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Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette: All You Need to Know

bridal shower gift etiquette

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Are you planning to attend a bridal shower soon? The occasion is unquestionably a pleasant opportunity for the bride-to-be’s close female friends and other invited guests to get together and celebrate. Despite its roots in custom and decorum, things seem to have changed over the years, which may leave you uncertain of the gifts to bring.

You’ve already RSVP’d on the bridal shower invitation, next comes the question: what gifts? More so, what type of gift do you take with you to a bridal shower? Then, how much should you spend on a bridal shower gift? Don’t sweat the small stuff! At AwesomeBridal, we have all the information on the best bridal shower gift etiquette.

The Primary Purpose of a Bridal Showers Gift Giving

The main purpose of a bridal shower gift is to congratulate and support the soon-to-be missus as she begins her new life as a married woman. Usually, the bride receives useful and practical gifts that will help her establish her new house or enhance her marriage.

It’s important to keep in mind that bridal shower gifts are more than just a means of exchange; it represents your love and support for the bride.

Do you bring a gift to bridal shower?

The term shower means ‘showering with gifts’ the soon-to-be bride. Therefore, proper etiquette dictates you should carry a gift to a bridal shower.

Bringing a gift to a bridal shower is a wonderful way to show the bride-to-be that you are rooting for her on her special day. By bringing a gift, you succeed in adhering to traditional bridal shower protocol. At the bridal shower, everyone is expected to purchase a gift for the bride, unless she expressly requests that there be none.

What kind of gifts are good for a bridal shower?

While there aren’t any strict guidelines as such for selecting bridal shower gifts, however, kitchenware, spa products, home décor, cash gifts, and personalized items such as monogrammed towels make some of the most popular choices.

You need to consider a few important things when thinking of what kind of gifts to bring to a bridal shower. To ensure that you get things right, you need to prioritize taking the soon-to-be missus’ interests and preferences into account.

In line with the above, you may already be aware of her preferences, especially if you’re close to the bride. But if not, there’s no harm in seeking advice or guidance from the bride’s immediate family or close friends.

How much should you spend on a bridal shower gift?

There’s no known official rulebook on how much you need to spend on a bridal shower gift. However, most bridal shower invites will often spend $50 to $75 on a gift. Family members, the maid of honor, and the bride-to-be’s close friends can spend slightly more, though that isn’t necessary.

When deciding how much you need to spend on a bridal shower gift, you may use the $50 to $75 dollar as the general range. However, remember that there’s no set formula. The amount you choose to spend should be what you can afford.

Do you have to buy a bridal shower gift if you won’t attend the event?

It’s sensible to purchase a bridal shower gift even if you won’t be attending the shower. You may not be able to attend a bridal shower event, probably due to personal reasons or unavoidable circumstances. Expressing your apologies can never be simple, and it may be a wonderful idea to send a gift if you won’t make it.

Even though it’s not necessary to buy a bridal shower gift if you aren’t going to attend the event, giving the couple a gift is a wonderful way of letting them know you’re happy for them and looking forward for their wedding, even if you won’t be attending the bridal shower event.

Do bridal showers require specific types of gifts?

The bridal shower theme mostly dictates the kind of gifts you should bring. However, it’s more of a norm than a rule, implying you won’t be wrong to bring something different from what bridal shower theme dictates. For instance, romantically scented DIY candles or soap could be a good bridal shower idea that may be not in sync with the bridal shower theme but would still suffice.

However, for the sake for the bride’s interest in what she find adorable as gifts, she may likely include all gifts in the registry and included on all invitations. This will make it easy for you to know what gift to choose and where to shop.

What’s the ideal way to politely ask for gifts on a bridal shower invitation?

The most polite way of asking for gifts on a bridal shower event is by word of mouth. You can ask your close friends and family members to assist you in spreading the word. Additionally, if you have a small or no registry, you’ll help your guests get the hint.

Besides the word of mouth, you can also throw some gift card shower and add a small section to the bridal shower website for gift cards. If you put a “gift card shower” on your invitation list, invited guests will have an idea of what to bring.

What’s the best way to say no gifts for bridal shower?

Skipping the traditional wedding registry is the best way to say no to bridal shower gifts, especially if you feel like you’ve got everything you need. While the wording may be slightly challenging, the most important thing is to communicate your wishes to invited guests to avoid confusion.

More often, the best gift that you can bring or carry to a bridal shower event is your presence. For brides that don’t want to fuss over gifts but prefer to party hard, a good way of saying no to bridal shower gifts is to compose bridal shower invitations instructing guests not to bring gifts.

Is it a good idea to purchase a bridal shower gift that’s off the couple’s registry?

There’s no harm in purchasing a bridal shower gift that’s off the couple’s registry. But even though you can choose to do that, examined closely, this seems outdated. To get things right, you may want to get something available on the couple’s registry.

If possible, inquire from the host if the bridal shower is themed, and in case you know the soon-to-be missus well, feel free to find something that you know she’ll appreciate and use.

When do you open bridal shower gifts?

When to open bridal shower gifts vary from one bride to the next. But will the soon-to-be bride open your gift in front of everyone? In all likelihood, yes! Therefore, avoid giving her any gifts that you would feel uncomfortable receiving in front of everyone at the party.

Not every bride will want to be the center of attention while accepting gifts, so she may do so quietly and without drawing attention to herself. She may also ask her hosts to accept gifts on her behalf as guests arrive and display them.

Overall, be ready for both the bride to openly gush about you and your present in front of the entire party and for the possibility that you won’t actually witness her do so. You ought to get a graciously worded thank-you note either way.

Wrap Up

Etiquette for bridal shower gifts can be complicated. However, bringing a gift to a bridal shower is an excellent way of expressing your support for the soon-to-be missus on her special day. Fortunately, bridal shower gift ideas are plenty and if you’re keen enough, you can never go wrong on what gift to bring to a bridal shower event.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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