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Avoid Missing a Detail on Your Wedding Day: Check Out This Comprehensive Wedding Day Checklist.

wedding day checklist

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Congrats! The big day is finally here! Both bride and groom are so excited amidst the rising uncertainty of how the big day will be. Stress levels are at their peak at that point, and it’s easy to get over-excited and ruin it all.

Yes, some people can manage things just OK, but it’s a stressful experience for most of us. A glance at the wedding day checklist can become a nightmare when you see what needs to be done at the latest hour. If you need help — and we all do — we’ll give you the most comprehensive wedding day checklist to make things easier.

Our wedding day checklist will turn the most magical day in your life into something more coherent and organized. To avoid missing a detail on your wedding day, we’ve prepared a detailed checklist with a step-by-step guide you can follow and check mark.

The wedding packing list is comprehensive since the bride, groom, coordinator, maid of honor, and bridesmaid, are all covered.

Wedding day checklist for the bride

Starting with the most central person of the wedding — the bride, this is her day to shine instead of stressing out over small but significant details. Making a wedding day timeline and sticking to it will guarantee a start on the right foot, ensuring all tasks are accomplished and everything is packed on time.

This wedding day checklist for the bride includes her favorite morning routine, preparing a life-saving emergency kit, doing hair and makeup, and finally getting wearing the wedding gown.

This is everything the bride must do to start the most important day of her life cheery and fresh. Just add a precise time next to each task, and you will have your day of the wedding checklist:

1. Wake up with a smile and start your day with your favorite morning routine.

The bride needs to start her day in a good mood. Consider having a cup of coffee or tea, doing some yoga to clear your mind, or turning on music for positive vibes. Do whatever you please as long as you wake up with a smile.

2. Breakfast like a king.

As expected, the wedding morning tends to be busy; the bridal prep, the newlywed posing, and the entire wedding program flow, so you will likely miss the breakfast. To be safe, include a nutritious breakfast in your wedding day checklist — you will need the energy, trust us.

3. Immerse yourself in a relaxing and bubbly bath.

To start your morning fresh, take a bubbly shower or just the ordinary shower you are used to. The day will be hectic, so this is the best time for some self-care to relax.

4. Pack an emergency kit.

From bobby pins to breath mints, you will need to prepare a small bag with all the essentials you might need during your wedding day. They are amongst one of the most forgotten wedding details.

5. Start your bridal hair and makeup preparation.

On your wedding day you must glow like a goddess! Whether you go for a classic updo for thin hair or let the fluffy locks loose, the result should be stunning.

Make a smart move to have a trial run before the wedding so you don’t get a nasty surprise at the last moment.

6. Slip into the wedding dress.

The grand moment has come! Put on your wedding dress and have your bridesmaids nearby give you a helping hand in such an emotional time. Be prepared for some teary-eyed witnesses of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

7. Don’t forget your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’.

8. Take a deep breath, take in all the bliss before the newlywed kiss, and go to get married.

Wedding day packing list for the bride

This is everything the bride will need for her big W-day.

  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding shoes (and an extra pair you’ll wear at the reception party)
  • Accessories (bridal clutch, jewelry, and hair items)
  • Makeup items (mirror, lipstick, eyeliner, setting powder, and brush)
  • Emergency kit (bobby pins, deodorant, breath mints, tissues, mini sewing kit, band-aids).

Wedding day checklist for the groom

Prepare to dazzle your future bride like a champ on this special day. To all the grooms-to-be, try not to be a bundle of nerves and enjoy your wedding to the fullest. After all, this checklist will make your day easier so that you get excited instead of getting the jitters.

1. Wake up with a refreshing shower.

It is the right way to start your wedding day.

2. Don’t skip breakfast.

Fuel your body with a rich and healthy breakfast before your groomsmen crew arrives. Coffee or tea should be a good option to keep you alert.

3. Get down to your grooming routine.

Style your hair, pay attention to your beard, nails, and skin. It would be best if you aimed for a smart and flawless look.

4. Get dressed.

Ensure your groom’s attire is impeccably pressed and perfectly tailored for the big day. Your shoes must be polished and broken to avoid blisters in the middle of your dance floor act.

