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Wedding Shoe Game Questions That Will Tickle Your Guests’ Funny Bone

wedding shoe game

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It is time to wipe off the happy tears from the emotional wedding ceremony and get ready for some fun and games. Break the ice with the wedding shoe game, and start your reception with some humor. It is the recipe you need to let the positive vibes flow, leaving your guests rolling in laughter.

Choosing the right shoe game questions will be your ticket to never-ending ha-has. Make a party to remember by including these 80 hilarious wedding shoe game questions that will surely raise a laugh and get the party started on the right foot. Check out our printable wedding shoe game question card, and let laughter be the hallmark of your wedding reception.

How to play the wedding shoe game?

The wedding shoes game is one of the most entertaining wedding reception ice-breakers that comes with all the pros: it is simple, funny, and requires no special preparation. It is an engaging activity involving the newlyweds and guarantees fun for all guests.

Here is how to play the game:

  • Step 1: The couple sits on chairs turned back to back so they cannot see what the other is doing.
  • Step 2: Each partner holds one of their shoes in one hand and one of their partner’s shoes in the other.
  • Step 3: A third person — a close friend, the maid of honor, or the best man — asks the bride and groom wedding game questions like Who is the better cook? Or Who made the first move?
  • Step 4: The bride and groom must answer by lifting their shoe or their partner’s shoe, depending on who they think best meets the character in question.

The fun thing about the shoe game is hearing the answers and seeing if both partners will have a unanimous answer. It will be the perfect kick-off to the wedding reception and allow the guests to get to know the newlyweds better.

After learning the fundamentals, let’s move on to some of the funny wedding shoe game questions that will make the wedding guests burst into laughter.

Funny shoe game questions

Be prepared to burst out laughing with these funny shoe game questions. Hear the couple expose the silliest and most comical parts of their love affair and find out all the shocking truths, cringy moments, and outrageous scenarios.

These are the funniest shoe game questions that will have your guests rolling on the floor laughing.

  1. Who farts louder?
  2. Who snores louder?
  3. Who is more likely to steal the covers at night?
  4. Who burps more?
  5. Who swears the most?
  6. Who hits the snooze button in the morning?
  7. Who is more likely to get lost?
  8. Who sings in the shower?
  9. Who snores when sleeping?
  10. Who always gets drunk first?
  11. Who is always right?
  12. Who cries at movies?
  13. Who is the bigger crybaby?
  14. Who is more likely to break into spontaneous dance?
  15. Who is the bigger drama queen?
  16. Who drools while sleeping?
  17. Who is more likely to clog the toilet?
  18. Who skips bathing the most?
  19. Who is more likely to unclog the toilet?
  20. Who has a crazier family?
  21. Who can’t keep a secret?
  22. Who is always late?
  23. Who is more likely to get lost in a shopping mall?
  24. Who is the first to apologize after an argument?
  25. Who likes controlling the TV remote more?

Shoe game questions for couples

Whoop it up while exposing all the ‘firsts’ and the ins and outs of the couple’s relationship with these spicy wedding shoe game questions and check if their answers match.

Exposing relationship details

Get ready to bring to light some of the couple’s most personal details of their special bond. These shoe game wedding questions for couples will take them down memory lane and unveil the start of their fairytale journey.

Let’s see how well they remember how their love story began.

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who gave the first kiss?
  3. Who said I love you first?
  4. Who started the first fight?
  5. Who introduced their parents first?
  6. Who suggested taking the first trip together?
  7. Who played hard to get?

Personality wedding game questions to ask the bride and groom

Take the newlyweds on their way to an exciting adventure by answering these spicy shoe game questions for couples. The questions will spill the beans on their peculiar behaviors and all the nitty-gritty of their relationship.

  1. Who is more sociable?
  2. Who is more romantic?
  3. Who is messier?
  4. Who is better at keeping secrets?
  5. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
  6. Who makes more surprises?
  7. Who is more spontaneous?
  8. Who is always late?
  9. Who is more sensitive?
  10. Who is more proud?
  11. Who is more jealous?
  12. Who is more stubborn?
  13. Who cooks better?
  14. Who takes longer showers?
  15. Who has a bigger sweet tooth?
  16. Who is a better dancer?
  17. Who is the ultimate foodie?
  18. Who drinks more beer?

Shoe game questions for friends

Having close friends at the wedding further heightens the excitement, so why not add these shoe game questions for friends that will get the couple and their best pals recalling the good times and laughing out loud?

  1. Who is the greater party animal?
  2. Who is the master of pranks?
  3. Who is the better singer?
  4. Who is the king in creating awkward moments?
  5. Who talks more?
  6. Who tells the lamest jokes?
  7. Who is the bigger party beaker?
  8. Who is better at storytelling?
  9. Who is more outgoing?

Unique wedding shoe game questions

To have a blast at your wedding reception, add a little innovation to the game and surprise everyone. These unique wedding shoe game questions will make your guests go from aww to wow.

  1. Who would survive on a desert island?
  2. Who steals the covers at night?
  3. Who is more likely to get a sunburn?
  4. Who takes up more space in the bed?
  5. Who is a better liar?
  6. Who is more likely to burn down the house?
  7. Who sleeps with their mouth wide open?
  8. Who is more likely to win an eating contest?
  9. Who gets grumpy when hungry?
  10. Who gets grumpy when sleepy?
  11. Who is more likely to suggest going camping?
  12. Who is more likely to do bungee jumping?
  13. Who is more I hate Mondays kind of person?

Wedding shoe game questions about the preparations for the big day

These fun shoe game questions for couples will also allow those present to discover some unknown facts about the organization of the wedding. Ready?

  1. Who is more indecisive?
  2. Who decided on the menu?
  3. Who invited more people?
  4. Who chose the style of the decoration?
  5. Who first found their wedding outfit?
  6. Who picked the song for the first dance?
  7. Who has taken longer to get ready?
  8. Who chose the wedding venue?


In the wedding shoe game, the question-and-answer options are almost endless. You can also adapt the shoe game to the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or other events leading up to the wedding day to warm up the atmosphere.

Make the wedding reception a memorable, laughter-filled extravaganza with our funny shoe game questions. Transform the wedding reception from conventional to exceptional, from touching to side-splitting. Do you dare to hear the answers of them all?

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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