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How Much Does it Cost to Renew Wedding Vows?

A couple renewing their wedding vows

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Many individuals describe marriage as a roller coaster, with ups and downs, some periods of stability, and, at times, unexpected twists and turns. The vows you exchanged will become problems and living realities over time. Therefore, every accomplishment merits a celebration — like a vow renewal.

We’ve established that most couples renew their wedding vows to affirm their commitment to each other, commemorate milestones, or redo their original wedding celebration.

On average, it would cost you to renew your vows around $2,000 for the officiant, decorations, vendors, and other aspects.

In this article, you’ll find out what you may have to spend for a church wedding vow renewal and what you need to do to make your wedding vow renewal affordable.

The Cost of Wedding Vows Renewal in Church: Cost Breakdown

Like any other wedding ceremony, you’ll notice several aspects that you need to take care of when renewing your vows in church. Below are common categories of expenses that you must remember to factor in.

1. Officiant

Since you’ll be renewing your vows in church, your officiant will most definitely be the religious authority overseeing your vow renewal. You might want to request your priest or pastor to carry out your vow renewal.

Due to the formality and guidance an officiant provides, many couples choose to have one for their vow renewal ceremony. It can add a lovely touch to the party but can also be expensive. Hiring an officiant costs between $250 and $800 because you have to pay for the service or donate money to the church.

Generally, you should anticipate spending several hundred dollars for the officiant, and even if they don’t ask for some fee upfront, you may want to consider giving some church donation for the same amount of cash.

2. The Venue

Some churches are more elaborate and famous compared to others. Well-loved and globally renowned churches will charge you for the use of their facilities, but smaller, local churches might not. Take note the cost of such a venue differs from church to church.

Although some couples desire to rekindle their vows in an exotic, far-off place, be aware that destination vow renewals can be costly. You could save lots of money if the ceremony is on your lawn or at your local church.

3. Wedding Vendors

Since wedding vow renewals are generally smaller occasions, you can spend less on vendors. You could spend a little more on a wedding photographer; full-day coverage often costs between $1,000 and $3,000.

The church may provide additional vendors, including coordinators, flower girls, and musicians. Find out whether your officiant offers these services as well. For example, the cost of an organist or choir musician can range from $200 to $800.

4. The Guests

Depending on the number of guests you invite to your wedding vow renewal, you’ll have to spend much or less. If you’re on a budget and wish to save costs, you may have to trim your guest list. For instance, if you invite around 100 guests, you may have to spend up to $250 on average. There’s nothing wrong with being selective when creating your guest list.

Creating an exclusive guest list also contributes to the overall affordability. You can provide less food and alcohol when there are fewer attendees. Additionally, you can save more money by keeping your venue modest.

Be bold and invite fewer people the second time around because you probably asked a sizeable number of distant relatives the first time.

5. Decorations

If you’ve been keen enough, you’ll notice that typical church weddings call for many ribbons, flowers, tulle, candles, and other ceremonious decorations. Even though some of these decorations may already be catered for in additional fees, you may have to purchase extra decorations that cost you an average of $400.

6. Deposit

Plenty of venues will charge some deposit if you, your bridal party, or any of your guest(s) causes damages to the facility or any other equipment. Again, you need to note that the price, in addition to the presence of damage fees, varies from one church to the next. However, you should set aside close to $250 to ensure safety.

7. Wedding Traditions

If you find wedding traditions meaningful during your vow renewal, consider them. You could incorporate wedding customs, like a candle or sand unity ceremonies, into your unique day. If so, you will need to purchase the required supplies. You should budget between $20 and $150 for this category.

8. Transport Costs

Of course, you’ll have some transport to your local church, where you can renew your wedding vows. Fortunately, you can spend less here, primarily if your guests provide their means of transport. On average, you may spend around $200 to transport a few of your friends.

How to Make Your Vow Renewal Affordable

If you’re looking to make your vow renewal slightly cheaper or affordable, you may want to do the following:

  • Cut your guest list – As mentioned earlier, if you wish to have a huge guest list for your vow renewal, then it only means that you’ll also spend more. You may have to trim your guest list to ensure that you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets. After all, renewing your wedding vows is about loyalty and intimacy – inviting those close to you can be meaningful.
  • Choose an Alternative Attire – Grooms and brides look amazing in elaborate wedding gowns, but consider whether it’s essential this time. If you change your mind about your first dress or tux, you can always renew your vows and get a second chance at a considerably lower cost. Regular evening gowns or daytime dresses are far less expensive than bridal gowns.
  • Do Away with the Caterer – While traditional festivities typically include food, there are no limitations when renewing your vows, so you can do as you choose. If you’re planning an after-party, you can serve food later in the evening so that your visitors can stop for food before returning.
  • Renew your Vows Somewhere Close to Home – This is self-explanatory. You can fall in love with your sweetheart again right in your backyard without traveling to the other side of the globe. Although they can be enjoyable, destination renewals are expensive.

The Bottom Line

There are no set guidelines regarding vow renewals; you can do as you please. However, you may need an average of up to $2,000 to renew your wedding vows. Although first marriages might be expensive, renewing your vows doesn’t have to be costly.

You have several possibilities if you want to stick to a traditional celebration yet save costs. You don’t require elaborate preparations or a big party. Recall that everyone is there to honor your enduring love; the event is about you and your partner.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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