest. Here are the two main ground rules:

  • Don’t overshadow the bride
  • Avoid dressing too informally

You wouldn’t want to upset the bride, right? Read on to find out what our experts admonish and give a green light as the best cloth choices to wear for a bridal shower.

How to dress for a bridal shower?

The dress code of a bridal shower is always led by the central rule: never wear something that would outshine the bride-to-be. She is the leading protagonist and the main honoree of the whole event, which means that everything must revolve around her.

So before beating your brains out about the question ‘What do you wear to a bridal shower’ and making a decision, you should first know all the following details about the bridal shower.

Type of event

Is it casual or formal? Will it be okay to put on something more relaxed but still elegant or you should fancy it up a bit? Knowing what type of celebration to expect is the key to your search for what to wear to a bridal shower as a guest.

If the host decides on throwing an wedding shower, dress accordingly. You can still wear a dress but nothing splashy. Think casual smart style when choosing. On the other hand, if the bride is fancy-pants and you expect the whole event to be a lavish celebration, you may need to cherry-pick a more formal attire package with proper stilettoes and accessories.

Whether classy or laid-back, comfort should always be present in your outfit when selecting how to dress for a bridal shower. Mainly because bridal shower games might be part of the event and some can require you to move more freely.


Knowing where the bridal shower will take place will tell you a lot. Expect a formal event if it’s set at one of the top-notch restaurants. If it’s a tea party bridal shower, you can dress down, just don’t go overboard. Tracksuit is never the answer to the question ‘What to wear to a bridal shower’, even if it’s a super casual home party.


In case there is a bridal shower theme involved, you must follow the rules. That will be your main guidance on how to dress for a bridal shower. It may involve costumes or clothes in a certain color. Whatever it is about, you should never neglect it — it will be seen as offensive and cocky.

What you should really wear for bridal shower: Garments and accessories options

Be guided by the following choice of garments and accessories when choosing what to wear to a bridal shower:

  • Dress: it can be pleated or bodycon, mini or maxi, A-line or skin-tight. A guest at a bridal shower should be very ladylike but comfortable at the same time. Bright colors, floral and cheerful prints are considered appropriate for an occasion like this.
  • Jacket: depending on the weather, it can be a light trench or a blazer. And they also look good with everything.
  • Shoes: bridal showers are open for ballet flats, but some pretty ones, not the ones you wear every day. A pair of Mary Janes or stilettos are another good options for a more fancy celebration.
  • Accessories: Accentuate your waist with a nice belt and wear a delicate and thin necklace.
  • Bag: try to leave the large bag you use to go to work from Monday to Friday and wear a small one in which you only carry what is necessary. Be careful, it should not be the same small and shiny clutch you take to nightclubs.

Can you wear white to a bridal shower?

Be mindful that the white color is always off-limits for bridal showers. The only exception is if the bridal shower theme or dress code allows for wearing it.

The rules are not so strict when it comes to the white-shoes rule — if you are wearing a dark monochromatic outfit, it won’t be wrong to freshen up your look with a pair of classic white pumps.

Can you wear black to a bridal shower?

There is nothing wrong in wearing black if the event will be held in the evening but it is desirable to stick to the colors that manifest positivity and warmth. So in the end, can you wear black to a bridal shower? Yes, for a formal evening event, and no for a daytime celebration.

Can you wear jeans to a bridal shower?

yes, you can wear jeans to a bridal shower more so a casual bridal shower. If you know the event is going to be super chill and easygoing, you can pick a pair of light but never ripped jeans and combine it with a cotton, silky, or linen shirt or blouse to keep the look both stylish and comfy. Throw on a blazer for a more classy appearance.

Disregard wearing  jeans to a bridal shower if the event is formal, instead opt for a dress.

Can I wear pants to a bridal shower?

Pants are okay to wear to a bridal shower because they can be both formal and casual, depending on the model, footwear, and other attire choice.

Opt for wide and pattered pants with a solid-colored top for an easy-going event held at home. Go for a monochromatic pantsuit and accessorize it with a simple but eye-catching neckless or ring. So next time you ask yourself ‘Can I wear pants to a bridal shower’, know that it is perfectly fine.


Now you know what to wear to a bridal shower! Keep it classy and stylish and don’t forget to have fun!

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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