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Top 5 Easiest States to Get Married in 2024

easiest States to get married in

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Have you found your partner and are ready to spend the rest of your lives together? In many states across the U.S., tying the knot officially can be a challenging experience with a couple of hoops you need to jump through alongside several boxes to check.

Several years back, many individuals were okay with holding weddings in their states or hometown. But can you get married in a different state than where you live? With so much information at individuals’ disposal today, many look for exciting locations/destinations to hold their weddings.

If you’re excited and wish to make your wedding official, without all the logistics, count yourself lucky, as this article will suit you.

These are the top 5 states to get married in.

  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Utah
  • Montana

1: Colorado

If you aren’t aware, the “purple mountain majesty” refers to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. A quick glimpse at Colorado’s Front Range will make you comprehend the reason for this. Not only is Colorado a beautiful state, but also among the easiest states to get married in.

Newly weds at Colorado Pikes Peak mountain

Colorado law doesn’t require a witness, blood test, or a waiting period for you to get married. Even better, you can self-solemnize your marriage in Colorado. In other words, you can marry yourself without an officiant or judge present.

The above can be very beneficial, especially for couples searching for a unique or rather off-the-grid elopement venue where only the two of you are present.

2: Idaho

Known for its epic and intimate backdrops, the Gem state of Idaho is next on the list. Though Idaho doesn’t permit self-solemnization, the law of the state requires the presence of an officiant who’ll sign your married license.

Similar to Colorado, Idaho law doesn’t require blood tests, witnesses, or waiting period. This state is unique because of its Jagged Sawtooths that stretch into the Northern Sky and its winding sunlit clear rivers.

If you feel somehow attached to the earth through windswept plains and bright sunsets, Idaho is undoubtedly the ideal place to get married.

3: Wyoming

wedding at Grand Teton Wyoming

Besides Colorado and Idaho, another state where you can get married easily with several unique outdoor venues is the Equality state of Wyoming. Again, Wyoming law doesn’t compel couples to have blood test results or waiting periods.

Wyoming law requires the presence of two witnesses in addition to an ordained officiate who’ll sign your marriage certificate. And if the ease of holding your marriage in Wyoming isn’t sufficient to inspire you, rest assured that the landscape will do that.

4: Utah

Utah is famous for its fantastic rock formations and epic State Parks. But are you aware that it’s also among one of the easiest states to get married in? And while Utah law does require the presence of two witnesses, on the other hand, blood tests and waiting periods aren’t needed.

Utah tends to get crowded around national parks, meaning you may want to plan your wedding early. Fortunately, jumping through the technicalities of a challenging wedding logistics process is one thing you can easily cross off your list in Utah.

5: Montana

From the star-littered sky to the rolling hills, the state of Montana will undoubtedly astound you. If you’re looking for a State where it’s easy to get married in besides the ones mentioned above, Montana State is the go-to option.

Montana laws don’t require the presence of witnesses or waiting period. However, before you can say, “I do,” you must have taken a blood test. 


The table below (Updated December 2023) breaks down the aforementioned marriage-friendly states into several important parameters worth noting.

State Waiting Period License Issuer License Expiration Laws and Notes
Colorado N/A Recorder’s office or any court clerk 30 days Colo. Rev. Stat. §§ 14-2-106, 14-2-107 (2022)
Idaho N/A Any county recorder No expiration Idaho Code § 32-403 (2022)
Wyoming N/A Any county clerk 1 year Wyo. Stat. § 20-1-103 (2022)
Utah N/A Any county clerk 32 days Utah Code § 30-1-7 (2022)
Montana N/A Any available district court clerk 180 days Mont. Code §§ 40-1-202, 40-1-212 (2022)

What’s the cheapest state to have a wedding in?

Holding your marriage in the U.S. can be an expensive affair compared to other countries where the cost of living tends to be much lower. Sadly, for many people with families across the U.S., destination weddings aren’t always on the cards.

Holding your marriage closer to home is often more affordable, logistically possible, and realistic. However, if you wish to get the best bang for your money, there’s no harm in exploring the available options.

Only a few people can afford a vast and expensive wedding, especially in states known for being expensive. Besides being affordable, you’d prefer to get married that will fit your budget. According to a report recently published by Forbes Advisor, the following are some of the cheapest states to get married in:

State Average cost of a wedding ($)
Kansas $16,000
Utah $16,000
Oklahoma $16,000
Montana $18,000
Wyoming $18,000
Idaho $19,000
Iowa $19,000
Oregon $19,000
South Dakota $20,000
North Dakota $20,000

What states can you get married in the same day?


It’s not surprising to bump into engaged couples who want to get married in a hurry, immediately! There are plenty of reasons for this. For example, military couples may face unexpected deployment, residency, and insurance issues or challenging wedding plans that compel some couples to elope.

Besides the above, several other circumstances lead plenty of couples to ask themselves about the possibility of a same-day wedding – meaning a wedding that takes place on the same day they apply for and purchase their marriage license.

Same-day marriage is possible but depends on the state that you reside in. In some states, you can have your wedding on the same day to apply for your marriage license. However, in other states, there’s a ‘waiting period.’

In the table below, you’ll find the states where you can get married the same day you apply and purchase your marriage license:

State Waiting Period
Alabama N/A
Arizona N/A
Arkansas N/A
Colorado N/A
California N/A
Connecticut N/A
District of Columbia N/A
Georgia N/A
Hawaii N/A
Idaho N/A
Indiana N/A
Kentucky N/A
Maine N/A
Minnesota N/A
Mississippi N/A
Missouri N/A
Montana N/A
Nebraska N/A
Nevada N/A
New Hampshire N/A
New Mexico N/A
North Carolina N/A
North Dakota N/A
Ohio N/A
Oklahoma N/A
Puerto Rico N/A
Rhode Island N/A
South Dakota N/A
Tennessee N/A
Utah N/A
Vermont N/A
Virginia N/A
West Virginia N/A
Wyoming N/A

The best state to have a wedding

Colorado’s breathtaking Rocky Mountains offer a perfect wedding spot for couples looking to experience natural beauty alongside unforgettable celebrations. The state boasts diverse locations that cater to the couple’s vision, ranging from vibrant cities with stunning mountain views to delightful towns strategically nestled in the foothills.  

Colorado offers all, regardless of whether you envision a rustic celebration on a mountain, some grand event, or an elopement wedding. Colorado’s ideal climate and its massive array of remarkable wedding venues make the state a perfect destination for weddings almost year-round.

The State of Colorado has something to offer to couples after a lavish city affair or a more relaxed, serene mountain wedding celebration. Colorado combines stunning natural attractions, easy hotel access, landmark venues, and a less crowded atmosphere.

As mentioned earlier, you can have your wedding in Colorado the same day you apply and purchase your marriage license, meaning you don’t have to wait for days or months to tie the knot with your partner.


One of the most complex wedding planning decisions is choosing which state to get married in. The least challenge you want legal hurdles coupled by long waiting times.

Luckily for you, we’ve put that stalemate to rest and compiled the list of the top 5 easiest states to get married in. While there are several others, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana are ones of the most hussle-free.

In these states, you can get married the same day you apply for your marriage license, and don’t require blood tests. Even better, holding a wedding in these states is affordable.


I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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