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Who Usually Holds The Rings In A Wedding?

Who Holds the Rings at a Wedding Ceremony

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In wedding ceremonies, exchanging rings is a beloved custom that represents the couple’s everlasting bond.

Who holds the rings at the wedding ceremony, however, can vary depending on cultural and individual preferences.

In order to shed light on this significant component of who holds the rings at a wedding ceremony, we will examine the historical characteristics of ring bearers and talk about how they might actually be used in present-day weddings.

The History Of Ring Bearing

The origins of ring bearers can be found in ancient Egypt, where rings were given as promises of eternal love and were shared by couples.

A selected person who holds the ring at a wedding, frequently a close relative or dependable friend, would transport the wedding rings throughout the ceremony on a fancy pillow or in a specially made box.

This function was extremely important because the ring bearer was responsible for protecting the emblem of enduring love and giving it to the happy couple during the exchange of vows.

Who Holds The Rings At A Wedding Ceremony Today?

Particularly in formal or religious ceremonies, a ring bearer is still a common feature in many of today’s marriage ceremonies, and is still considered as an honorable role of a person who holds the rings at a wedding.

The task of bringing the rings down the aisle is frequently assigned to a young family member or close friend’s child.

This function pays homage to the historical significance of the ring bearer tradition while also bringing a touch of purity and elegance to the ceremony.

To symbolize the commitment being made, the rings may be positioned on a colorful pillow, in a tiny box, or even linked to a ribbon. The person who usually holds the rings in a wedding will most times be in charge of the rings from the moment of their unboxing until the official marriage announcement.

Inclusion Of Adult Ring Bearers

Adult ring bearers have become increasingly popular in wedding ceremonies in recent years.

This option enables couples to pay tribute to close friends or family members who might not fall within the conventional ring bearer age range, but want to be the person who holds the rings at a wedding ceremony.

Adult ring bearers usually hold the rings in unique ways, like in their own hands, a little purse, or a stylish box.

The symbolism and sentiment behind the ring bearer position are maintained while the custom has been modified with a distinctive twist.

The Ring Alternatives

Some couples decide against using a person who holds the rings at a wedding at all and instead, go with non-traditional methods of giving the rings.

They may give the best man or maid of honor the rings, who would then present them to the happy couple at the ceremony.

By incorporating the rings into the broader flow of the wedding ceremony as per the couple’s choices, this method offers flexibility and customization.

Couples can design a ceremony that represents their distinct style and vision by departing from the customary ring bearer role. At the end of the day, it’s them who are in charge of who holds the rings at a wedding, and if there are going to be any rings at all. There are some couples who like to do things out of the ordinary and instead of giving out rings, the bride and groom perform a sword exchange ceremony as per Viking wedding traditions.

The Conclusion

The decision of who holds the rings at a wedding is influenced by both tradition and individual taste.

The function of the ring bearer has changed throughout history, from Egyptian traditions to medieval European practices.

Today, couples have the option of using an adult ring bearer in place of the customary ring bearer or presenting the rings in another way.

Couples can make options that best express their love and dedication on their big day by learning about the historical significance of determining who holds the rings at a wedding ceremony, and investigating the practical implementations of these traditions in modern-day weddings.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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