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What To Do if It Rains on Your Wedding Day

newly wed couple heading to the wedding reception while raining

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Rainfall. It’s what most brides fear, mainly if the wedding will take place outside. It’s a perfectly reasonable concern, and let’s face it, seeing puddles and precipitation outside your bedroom window the morning of your wedding will make even the most laid-back couple feel a little irritated. But don’t give up! Start feeling enthusiastic.

Mother Nature can ruin even the most carefully thought-out preparations, but rainy-day weddings don’t have to be a huge deal! Your wedding will be excellent as long as you have a robust backup plan in place.

Rain on your wedding day brings good fortune, so we’ve compiled a list of our top rainy-day wedding advice below to help you enjoy any potential downpours. Here’s what to do if it rains on your wedding day:

Rent a clear tent

Rainy weather doesn’t necessarily have to mean an indoor wedding ceremony. If it rains or you believe it will rain on your wedding day, you may want to rent a clear-top tent for your open-air wedding that might take place in the rain.

The raindrops create a lovely ambient white noise, the tent offers unhindered sky views, and the (transparent) roof will add an air of romance. Make sure the tent has clear sides to shield your guests from rainy wind gusts. You could also rent portable heating towers to keep your guests comfortable on chilly days.

Keep yourself dry in style

Given the latest trends of wearing hunter boots underneath dresses, you should do the same, especially at a rainy wedding. Although they will keep your feet dry, you won’t have any trouble matching your wedding style because of the large selection of colors and patterns (such as brilliant yellow, vibrant blue, gingham, and tartan).

Both practical and stylish in some way—plus, picture how adorable a sneak peek at those wellies will look in your wedding pictures! Just don’t forget to pack an extra pair of shoes so you can rock the dance floor.

As the bride, find a way to protect your dress

If you wish to take outdoor wedding photographs but don’t love the look that accompanies a muddy hem, you may want to consider the options below:

  • Rent or purchase a bridal petticoat – These are not for ballgowns, as you may initially have imagined. You can find many petticoat styles, trumpet, and mermaid-style wedding dresses. They lift the gown’s hem slightly higher, keeping it from dragging on the floor.
  • Enlist the assistance of the bridal party – Ask your maid of honor or the flower girls to assist you in holding your train as you stride to different photo opp locations.
  • Have the hem of your wedding dress sprayed – Although you could always use a product like Scotchguard to spray the hem yourself, we suggest having a dry cleaner do it for you.

Bring several umbrellas

Of course, if it rains or there are signs that it will rain on your wedding day, you must bring several umbrellas. Clear umbrellas are the most incredible option for wedding photos because they don’t block the light or create shadows on your face.

You and your companion need to bring a couple of umbrellas if you plan to take pictures outside. For the group photos, think of presenting them as gifts to the bridal party. Many wedding photographers favor clear umbrellas, but we can’t help but drool over the more vibrant selections.

Dry off perfectly

Because you never know when you’ll become muddy or moist, even with all the wet weather gear, request that the day-of wedding coordinator or maid of honor have a few large towels prepared and ready to absorb, just in case! Additionally, it couldn’t hurt to have a hair dryer nearby.

Dance in the rain

Even though this is easier said than done, accepting the rain is the best advice you can get from us. Step outside, dance and savor every moment. You can hike your dress up and wear wellies. Like Peppa Pig, hop in puddles barefoot. Accept it. You only ever got married once!

Drink it up

Now that it has chosen to rain on your wedding day, there’s no need to frown. Ensure that you serve your guests “Dark and Stormy” signature drinks consisting of ginger beer, dark rum, and some slices of lime. Even though it typically doesn’t have to come garnished with some cocktail umbrella, it could be fun to add one.

Get some gorgeous wedding photos

What’s great about a wedding on a wet day? Stunning pictures are what you get on a rainy day! Take a fun rainy photo session with your wedding party, holding adorable umbrellas and sporting vibrant rain boots before or after you tie the knot. Alternatively, slip away under a shared umbrella with your soon-to-be husband for a first glimpse and passionate kiss.

You will notice that embracing the melancholic quality of a downpour can result in exceptionally stunning and personal photographs. A more distinctive and unforgettable wedding is always guaranteed when you let nature dictate the mood of the occasion. Nobody will ever forget how much fun it was for you and your spouse to wipe away tears mixed with the weather and stomp in puddles.

Turn things around and make the rain your theme

Make it a feeling and be a little self-aware! Rename your trademark drink (or pour yourself some dark and stormys) and request that the DJ spin a mix of tracks that mention “rain” in the lyrics. No matter the weather, we can think of a few gems from Tim McGraw to Missy Elliot that will make attendees smile and chuckle!

Wrap Up

It depends on how you choose to interpret rain on your wedding day. Even though you have no control over the weather, you can remember all the good things that come with rain and that taking a shower on your special day can lead to many pleasant outcomes. You can weather-proof your ceremony and reception with planning, talking to your bridal party, and working as a team!

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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