5. Remember your boutonniere.

The boutonniere is an obligatory part of the wedding day checklist for grooms. That tiny floral item placed on the left lapel of your jacket will give you a dash of sophistication and denote your function as the groom.

6. Check the exact location of the wedding rings.

They represent your special bond and devotion with your future bride and are an indispensable part of the wedding ceremony, so don’t leave them behind.

7. Take a moment for yourself to grasp the excitement and joy.

Reflect on your amazing love story to remind yourself she is the one again.

Wedding day packing list for the groom

You must have the following items with you for your wedding day.

  • Groom’s attire (tuxedo or suit)
  • Dress shirt
  • Tie or bow tie
  • Cummerbund or vest (if your groom’s look includes either one of these)
  • Socks and shoes
  • Accessories (cufflinks and watch)
  • Boutonniere
  • Grooming kit (comb and perfume)

Wedding day checklist for the coordinator

The wedding coordinators play one of the significant roles on the wedding day. They are like magicians that will make your wedding vision a reality. Below are the boxes they should tick on the wedding day.

1. Have a backup plan.

One of the main virtues of a good wedding coordinator is to be able to find a solution or replacement for every problem. Thinking about everything that might go wrong and having a backup plan should be a top priority for the coordinator.

2. Make sure all vendors have all the information regarding time.

Timing means everything on the big day. So confirming all vendor’s arrival times is crucial.

3. Confirm proper setup and decor at the wedding venue.

Double-check the ceremony and reception venue decor to confirm they are adjusted and adorned according to plan.

4. Mind the schedule.

It is your job to be the leader of the day. Lead the newlyweds through the event, informing them what comes next and reminding them of their roles in each activity.

Wedding day checklist for the Maid of Honor

As maid of honors, you will be the bride’s right hand on this magical day. You must be ready to support them through the emotional roller-coaster they will face filled with mixed emotions. Help them with every mishap that might happen, and create a day to remember.

Follow these steps to prove to the bride she made the right choice having you as her best maid of honor.

1. Be ready on time.

The bride might need your hand, and today is all about her. Ensure you are prepped and ready to go earlier than required.

2. Be present for the bridal preparations.

Assist and advise the bride during prep time, lending a helping hand when needed and giving honest opinions on her overall look. Help the bride slip into the gorgeous wedding dress and tell her she looks stunning.

3. Make sure all bridesmaids are dressed on time and ready to give all their attention to the bride.

4. Hold the bridal bouquet during the vow exchange.

Also, ensure you have a tissue hidden somewhere in case emotions hit hard.

5. Provide help to the bride throughout the reception.

Whether the bride needs to switch to lower-heel shoes, fix her headband or veil, just be there.

Packing List for the Maid of Honor

  • Maid-of-honor dress
  • Comfortable shoes (or an additional pair that you can switch to later)
  • Accessories to upgrade your look
  • Emergency kit (same as the bride’s, in case she forgets to bring it with her)

Wedding day checklist for the bridesmaids

On this special day, all bridesmaids must be there for the bride whenever she needs them and make sure the party is a blast. Below is their timeline:

1. Do all your necessary preparations on time.

Schedule hair and makeup earlier than the bride’s appointment time so you and the maid of honor can be by the bride’s side when she puts her prep plan into action.

2. Provide emotional support for the bride.

Don’t let the bride get overwhelmed by anxiety, and reassure her everything will go as planned.

3. Walk down the aisle with a smile.

Packing List for the Bridesmaids

  • Bridesmaid’s dress
  • Comfortable shoes (or an additional pair that you can switch to later)
  • Accessories to upgrade your look
  • Emergency kit (same as the bride’s and the maid of honor’s, in case they forget to bring it with them)

Wedding day checklist for the Mother of the Bride

Oh, dear mothers, your care, love, and support on this day will mean the world to your daughter. Make sure you are by her side every step of the way to guide her to this new chapter of her life. Below is your checklist.

1. Be here for your girl.

Help her button up the dress and seize the moment you see her wearing white on her important day.

2. Make sure you know the wedding schedule well.

Coordinate with the bride’s father so you know when to step in.

3. Delight in the day to the fullest.


Don’t let yourself be panic-stricken on such a special once-in-a-lifetime occasion like the wedding day. Stay organized and worry-free with our comprehensive wedding day checklist which will help you relax and relish every second of it.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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