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What To Wear to a Bridal Shower When It’s Cold

cold bridal shower

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Have you been invited to attend a bridal shower during the cold season and wondering what to wear to a bridal shower in winter? A floral dress, a sweater dress, a sweater alongside a maxi skirt, and pants are the best outfits to wear to bridal showers in winter.

First, bridal showers are among the special and fun occasions where close friends and family typically come together to ‘shower’ the soon-to-be bride with bridal shower gifts and celebrate this special day with her, a few weeks before her big wedding day.

During the winter months, though, it could be slightly more challenging for you to assemble a gorgeous bridal shower outfit. If you’re among bridal shower guests this winter and you are not sure what to put on during these cold months, you may want to read this post to the end.

What to wear to a winter bridal shower as a guest

The question, “what to wear to a bridal shower when it’s cold?” will mostly arise during cold winter months. In line with this, a majority of soon-to-be brides prefer indoor event or a tea party bridal shower during this time.

Having said the above, the ideal color scheme for a bridal shower in winter is composed of rich, dark, and warm tones. Here, colors such as brown, navy blue, copper, dark green and burgundy are ideal choices with which you may want to build your attire.

As a guest invited to a bridal shower and wondering what to wear to a winter bridal shower, you’ll find the following outfits ideal:

  • A floral dress

lady wearing a floral dress

Does the bridal shower theme welcome florals? If that’s the case, there’s no problem with wearing a floral dress. You can add a little bit of life to this occasion by finding a midi dress that has floral prints.

You can pair your floral dress with a fitting cardigan for some extra warmth. Heeled boots or a pair of heels are perfect for footwear.

  • A maxi skirt and sweater

An excellent way for you to show up at a bridal shower event looking warm and chic is by pairing a cute long skirt with a nice sweater. For instance, if the theme is pastel colors, you can so much fun with this outfit as you can easily pair two different pastel colors in your outfit, creating a fashion-forward look.

You can complete the above outfit with a pair of gorgeous pair of heels in neutral colors. You may want to go for ankle boots to go with your long skirt since most of your leg will be covered anyway. If you want to put forward a more formal look, try finding a fitted sweater.

Sweater dress

ladies wearing sweater dress - a nice winter bridal shower outfit

In case dresses aren’t your thing as such and wondering what to wear to a winter bridal shower brunch, you may want to try a fitting sweater dress in a rich color scheme such as burgundy or dark green. It’s advisable to find a color that perfectly complements the tone of your skin, alongside a sweater dress available in the same color.

During bridal shower events held at cold winter months, you may want to try a maxi or midi dress with the assurance that it will work just perfectly.

Sweater and pants

Regardless of the event’s theme, wearing pants to a bridal shower is always a classic option. You can pair black pants with a sweater available in a different color for a look that you could easily take from your office setting to the party.

If the bridal shower event is scheduled to take place at a country club, it would be best to slip into some pair of heels once you reach your destination. To keep yourself extra warm, add a warm coat on top plus some cute ankle boots.


when it comes to winter bridal shower outfits, the outfits we’ve shared are the best for a cold weather event. Remember to always show respect to the dress code. However, if there’s no mention of the dress code, steer away from an all-white outfit.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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