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25 Bridal Shower Favors Ideas of 2024

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Bridal shower favors are little tokens of appreciation that the future bride gives her guests as an expression of gratitude for attending the event. Bridal shower favors are lately becoming a fast-growing trend, especially with modern brides.

During bridal showers, the soon-to-be missus’ job is to sit back, relax, and celebrate the day of her bridal shower with close friends and family members. However, the bride is also on the hook by ensuring she finds the best bridal shower favors for her invites.

Picking the right bridal shower favor may be challenging to most, luckily, our experts have done the hard work on your behalf and prepared for you a list of the bridal shower favors ideas.

Best Bridal Shower Favors

The guests that attend your bridal shower are a unique bunch. They’re probably a combination of your fiancé’s close relatives, friends, and other loved ones who have supported you during the entire wedding planning process. For that reason, you may want to appreciate them with some of the best bridal shower favors that include the following:

  • Handmade Scented Soaps
  • Scented Candles
  • Sheet Mask
  • Personalized Mints
  • Heart-Shape Measuring Spoon

1. Handmade Scented Soaps

handmade scented soaps – bridal shower favor

These fragrant soaps are nearly too adorable to use. Produced by hand using premium ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, dried lavender, and dried rose petals, these opulent-scented candles are available in numerous opulent flavors like lemon verbena, citrus, and honeysuckle.

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2. Scented Candles

scented candles – bridal shower favorThese personalized candles come in beautiful aromas including Aruba coconut and cactus flower and they are a good choice for bridal shower favors.

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3. Sheet Masksheet mask – bridal shower favorIf you want your guests to treat themselves, you’ll find a nice facemask, the epitome of self-care. These sheet masks are said to produce noticeable results with just one application, and they are available in multiple variations. Sheet masks make it into the best bridal shower favor ideas list.

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4. Personalized Mints

personalized mints – bridal shower favor

Personalized mints are one of the best bridal shower favors that visitors will use! Custom labels are easy to order and apply to TicTac containers (which you can get in large quantities on Amazon).

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5. Heart-Shape Measuring Spoon

heart-shape measuring spoon – bridal shower favor

Are you thinking of giving each of your guests a souvenir that they will genuinely treasure? Then, a heart-shaped measuring Spoon present could not be more kind than anything else could. Give everyone this fantastic wedding shower favor to show them how much you value their friendship. These kitchen tools are designed in the form of a heart.

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Cheap / inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors

As noted earlier, bridal shower favor ideas are many. Besides finding some of the best bridal shower favors, you can also find several inexpensive ones to offer to your invites. Some top choices include:

  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Luggage Tags
  • Heart Bottle Opener
  • Lip Balm
  • Egg Whisk

6. Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizer – bridal shower favor

These days, hand sanitizers are inexpensive bridal shower favors, with customized hand sanitizer bottles fast becoming a must-have accessory for upcoming weddings. Make sure they match the theme of your wedding or party and present them as personalized bridal shower favors to guests who attend your event.

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7. Luggage Tags

luggage tags – bridal shower favor

Luggage tags are also inexpensive bridal shower favors you can offer to guests. Using travel tags for luggage is an inexpensive option for a wedding shower with a getaway theme. These stylish travel tags will make it easy for them to identify their bags and surely remember you for many years.

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8. Heart Bottle Opener

heart bottle opener – cheap bridal shower favor

You may enhance the memory of your guests’ celebrations by providing them with bottle openers shaped like hearts. These inexpensive bridal shower favor ideas are ideal for a romantic wedding theme. These bottle openers are helpful in addition to being cute.

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9. Lip Balm

lip balm– cheap bridal shower favor

Inexpensive favors for a glam-themed bridal shower should include lip balms with pleasant scents. Give your female group something to keep their lips luscious during the chilly months. They’re also excellent for touch-ups when out and about, for fun, dates, or work.

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10. Egg Whisk

egg whisk – cheap bridal shower favor

More lovely and inexpensive, personalized egg whisks make perfect bridal shower favors, ideal for a traditional-themed event, and a kind gift from a woman who loves cooking. Put your signature on them by including humorous words or pictures. If you have a small guest list, you might have their names etched on their whisks.

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11. Stemless Wine Glass

stemless wine glass – bridal shower favor

Stemless glasses of wine are a lovely “thank you” gift. You may personalize or leave these cheap, reusable wedding shower favors or leave them blank. Something good about them is that they are available cheaply.

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12. Sugar Body Scrubs

sugar body scrubs – cheap bridal shower favor

Cheaply purchase sugar scrubs for your guests to use on their skin. Each gift uses natural components (coconut oil, cane sugar, and cold-pressed olive oil). As the bride, you can add your name or initials to the label to create a personalized bridal party present.

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13. Heart-Shaped Bamboo Cheese Boards

bamboo cheese boards – cheap bridal shower favor

These heart-shaped cheese boards are decorative and functional at the same time. Each present is available cheaply in a gorgeous box with a bamboo spreader. Your visitors will be serving their favorite snacks from these small cheese boards in no time.

