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Can You Wear Pants to a Bridal Shower?

wearing pants for bridal shower

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Has your close friend, sister, or that special lady invited you to a bridal shower in your life and wondering whether you can wear pants to a bridal shower?

Yes, you can wear pants to a bridal shower!

If you’re a girl who dreads putting on skirts or you aren’t a dress kind of woman, you can definitely put on pants to a shower. And since this is a wonderful event to celebrate, it’s essential to put on something dressier, meaning properly-tailored dress pants are one of the best options.

Continue reading to learn more about the most appropriate pants option for this event and the pants you should avoid

Best Pants to put on to a Bridal Shower

Wide-leg pants

If you’re a woman who loves style and comfort, especially when attending events, you may want to consider putting on a pair of gorgeous wide-leg pants to a bridal shower. Moreover, wide-leg pants will give you room to experiment with several fun tops. You’ll find pastel colors excellent for such types of pants.

Wide-leg pants would easily work well with bridal showers, and even better, you’ve got the option of choosing cropped wide-leg pants or some long ones. Furthermore, you can also find different kinds of footwear to compliment your look.

What to Avoid

White Pants

So, can you wear white pants to a bridal shower? While we are still on the topic of how to dress to embrace the feminine nature of bridal showers, it’s a good time to talk about matters to do with the dress color to wear a little bit more.

While black and white are some of the easy go-to colors that you can wear, when it comes to what to wear to bridal shower, it’s better to avoid wearing white. You should leave white color for the bride-to-be unless the bride exclusively allows you.

Even though bridal showers aren’t official weddings, in most cases, the soon-to-be missus may want to wear white on this special day, and that color should be specifically reserved for her on what must be one of her big days.

Black Pants

Besides everything to do with white, on the other hand, can you wear black pants to a bridal shower? And is there anything wrong with black? Well, all bridal showers are joyous occasions, and traditionally, black has always been associated with sadness or mourning, and feelings that no one wants to bring such into the bridal shower.

So for the above reason, you may want to you may want to find another pant color that you feel good to wear as opposed to black, white, or ivory. As a pro tip, you may want to put on the colors that go with the season!

It’s very likely that the bridal shower’s theme is designed factoring in seasonal hues in mind. For instance, if the bridal shower is scheduled to be held in summer or spring, you won’t go wrong with floral prints or pastel. During fall or winter seasons, jewel or metallic tones are ideal hues during such seasons.

Revealing Pants

Bridal showers are events where close friends and family members gather for the soon-to-be bride and her big day. This being said, you may want to air on the side of heedfulness regarding showing too much skin to the shower.

As a guest invited to a bridal shower, it’s advisable to stick to modest pants. Even if you aren’t mostly a woman with humility, it’s respectable to let the soon-to-be missus have her moment during her shower and ensure you stay covered. Wearing appropriate pants will allow you to participate in bridal shower games comfortably without the need to tugging your pants.

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