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Daring Or Dreadful: Can You Wear Jeans To A Wedding?

Can You Wear Jeans To A Wedding

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So many people are obsessed with the dreaded ‘right wedding clothes’ question. For some, appearing in anything less than a tuxedo for men or an elegant and expensive dress for women is borderline offensive. Then you have all the cool guys and gals that wear jeans to a wedding and still manage to pull it off. But is it right or wrong?

Most experts will say that wearing jeans to a wedding is not the best pick. It ruins the aesthetics, and it’s perceived as disrespect to the act’s sanctity and the event’s formality. Guests are expected to wear proper wedding attire; unfortunately, denim is not part of it. On the plus side, it can be a good choice for super casual weddings or showers. But, for classy wedding receptions in the evening, sticking to tuxedos works best.
While they might not work for a classy wedding, you can pull off the denim look on other occasions. Let’s see the dos and don’ts of wearing jeans to wedding events and solve the eternal question once and for all.

Can you wear jeans to a wedding shower?

As the wedding approaches, one of the first wedding-related events you will be attending is a wedding shower. These get-togethers usually have a chill and casual atmosphere and revolve around some super cool theme like stock the bar party, especially if they are hosted in someone’s home or backyard. This is where the denim look is a totally doable and suitable option.

Pick a pair of slim-fit denim, combine them with a pretty floral top, and wear jeans to a wedding shower like a pro. As far as the shoes go, slipping into a pair of pointed-toe ballerina flats or woven wedges that never go out of style will be the recipe for a top-notch look. You never know — you might need the comfort in case some fun bridal shower games are on the agenda.

If you are wondering what to wear to a bridal shower that will be held in some fancy restaurant, a hip hotel bar, or a posh poolside venue, it is best to avoid jeans in your ensemble whatsoever. You can replace them with a fashionable jumpsuit or a casual cocktail dress that accentuates your best features and gives you the much-needed elegance to elevate the look.

Wearing jeans to bridal showers which require more formal attire might seem too casual and inappropriate. When even considering wearing jeans to a wedding shower, always strive for chic rather than chill.

Can you wear jeans to a wedding rehearsal?

Even though pre-weddings events are more permissive and adaptable, it is still preferable to avoid wearing jeans to a wedding rehearsal.

Swap your favorite pair of denim with tailored trousers or palazzo pants, put on a spaghetti-strap silk top or a monochromatic satin shirt which is so hot and trendy right now, and you are good to go. You aim to reach a smart-casual look that balances the correct dose of sophistication and simplicity.

In some cases, wearing jeans to a wedding rehearsal is permissible only if the invitation implies such a dress code or if the soon-to-be newlyweds have approved. It is best to check with the couple to debunk the myth and save yourself from some raising eyebrow looks. After all, the event is about their special moment, and you surely don’t want to show any disregard, right?
Assuming they give you the green light to wear jeans to their wedding rehearsal, you must upgrade your look with striking stilettos or a dazzling piece of jewelry.

Can you wear jeans to a wedding reception?

We have finally made it to the grand event — the wedding reception. This is the right time to beam with grace and taste, and here, there is no room for jeans in your wedding guest look. Regardless of how laid-back and informal the celebration is, wearing jeans to a wedding reception is always a no-go. On these occasions, more than any other wedding-related event, jeans are regarded as a major fashion faux pas and must not even be considered for such a meaningful moment.

Most of the wedding receptions start in the late afternoon after sundown. These evening affairs call for ritzy-glitzy gowns when black tie wedding guest attire is required or rocking a beautiful red wedding dress that radiates positive and festive vibes. Wearing jeans to an evening wedding is especially frowned upon because they may convey the needed air of refinement. A shimmer black cocktail dress is always a winning choice for a simple yet dressy outfit if you want to wear black at a wedding.

If you want to skip out on wearing a short dress to a wedding and you are hunting for a more stylish substitute for jeans, an elegant pantsuit will be exactly what you need. Whatever you do, avoid wearing jeans to a wedding.

Can you wear jeans to a wedding party?

Instead of going for the formal gathering after the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom can plan a casual wedding party in an inexpensive wedding venue like a backyard, bar, or rooftop. And this is where your all-time-favorite denim look is both achievable and acceptable. Easy-going and super relaxed parties are where you can wear jeans to a wedding after consulting the bride and groom.

But it’s not only about wearing jeans to a wedding party, it’s more about how you will wear them. Style a pair of dark-washed skinny jeans with a sequined top in any shade that will provide the necessary shimmer and pop of color. Wear black jeans to a wedding and pair it a half-tucked printed chiffon blouse for a flirty and floral look, or go with black from head to toe, including extraordinary necklines, ruffles, feathers, embroidery, or other eye-popping designs and accessories.

A little extra advice: Can you wear white pants to a wedding?

It can be challenging to wear white pants to a wedding because they can occasionally steal the bridal look spotlight. That’s why it is best to avoid wearing white pants to a wedding unless the dress code gives permission or the couple approves. That is the greatest way to prevent any unintended fashion gaffes.

To minimize any misunderstanding or unintentional upstaging, go with different hues. Consider pastels, neutrals, or bold and striking nuances that complement the wedding’s theme while still giving the bride her due. The same goes for wearing white shoes to a wedding.

Final thoughts

It is no secret that the wedding outfit trend guidelines have progressed immensely, providing guests more freedom in expressing their individuality. However, it’s crucial to understand that weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime celebrations that require clothing that represents importance and level of formality. Wearing jeans to a wedding can give you comfort and reflect your style, but they lack the requirements of a wedding dress code.

To ensure you don’t offend anyone with your choice of wardrobe, we have offered various options that enable you to show your uniqueness and still manage to honor the sacredness of the wedding. The main purpose of weddings is to celebrate two people’s joyful union and love. And your job as a wedding guest is to show nothing but respect and appreciation by selecting a well-suited outfit.

I am Megan Nova, a wedding planner and Author based in New York City. My vast exposure in the wedding planning trade and my passion for storytelling has inspired me to share expert advice and creativity on this blog.

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