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14. Zodiac Jewelry Dishes

zodiac jewelry dishes – cheap bridal shower favor

Giving each guest a personalized gift is an excellent idea for a small event. Zodiac jewelry dishes feature a unique pattern for each sign of the zodiac. Your astrology-obsessed guests will be delighted by these catch-all recipes for stars. Luckily, they are also available cheaply.

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15. Farmhouse Wall Art \Canvas Print

farmhouse wall art – bridal shower favor

A canvas print is one of our favorite things to do for low-cost or cheap bridal shower favors. Give your guests a piece of art to hang in their house as a token of your affection for attending your bridal shower party.

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Unique Bridal Shower Favors

Celebration and happiness abound during bridal showers to honor the future bride. Furthermore, it is appropriate for the bride to give back by providing bridal shower favors, even if this is an occasion to “shower” the bride with presents.

The bride can select her favorite bridal shower favors for her guests from a wide variety of themes, décor, and bridal shower favor ideas and selections.

While bridal shower favors come in countless varieties, we tried our best to compile a list of unique bridal shower favors that include the following:

  • Love Seed Packet
  • Hair Ties
  • Mini Bottle of Champagne with Customized Labels
  • Bath Bombs
  • Macrame Keychain

16. Love Seed Packet

love seed packet – unique bridal shower favor

Who wouldn’t want to watch love blossom? Present your guests with unique seed packs to plant in their gardens. As the bride, you can put your name, that of your soon-to-be spouse, and the wedding date on each packet or bottle so that when the guests decide to plant the flowers, they will be reminded of you.

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17. Hair Ties

hair ties – bridal shower favor

Do you love glitter or perhaps some polka dots? You can find unique hair ties that you believe your guests would like, then put a customized tag with the wedding date on the back of each one. You can try the saying “To have & to hold your hair up”.

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18. Mini Bottle of Champagne with Customized Labels

mini bottle of champagne with customized labels – unique bridal shower favor

Champagne says elegance, and the label indicates you gave your guests’ bridal shower gifts much consideration. Hence, this is an adorable, elegant, and unique way to say goodbye to them for attending your bridal shower party.

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19. Bath Bombs

bath bombs – unique bridal shower favor

Not to mention that the tags are adorable and snappy; undoubtedly, bath bombs are the key to any girl’s heart! Send your guests home with this relaxing and unique present to show them how much you appreciate them for making it to your party.

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20. Macrame Keychain

keychain – unique bridal shower favor

For anyone who enjoys unique and meaningful gifts, whether nature lovers, boho or minimalist style enthusiasts, or just plain trendy, a macramé keychain with a leaf design is a distinctive and stylish present. As the bride, you can offer your guests Macrame keychains as bridal shower favors.

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DIY Bridal Shower Favors

Creating handmade or DIY bridal shower favors is a great way to express gratitude to your guests for joining you in celebrating. Choosing the ideal DIY bridal shower favor might be challenging because it frequently requires you to select something that represents your personality and your friends and family’s interests.

You may achieve the ideal balance for your shower by creating your favors. If you are creative, you can come up with several homemade bridal shower favor ideas and presents that your guests will find helpful. Some DIY bridal shower favors include the following:

  • Dried Lavender Sachets
  • Dry Flowers Bouquet Magnet
  • Candy Box
  • Hot Honey Jar
  • Mini Bottle of Bubbly

21. Dried Lavender Sachets

You can create dried lavender sachets in minutes as a simple and affordable do-it-yourself activity. Upon completion, guests will get a charming little pouch of dried lavender to store in their drawers or closets to freshen their scent.

22. Dry Flowers Bouquet Magnet

These exquisite DIY bouquets of dried flowers will ensure visitors never forget you. Each comes with dry flowers, kraft paper, a rustic tag, and a magnet. These sweet, tiny flowers make great favors for your guests and can be used to set the mood for the bridal shower.

23. Candy Box

As the soon-to-be missus, you can think of a chocolate candy package that is colorful and lovely! This DIY gift is also ideal for your bridal shower. Your guests will think they are on your special day when they get these party favors! It’s exquisite, charming, and lovely! You may create them with resources that are readily available nearby.

24. Hot Honey Jar

Give your guests a spicy-sweet delicacy to look forward to on your special day after they’ve given you all the lovely marriage advice.

25. Mini Bottle of Bubbly

You can make personalized labels to attach to your preferred sparkling or rosé wine brand so your guests may celebrate even after yours is over.

Final Remarks

The idea of bridal shower favors among contemporary brides is quickly expanding. It’s a way to demonstrate your gratitude to visitors for devoting their time to your celebration and gift-giving. You can include beauty essentials, individualized gifts, decorations, services, spices, and more could be included. Ultimately, what counts is the thought.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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